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Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh..by the way, I have an annoying zit on my nose..I know it'll go away in about a week or so but it's realli annoying :X And yao khaun is all like, "Oh you have a huge pimple on your nose"...Ugghhh..so what? everyone has zits..Besides, he as more flaws than i have, lol...just kidding

7:13 AM

It's just minutes before assembly starts now...In art room now. The Chinese Department is gonna embarrass those who didn't go for the enrichment. Just to let you ppl know, i was an innocent victim- I was absent for most of the week n didn't know abt it. So case closed; i don't want to talk abt this anymore. My consience is clear- They can't accue or punish me. If they do, well...then i guess the next few entries would probably not have nice things to say abt them...

7:07 AM

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ever feel that snacks are the cause of your demise, rsulting in weight gain? Well, fear no more! Replace Those nasty high calorie snacks with mint sugar free gum!

The gum I take whenever I feel like snacking, contains only 3 calories! Not only is this gum an excellent substitute for unhealthy snacks, it keeps your breath fresh and minty! Plus, you can chew on it as long as u like- Just make sure you brush those pearly whites!

Fine fine...this is sounding too much like an advert, lol. But really, chewing gum is a very gd substitute for snacks- Just thought that I might share this tip with you guys. Enjoy!

8:33 PM

Saturday, February 25, 2006

You know what? I'm not gonna waste my time and money going to the clinic just to get an mc for the chinese enrichment. I didn't even know that there was chinese enrichment till today- I'm an innocent victim. The school doing this calling out of names, is trying to drive us by fear..I think tt this is very mean and inconsiderate; ppl like matheus and i missed xie's lessons throughout the week- how are we supposed to know abt the chin. enrichment DAMMIT?! If the chinese teachers refuse to accept mathues' and my excuse, I dunno what to say abt the school...

Ok...sry abt the constant ratting- I'm just highly irritated..

(That was me vending my anger by whacking the keyboard)

11:06 AM

Omg... Of all days to fall ill- The weekend!! Furthermore, there's chinese enrichment today which i didn't attend due to my sickness. The worst part: They are going to call out the names of those who didn;t go for the enrichment on monday morning..What??!! Has the school gone beserk?? How desperate can it get?? Beacuse of this, I have to drag myself to the polycilic later on to get an mc ON A WEEKEND!!! Arrghhh...This is so unreasonable! Freaking unreasonable!!!!!!!....

I can't wait to graduate from secondary school........
Before i lose it here.. ... .. ...

10:19 AM

Friday, February 24, 2006

For those of you who follow American Idol; today as u know, was the elimination of the top 24. 4 had to go- 2 Guys n 2 gals...

Anyway, to cut the long story short, the 4 eliminated were:

Stevie (Stephanie)

Sorta expected Stevie and Booby to go- Becky and Patrick leaving were kind of a shock to me. Sigh.. I'm so dissapointed that the spotlight dimmed on Stevie Scott. Even though she's not one of my top faves, Stevie had somthing to offer to the show- Her voice was unique, pop infused operah styled. I guess it was the bad song choice that killed her. "To Where You Are" was a completely bad song choice; wished she had picked something else. Oh well, at least she made it this far to the semi finals.. In life you win some n u lose some, so you can't realli complain abt it.

Touching on the topic of who I expected to go besides Stevie n Bobby, these were initially my predictions:

Predicted to go: Heather & Gedeon
Instead: Becky & Patrick left darn... ... ...
Signing off...

7:09 PM

Basking in my moment of glory. :)

7:01 PM

Okay...great. As expected, I screwed up BIG TIME for my emaths test. I only had a freaking single digit -__-".. The worst thing is that I lost 10+ marks on careless mistakes!! Words cannot express how freaking pissed I am.. The frustration is equivalent of me bashing my head against the wall till I die of concussion. But of course, I won't be so gullible to destroy my precious head/ brain cells/scalp..whatever...

Well, enough of the bad news.. good news now ...Got 21/30 for A Maths common test- Yay! But the feeling of exuberance has been cmpletely neutralized by the dissapoinment of the e maths test...Sigh... ... ... .. .. ... I don't know whether to feel happy or not...I sound mentally unstable... ... ..

7:20 AM

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Got a call from Jason Li a couple of minutes ago. Heard tt the principal is splitting us students into bands- WhAT ThE HELL?!?!?! This is the exact thing that MOE and Head of Education, Mr.Tharman is trying to avoid! Banding causes the students in the lower bands to be labelled and severly discouraged. I'm not saying this just because i know tt I'll be in the lower bands for many of my subjects thx to my maths n science x(.. It's realli not fair... I feel so pissed now... Just when I screw up my science test, this is what i get from the school...Why??? WHY??? Tell me why??? When will I ever see the light at the end of the tunnel????

That's not the worst thing.. As you can see from the diagram provided, tmr would potentially be a perfect day. No Science. Only 1 period of Maths. Replaced with languages and humanities. BUT..thks to the change of timetable, tmr would be packed with THREE SCIENCE PERIODS + maths!!! NoOoO!!! ARgghhh!!! I'm so so so angry now... ... ... ... ... ... ...

9:10 PM

Left school early yesterday at about 10am.. Was'nt feeling well. Started sweating like mad despite being directly under the ceiling fan during art lesson. We were doing still life sketching and I completely sucked at it at that point of time. Matheus thinks that me not feeling well was psychosomatic (or whatever's the spelling). I was realli realli stressed up during tt time during art- Didn't knnow how to cross hatch or shade!! My proportions were off as well!! Anyway, Mr. Lim passed me soem art notes to digest- Thk God for that! I took the notes back home to photocopy and immediately started to practice my shading the minute i got home. (I left school after 2nd period- art.. Like I said earlier, i realli was'nt feeling well)

Back to the notes: It was really helpful. Practiced like mad and came out with a few sketches tt i was proud of. Hopefully I can maintain tt standard or even better for tmr- Which i think i can :P. My mc ends tmr..sob...oh well, I better get back to school..Would'nt wanna miss too much! Gtg now, cya

5:16 PM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In art room now... I'm still not feeling feel and my mood is into the red zone. Frustrated over many things...oNE of which still being the whole mr yeo incident...his traditional conventional art styles are so contradictory to mine..He rather prefers themes like "Lions in the jungle", "Starving african children" or some crappy conventional theme like that...Omg....I'm so annoyed with that teacher.. .. .. .. .. Very annoyed.. .. .. .. still very annoyed.. .. .. .. .. I hate lions.. .. ... ...

I really hate them.. Oh, right now guo jun is painting on thick mascara on the lion (noted by wilson n ratboy) I'm so bored... so tired....i don't even have an article for the s.s assignment..today is so gloomyyyyy...even my typing is soooo slow.... and glloomy...... i hate conventional art styles- really hate it...... ..... ...

Out... ....

7:24 AM

Monday, February 20, 2006

Shit....I failed my combined physics paper by a few marks!! I was near a pass but still didn't manage one! Dammit...oh well, sob...I guess I'll have to study more next time. I was seriously caught of guard- Didn't expect them to give definition questions and stuff like. It's all my fault... ... ... I'm gonna commit suicide now; whatever.

Anyway, it's no use crying over split milk- At least I didn't do THAT bad..I'll just learn from my lesson and do better next time. Furthermore, there are other things to look forward to such as my a math test..I'm confident that I'll pass tt- If i don't, I'll bang my head against a wall. Was down with flu this morning so didn't go to school- Actually, I was kinda reluctant coz there was art n geography but I was sniffing like mad and my throat was realli sore. Could'nt be bothered to visit e doctor..I can self mdeicate + I don't have enuf money. The school claims that some clinic offer CH students free services, but theyre so far!! I mean, those clinics are in AMK and Yio Chu Kang u know?? So obviously, It's ridiculous for me to go there.

Noth else to write...

3:15 PM

Sunday, February 19, 2006

This sucks so much... After the hoo-hah by mr yeo over my coursework theme, my inspiration to sketch has been drained...temporarily at least. Sigh...there's gonna be a drawing test for CA1 art next week- Hope I don't screw it up (Must get at least 4th place out of 6 students). I'm just so depressed that mr yeo's thinks that just because u have "below-than-very gd" drawing skill, u are considered a lousy art student? What abt creativity and the design process?? What abt a good understanding of colour co-ordination?? All this misconception is realli getting on my nerves, seriously...

Anyway, let's not talk abt all this depressing stuff- It'll only make me more frustrated....In church today, i was observing the cathechism students' fashion styles of my age (i always do tt; i 'borrow' the good fashion ideas and give it my own twist).

Fashion victim #1: I just hate those ah lian girls who overdo the whole "Colourful, mismatched jap. thingy" style. It's realli disgusting. There was this girl who wore green striped black converse low cut shoes, pink socks, AND the laces were those thick pluffy shiny sequiny kinds. Omg..It was so sick xP. Too much colour!! My eyes- AaHhhhhh!!! She just overdid it...she made herself look like some sort of a Cyndi Lauper reject.

Fashion victim #2: Wearing slippers in church??? Where's the formality?? I know outrageous slippers go well with the whole "tee n berms look with waxed hair" kinda look but pls have some respect- You are in the house of God..Do away with the slippers next time. Well...I must say that this guy was not so much of a fashion victim- It's just his sense of formality that needs to be questioned. Anyway, I'm getting bored of the tee/berms/waxed hair look...It's getting way too common and boring....NEXT

Fashion victim #3: They're many ppl who try to create their own style but fail, as well as those who overdo them or fall victim to a style that is WAY too common. All these are fashion victims in one way or another. I'll have to admit..Even I myself was a fashion victim a couple of times b4 :P (Thk goodness I manage to correct my mistakes) The worst cases however, are those that give completely zero consideration for fashion- Hence, the worst kind of fashion victims, particularly one that i saw today in church *Drum Roll*... *Cymbals*!!! Ugly tee tucked in shorts wirh sandals--------AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Wth is this?? Ok la..maybe he doesnt have enough money to buy clothes but...tucking in the tee?? What was he thinking?! Furthermore, it was shorts! Sigh.... ... ...

Oh well, gtg now; wish me luck for next week's drawing test!

7:20 PM

Saturday, February 18, 2006

NoOoOo!!! I'll failed my 2.4 last week during P.E...due to this mishap, I'll have to join approx half the class during mon/wed/fri recess for 1.6 running :(....Hence the start of another weight loss regime...Oh well, I guess I need to lose more weight. It's been a great achievement for me to drop from 130% to 110% sicne sec one. Even though I'm out of T.A.F since last year, My goal is further reduce my weight till it reaches the 100% category.

Anyway, I forgot to update you on today's events...sorrie- I was too caught up on venting my frustrations over the whole art thingy. Went for science remedial today. Was surprised that some good sci students came along for the lesson as well - Hey, izznt this supposed to be a remedial?? Remedial as in for weak students only???? *Shrugs*. During the lesson, the good sci students seemed realli bored as they obviously 250% understood whatever mr.tan was teaching. Furthermore, mr.tan in my opinion seemed like he wanted to quicken the pace of the class partially due to teh gd sci student's boredom. Howeverm the more he tried to quicken the pace, teh more the weak students lost interest and started to get a lil bored. I wanted to give feedback on the lesson but decided against it. I feel that the physics remedial shld only be for the weak students- that way, we can all learn at a standard, preferred pace.

signing off... ...

10:05 PM

Last week's Art lesson was quite rough for me. Mr Benny Lim was just reporting to Mr.Yeo our progress and ideas on the paper 1 coursework. Mr.Yeo as usual, was apprehensive about my theme of geisha urbanization and pop art. Sigh... Why is he always against modern art forms such as street art/graffiti/mixed media???? He still had the cheek to tell Mr.Lim that Wilson and my drawing skill is not so good compared to the rest. You have no idea how frustrated I felt when I heard tt.. I may not have very good drawing skills but so what? Is he implying that I'm a "not-so-good" art student??? For goodness sake, what I lack in drawing skills, I make up for in my originality and creativity dammit!!

Well, at least Mr. Lim told me that he will defend my idea all the way because he think's a great one- yay for that, mr lim rox!! He also thinks that I just need to work on my shading, and tt I can do very well with my idea despite my lack of drawing skills. He's giving some notes next week on drawing techniques -___-"... Anyway, I'm thankful that Mr. Lim thinks highly of my idea :) I work my butt off on my sketches of kimono and modern Japanese fashion wear, and Mr.Yeo tells Mr. lim that my coursework idea is not feasable...I'll prove mr.yeo wrong..I'll take unconventialism to the extreme and do my very best!!

Art is terribly subjective...but even so, I think I deserve that credit for being creative and innovative- which I do not get from mr yeo at all.. All Mr .yeo likes is conventional art forms like excellent portraits & impeccable shadings. No wonder Yong Seng and Chao Yang have been given the golden ticket almost every time...It's not fair...Unconventional art forms deserves some mention and credit...

Oh well. In art you have to be mentally string to endure all criticisms.. It's quite tough. Once your spirit has been broken, it's not easy to pick yourself up and continue. Only the strongest survive, and i WILL survive.

4:55 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yesterday was such a tiring day.. Stayed back after school for some a maths practice for today's test. Had to cancel tuiton n got a scolding from tuition teacher, but all the practice totally paid off for the a maths test i just took.

It was a BREEZE- 100% confident that I'll pass, though I wish that I'll get a good pass :) Hurray hurrah...common test over!!!!
*aWKWARd moments of silence* -___-"

Uhm....nothing else to write (in the art room now)..Guess I'll go

9:08 AM

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Great...just great... Just when I thought that I could finally put the past behind- it comes back to haunt me...

During the chem test today, i assumed that i would be taking the combined sci (chem) paper. However, to my UNpleasant surprise, the HODs said that I would have to still take pure chem and phy for one more dreadful term.. ArggHH!! My torture seems to be never ending. Also, during maths class, ms tan was goin' through the e maths test...I failed it-grrr. The thing that made me realli realli pissed, was that i knew that i could have passed the test if i would just bloody hell study for it!! Furthermore, I made so many careless mistakes that could have given me precious marks to a pass! AND, a simple screw up on the manipulation of the cosine rule cost me 2 marks and my ego to continue the rest of the question which was a total of 6 f****** marks!! I wass obviously very dissapointed because:

1)I could have passed the test if I were to just study
2)Screwed up on trigonometry which could have made me pass
3)I need AT LEAst a 60% pass for tmr's e maths common test to pass my overall e maths for this term..ARgghh!!!

Frankly, I have a lotta doubts that I can score 60% for the test, let alone pass it!! I'm so freaking nervous...don't even have time to think about physics... Help!!
Rememberizing all the formulas that I've forgotten throughout the dec holidays now... Busybusybusy..
Anyway, in case you're bored, here's a realli realli good blog u guys shld visit: www.vayaputada.blogspot.com- It's really gr8, trust me on this. It's somewhat like a Catholic High version of Channel News Asia with hot news and updates :)Gtg now..mugging for the maths test tmr....sigh......

8:33 PM

Writing this entry from the Art room after the chinese common test.. The font sucks- i know... Using an I mac now so there's nothing I can do abt it :(.. There's gonna be a chemistry common test later- i hope i pass tt...It'll be so malu if i fail a combined science chem test.

Anyway... Enough abt tests..its so making me sick to the gut. Yesterday got a scolding frm miss tan for copying yk's work.. I know she's concerned bout my maths n stuff but the school's standard is so freaking high! I mean, a C6 for cat high maths is an equivalent of a b4/3 in o level...dead serious.. Other school's claim that our maths standraed can be as hard as a levels. Sounds a lil' far fetched, even to me but who cares :P So, enough of side tracking- back to the story...She was scolding me accusing my of copying yk's work wholesale!! Wth?! For your info...I only copied the second question!! aRGGHH!!! Besides, I feel victimized becoz practically everyone copies n i stick out like a sore thumb coz im not very talents in maths n science..sigh.... Oh well, dun wanna get angry over such small things- I rest My case... ... ... ...

The art coursework sketches are doing fine so far.. Swaying into the theme of fashion for my jap pop culture studies and I have to design some clothes n stuff- so cheeem, lol, but i'm lovin it...It's something i can do and enjoy :) Getting bored now...gonna redo my "semi-copied" asssignment, cya

9:02 AM

Thursday, February 02, 2006

One of my better self composed poems- In Dreams of Ivory Lace....enjoy :)

In Dreams of Ivory Lace

She'd been bad
she's heard it all
too late to turn around.
And somehow she looks wholesome
in momma's satin gown.

In pearl white velvet gloves
on hand a rose bonquet.
She wished she could
be as faithful
much to her dismay.

No time for paranoia,
she really has no choice.
It's down the aisle,
for the dreaded vows.
In dreams of ivory lace.

Composed by: Me...duh

9:35 PM