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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hi there. Need to head out very soon for the final round of CNY visitings, so I decided tt I might as well make use of this 5 minutes b4 I leave to blog...

My hong bao collection is as usual not very prosperous (not even 300...yet). Hopefully I'll be able to collect more money... I heard AMF got close to 10K for his hong bao collection last year...It might seem too good to be true, but in the rich world of AMF, anything related to money can happen. It's so insane, you know- His mom gave him 2k plus; his dad another 2-3k, and grandma another 'fill-in-the-blank' K. Sigh...I'm such a poor boy...Oh well, I should be thankful that I still have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear and a loving family...AwWwWw....

Anyways...I'm afraid that this short entry (once again) has to end....Cya

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Went around visitng relatives and stocking up my hong bao money. Thank goodness I'm no longer broke... Better put the cash into an ATM machine n start saving up. As usual, I was basking in the moments when ppl commented that I "lost alot of weight", lol... I still feel like I'm in my "ugly duckling" stage though...so I guess I'll give myself more time; after all, I'm a late bloomer...
I can't believe that I got into the hang of maple again...Yes, I know- I hated it once but I could'nt resist the temptation...It has improved a hell lot since the last time I played; good job Wizet!

Anyway...Gtg now, sry for the super short entry...

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just came home from maths tuition and CNY shopping... Auntie Norsiah told me repeatedly that my arithmatics were bad- boohoo, lol. Anyway, I really hope tt I manage to pass my maths this year... My class tests are okay so far- I think I passed the two class tests on differenciation. The second differenciation test was a bit of a dissapointment though; I'm sure I passed but I made a huge mistake costing me loads of marks...dang. As usual, the Maths freaks managed to finish first and were like showing body language saying "Oh! This test is so fucking easy....No kick" Omg...obviously, they knew I was struggling at the second part of the question. When they saw me having troubles, they just gave me this sort of snobbish "omg-you-are-so-dumb-to-the-extent-of not-finishing-the-test" kind of look...Sheesh...I'm not gonna reveal who these ppl are for the sake of their privacy- Thank your lucky stars that I've decided to spare you, bitches..

Anyway, enough of maths...I'm planning what to buy with my red packet money....
- Top up my Hi! Card for handphone
- Buy school shorts with a proper fit...My current ones are making my thighs look huge- yuck
- More Clothes...DUH
- Fashion magazines (I dont give a fuck if ppl think theyre girly; Screw those fuckwits)

Gee...I'm terribly bad when it comes to saving money or financial planning...It's probably because I dont have a proper allowance- It's very random, so it gets really messy if i want to save... Maybe I'll hire my very own personal financial advisor, lol...

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Don't forget about Bitch Day; it's coming up on 8th March. Colin's making those round badges for bitch day-it's free! So guys just take one :)

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Just recieved my I.C from the general office earlier this week with Mathues. It somehow seems that it's an urban legend to screw up your I.C photos...No surprise that my photo looked like crap- Was realli too lazy to take a new one at the I.C making place; whatever...

Common test week is coming realli soon, and so is CHMA 2006...Ahh...All the good and bad memories from it last year. As usual, Sam and I want to join this year... Plans of members of the clique joining group vocal may actually come true...Hmmm, i wonder how the plot will unfold. So, back to the current affairs- Had half day today becoz of Chinese new year celebrations. The assembly programme was quite okay. Lion dance, modern dance and loads of chessy acts- Good enough to pass the useless time in school i guess...

Anyway, I went to visit my P6 chinese teacher and Mr. Lee Beng Lim back in the primary school. Mr. Lee honestly seemed more interested in his recent graduates than his graduates in 2002...Sobsob...No biggie- I'm completely cool about tt. After visiting, the clique headed down to J8 to buy lunch @ Mac's before going to Colin's condo clubhouse for games session. Matheus came along as well- He was tagging along with Colin, so we obviously didn't want to be like snobby bitches, and not invite him.. He was quite okay during the games session- Didn't piss anyone off but a little too much on the screaming...Egads.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Howdi. Typical sunday schedule today- went to church with family and Tampines Mall for lunch. Finally bought the A3 layout pad from Tampines Mall Popular. After which, I headed to the other side to browse stuff in Times bookstore since my mom was still chatting with her friends in the food court. Went there and found the Career guide 2006 book which our school was selling before the week ended. I wanted to check the price to see if the school was selling it to us for a higher amount- too bad they didn't put the price tag. Waiting for my mom to finish was realli boring so I decided to flip through the book.

I found "Fashion Designer" under the Arts and Crafts section... Ahhh...started to imagine myself as a super successful fashion student/designer. Anyway, decided to come back down to Earth and read this story abt some successful fashion designer. All I could do besides reading was to be consumed with envy. As I read even more, I was all like, "I am so gonna be more successful than you." I dunno why the hell I felt that way, but the competetive spirit in me started to build up- I suddenly somehow felt agitated and I was becoming very pro-fashion designer or whatever you call it. Okay okay....enough of my weird sensations. My obsession and determination of becoming a famous fashion designer will probably make ppl think that I'm diagnosed with some mental condition.

"Oh hi. I am medically diagnosed with severe mental instbility :)" Whatever....

Just finished doing 2 sketches of Geishas in my layout pad for art tmr. Having a lil' bit of problems making my geishas Japanese. There were certain points of time during my sketching in which my geisha looked more Chinese than Japanese. Thank goodness I managed to steer away from the whole Chinese look. I guess I'll have to research more on them.... Oh *beep*, I still have not finished my Maths misc. ex 15....darn....I guess I'll do some tonight and finish it up tmr morning...Stupid homework...

5:40 PM

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Went for the newspaper collection today. Not too difficult a task... Saw some really good charitable attitudes of the HDB residents- Something good to learn from. Anyway, after the newspaper collection, the full clique was supposed to go for the movie. However, Sam was caught up with unloading stuff from the trucks in school. Furthermore, he had tuition later on...So that left us with 4. Almost immediately after the newspaper collection, Martin just dissapeared like Houdini and he kept on rejecting our calls. Bad Martin. He was feeling not too well, so i guess he's excused....But his absense brought the number down to 3- Yixin, Colin and I. Went for the 2.10 pm show; had lunch at Yoshiniku to conjure the "japanese" mood, before yixin n i headin to Colin's house to slack waiting for the movie to start- we had more than an hour to kill.

Despite the "so-so 2.5-ish stars" reviews that Memoirs Of A Geisha had, I must say that the movie was quite enjoyable. It was very moving, and it had tinges of humor inside which made the movie light-hearted in certain parts. Zhang Ziyi did a relatively good job as Suyuri- Her cute and funny antics certainly spiced up and lightened her role of immense sorrow and dramatism. I felt that she managed to make the movie not so much of a melancholy dramtic sob story, but instead, she skillfully infused a little humor in her role to lighten things up. Bravo bravo. Kudos to Gong Li as well, potraying the evil Hatsumomo. In all, I feel that the cast did a job well done; the movie was touching, with a few moments of laughter. Truly a good movie despite it lacking some details that should have been included in the movie.

I give the movie 3.5 stars. Quite good; I encourage you to watch it....not with your parents though....You will feel very awkward watching it with them. Strongly urge you to watch it either with friends or by yourself. Not with parents- which samuel will watching with, i think...Good luck with his viewing pleasure.

Right now I so must buy my layout pad for Art and do some sketches/research, and quick. Mr. Benny wants our sketches first thing next week or he will "knock us on our heads"-__-.

6:11 PM

Friday, January 20, 2006

It's the Art students' final chance to give it their all, and to show their stuff in this last painting. As most of you shld already know, the preparations for O Level Art coursework is underway, and nobody wants to fall behind. All of us art students are struggling to make this painting possibly the best among our past works. Clearly, most of us are trying our outmost best to potray our personality in the paintings- to show our personal style, and who we are as artists.

The subject of art is truly subjective, and is hell cutthroat...Either you're "eeen" or your "oute". As for myself, I'm seriously hoping that I excell in this last painting after my past showings, that in my opinion, were below par. I must say that my ideas are possibly one of the most creative and original, BUT my execution (drawing/painting skill, especially drawing people) is the factor tt pulls me down. There was once or twice in which I was in the "bottom two" category thks to my poor execution. But in the end, I think I manage to pull through and become a formidable contendor for the top spot.

Anyway, here's a review of all the paintings I've done in chronological order:

"Soda cans" pop art style on watercolour paper using lousy poster paint-
Since this was my first painting, I noticed that I did not make use of white to create a rich, lively effect until Mrs. Lester told me so. Managed to infuse some personal style into the painting, and it turned out quite okay. Not bad for first attempt. 6.7/10

"Blue Horses" Collaboration: impressionism style on layered wood sheet using normal wall paint-
For this painting, the 6 art students were split into groups of 2 for a collaborative effort. Chao Yang was my saviour when it came to the good execution of the usage of tints in this painting. I felt that with my good representaion of colours, and Chao Yang's fine execution skills, we made quite a good team. The painting also turned out fine. 7.0/10

"Making of a gentleman" normal wall paint with the usage of rollers on layered wood sheet-
This could possibly be my worst painting yet. The theme of the painting and the materials provided to paint it were just completely disagreeable to me. I had a very hard executing motion as I had already painted on the wood before realising my mistake. Furthermore, my colour orientation failed me and I had an excrutiatingly hard time using the rollers. Horrible outcome. Extremely embarrassed by painting. 4.0/10

"Sunlight Walk" impressionism style normal wall paint on layered wood sheet-
I felt that the painting style in this painting suited my style since it was a remake of an original. The colour coordinating went very well in my opinion. However, my only problem was the colour and the shading of the bloody people's face. Also, I was not very good at painting a man's body structure/clothes as compared to a woman's. Overall, I think the painting was good excluding the stupid people's faces. I think I'll go to the art room's store and do some touch ups. 6.8/10

"Trouble in Paradise" abstract style normal wall paint and acrylic on layered wood sheet-
For this painting, the design process was very well done. At the beginning stages, the painting techniques I used made the painting a very promising one. However, due to time constraints, I felt that my full potential of colour coordination/tinitng could not be achieved. Furthermore, the painting was incomplete when the deadline was reached. 7.0/10

"Greed's Whisper" dry media on drawing block-
The only reason I did not do so well for this was because my prep work pulled me down. I included too little sketches and too much words in it. Also, the dry media I used could not achieve a bold colour, and it ended up looking very dull. Besides that, Mr.Yeo commented that the old man I drew was not old enough. His version of old men is those that have completely no teeth and absolutely saggy skin- Little does he know that he himself is categorized as an old man. 6.5/10

So there you have it, all the reviews of my works. I'm really hoping that I will improve this year and create my best painting yet. Wish me lotsa lotsa luck!

3:12 PM

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today was so tiring! Came back after the long boring bus ride and arrived home at 7.30- totally insane...Well, for me at least..

During Chinese period today, Xie sent sam and I outside the staff room just for snatching a notebook from each other- WTF! The 4-10 nitwits (only some ppl) behave much worse than the snatching incident, and still xie only make them stand behind the class....FOR A WHILE! Oh well, at least we stood outside the staff room for less than 5 minutes. Furtrhermore, she intially wanted us to stand outside the staff room for the whole recess; however...with a little help from innocent looks (lol), she decided to just test our chinese oral and let us go- whew! Oh yah... Before sending us out during the lesson, she was telling the class that she had 10 cats in her house. Can't believe it... But she was quite kind to take in the stray cats and house them, so yar...

Assembly today was completely out of this world. Some China performers doing crazy stuff...realli insane...The "striptease" dance was realli inapropriate in my opinion as there were female teachers around, and i had completely no idea what tt guy was thinking when he came out in THAT outfit while making his arm muscles move while playing a saxophone- What the hell is this??? Omg...it was seriously cheesy. Just like the candle blowing thingy and stuff like that... Everyone was completely bored stiff by the performances and so was I... The clapping was so unenthusiastic and we actually needed the emcee to prompt us to clap..Not to mention tt he constantly did the "woooo!!" thingy...

Oh yay....there's Art tmr- thank goodness... Awww, but there's also tuition...Oh well, gtg now.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Howdi. Came back from school at about 5+ today... Gosh.. Week 3 of Term 1 and we're doing our 2nd essay already- so fast paced. Anyway, Jason Li and I dominated the 1st essay in the class (we got 19/30 for the essay). Quite a surprising showing by Jason for this essay...Nobody expected him to get top marks.

We're gonna have CIP this saturday... Some newspaper collection thingy...Eww...I'm starting to have bad memories...Matheus, Boon Khai and I were stuck in the lift back in Sec 1, because Boon Khai kept on jumping when we told him to stop. That Boon Khai is such a bozo..Not only is he REALLY bad at keeping secrets, he is such a backstabber...A literal big loser (more emphasis on 'big'). Anyway, after CIP the clique and I are planning to watch Memoirs Of A Geisha- That movie totally rox...the book rox too. Need to watch the movie so I can do some case study on Geishas for my O level Art... Seriously hope I dont screw it up.

Lately I've been totally into the 'Oriental-Asian Craze'... Started out with reading Amy Tan's books and then now into the whole Japanese culture thingy...Not a fan of anime though- will never be. Oh wells...gtg now, ciao!

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Howdi... Nothing much happened today. Usual Sunday schedule- Went to church; after which we went out to Tampines mall for lunch and came back home. We were dining at Crystal Jade restaurant- It's been quite some time since I ate dim sum (The last was in Australia when Auntie Tina brought me n my clique).

So, while strolling around T.M, I was just looking around indulging in envy as I admired the many pretty people, and how I wished that I could be a little closer to perfection, lol. Sometimes I really do feel small in this bustling metropolis... That's when insecurities kick in and you'd wish that you'd be a little less flawed, and this and that.... During one of my 'alone' times, I sit down to reflect- Do I really have what it takes to make the cut of being a fashion designer?? Do I have to be gorgeous looking & dress really really fantabulously well?(YES, I actually ask myself such questions).. Well, I guess its hard sometimes to take courage in a world full of people, and I very often get overwhelmed by my insecurities :P...Not a very wise thing to admit on the internet, but hey, at least I'm being honest.

I know it's very often to find people who don't believe in themselves- I'll have to admit that I sometimes fall into this category. But what pleasantly surprises me, is that there are those rare few who actually believe in you when you dont yourself...rather ironic, huh? Most of the time, people wont even give a crap if your self esteem is being stifled by insecurities...but I guess it's really kind for those one or two people to actually tell me that they believe in me....I'm seriously flattered by such comments...awwww.... Okok, enough of sugar and cream...

Don't forget to collect your free bleach...And rembember to visit the local laundromat again :)

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Welcome once again to the local Laundromat....Okay, lame...whatever.... So anyway, woke up rather early this morning at about 8+ for my tuition. Seems like Maths is starting to getting pretty enjoyable in my opinion this year... I guess its always good to start the year well- especially after crashing & burning for my maths last year. Last year was totally terrible for me, let's just hope the forecast for my maths this year will be gorgeously sunny with occasional drizzles...okay, i rather it not drizzle at all.

Week 2 of Term 1 has just come to an end and I'm wondering exactly how fast this year will pass by. Gee... It really would be a pity to say bye to all your friends blah blah blah and stuff like that there. Now it seems though, that the tables have turned- I dread Science more than Maths; and I may even actually start to like maths...weird. Sometimes I wonder why are all the China scholars so freaking good at maths/sci... In school, they dominate the subject. Theyre probably practicing it like mad at home, when theyre not balancing porcelean plates on bamboo sticks or doing some ribbon twirling thingy- the kinds you see on those China acrobatic performance, lol.

Fine, fine...enough of my insensitive comments. It would just be plain irony if I were to pass racist comments to a "fellow" Asian like myself...but dont we all? I guess it all just a matter of self-discipline and keeping things to yourself which I'm not particularly good at doing. John just does'nt get my point whenever I tell him this...He just goes on making fun of them sayin' things like, "Hey, I love your high shorts"- obviously said in total sarcasm.

Ps: My I.T skills are sorta below par, so if anyone were to be so kind to help me out with the blog's background, much appreciated :)
Don't forget to visit the Local Laundromat again!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Howdi everyone. I'm makin' a comeback bloggin' once again... And to think tt i once thought tt Blogs were so out of trend since late 04'. Oh well, it's a new year; new start...so might as well relieve my boredom by blogging.

I guess im being totally cliche by saying tt Sec 4 is such a hectic pressurizing year... The prelims, the O's, yada yada yada... Having questioned ppl abt their whereabouts 2007 onwards, i guess i must say tt im kinda puzzled why everyone has the stereotypical mentality tt going to JC is like, the absolute equivalent of some sort of a nirvanic state of enlightenment, or being one with the "Dalai Llama" so on and so forth... I mean, lighten up ppl! Cut the conventionalism and be more flexible! I seriously find no fault goin' to Poly or some private school whatsoever... Well, maybe im being a little biased in a sense coz i dont plan to go to a JC... Hate the unifrom; loath the subjects. In my case, i feel that doing general studies is a complete waste when i really am sure of what i wanna do in life; which in this scenario is fashion design/merchandising.

Yeah, yeah.... I know many ppl out there just labels all fashion related jobs as gay or whatever fuck, but you know, i really honestly dont give a shit. The important thing is tt u urself know that ure not. Nobody can want for you to succeed more than you do yourself- So what if ppl tell me that there is no hope for designers in S'pore?? All the more i'll be determined... I mean, I don't mind die trying to break into the circle- The courageous may not live long, but those not dont live at all... OKAY WHATEVER...I'm so getting too literal...and i quoted that line from LOTR, lol...

So I guess tts about it for this post.. Scandalous events will come in later posts, so look out for it, fine fine...I'm kidding...

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