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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Okay okay...sry for the super short entry jus now. I've been kinda downd throughout this year.. Seems like some friends are just slipping away into mundane aquaintanceship. I'm obviously referiing to yao khuan- duh..

It's kinda sad- we were realli gd friends since p5; but ever since sec 3, it's very dissapointing to know that i regard him less than a friend now. I can't say that I'm envious that he has a new clique of friends that scrutinize me occasionally- namely shawn lee. I know i know...not good to name names, but i just need to get this out. Oh well, It's not like as though we were the best of friends b4..Like i said, very sad to see your friend behaving like a double agent when you place trust in him.

Anyway why the heck am i saying this for??? We all know the reason why yao khuan turned against me was because i got out of taf last year. Ever since tt day, he has been hurling insults and behaving like a double agent...Sigh...super sad case. Tts why u must always reb tt what goes round comes round- very impt words of wisdom.

8:54 PM

I'm such an irresponsible blogger. I've not been updating very often recently..Oh well, there aint anything you ppl can do about it!! Lol...

Yuck! Dani & Danielle got eliminated from the amazing race 9!! Noooo...Stupid Lake n Michelle...Bloody yielders. What the heck-its just ahow anyway....Nothing to write... ... ..

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Was looking through xuyun's blog just now. Turns out that sam matheus and i were in a couple of them (in the background). Ughh.....The camera realli does put on a few pounds on you. My side n back view is really ughhh....remeinders of my lower sec days-yuck... Anyway, at least i know I'm not fat..Yixin was in total self denial when matheus told him that i was definitely skinnier than him, lol.

Must lose more weight...Eww, im sounding like some health freak.

6:31 PM

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Holidays are ending; dammit... ...

I still havent completed my homework... ...

Maths and Science are really sucking my blood...

Secondary school is honestly one of the worst few years of my life... ...

Go tag at the tagboard so I'll know tt ppl are actually readin' my blog...

I hate sec school; i really hate it..... Dammit...

6:25 PM

Friday, March 17, 2006

Went out with the clique yesterday to Plaza Singapura..It was supposed to be Martin's bday celebration , but he didnt come coz he was kinda busy later that day n he sorta blamed us for planning this outing at the "last minute". Not being rude or anything, but we DID tell him abt the outing for more than a week since his bday- He should have given us a straight answer as to if he were to go or not, instead of dragging it on by saying "i dunno"... Anyway, I do not place any blame on him; we as his friends should respect whatever decision he should make. Furthermore, it was also partially our fault, so nobody deserves to get the blame i guess.

So, at plaza sing we went to the arcade. Matheus and I wanted to try out the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), but the DDR machine was "Extreme" version, so tt pretty much intimidated us; not to mention all the ah lians there...*Shivers* yuck...

Colin joined us later and the 5 of us went to take some neoprints. I havent tried the latest version of neoprint b4; the last time was in the late 90s where the neoprint machines were totaL CRAp... So it was an experience trying out the new neoprint machines....Well, except for the fact that it was rather violent. Yixin, especially, was pushing and shoving his fist against ppl's faces just so tt he could get his face into the pic! Totally babaric and uncivilized...Most of us were rather dissapointed by his behaviour, but of course we kept it to ourselves...Anyway, looking through the neoprints..It really did seem that yixin was a total camera whore; hogging the camera for himself..He doesnt even look good in any of them, lol..nola just joking....Colin commented that yixin's face in every pic looks as if it has been pasted on...Gee...I guess hes kinda rite....Yixin's extreme fairness contrasts so much with the background, so much to the extent of him looking like some cheshire cat with his head "floating" mid air.

Despite the negatives during the outing, I really did enjoy myself. Hope that we can have such outings next time. Oh yuck...holidays are ending soon- :x

9:17 PM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Was walking home from school yeaterday with martin n yixin, when Yixin brought up the subject of skin tan -___-"

Anyway...He recalled me lamenting why everytime i get a tan, the freaking tan 'dissappears', and I'm back to being as fair as the SKII spokesmodel. So, Professor Wong Yixin gave me a mini biology lesson on why this was so. I thought that what he told me was pretty interesting, so I figured sharing it with u guys would cause no harm :P

As we all know, melanin in our hair and skin determines our hair colour and skin tone. Asians, as we know, have high melanin levels in our hair that give us dark ebonic hair. People as lucky as me have genes that supports more Phaeomelanin, (A lighter pigmentation)..Hence, my dark brown hair, which is for your info NOT dyed... I don't need to depend on hair dyes to have natural brown hair- I have it NATURALLY...Muahahahaha....Okay whatever....

Fine fine, let's not side track..So, yixin told me that ppl like him and me have melanin in our skin that breaks down easily?? I dunno...I think thats what he said. Well, I guess that explains why everytime I get a tan, it vanishes rather quickly. But that certainly doesnt mean that ppl like us cant maintain a tan-...Well, all you have to do is to practically expose yourself to Sun almost every day...Yikes...U'll need lotsa sunblock... Besides, I'm no sports jock, so....I think I'll pass on trying to be tan for now, lol.

11:23 AM

Friday, March 10, 2006

It's finally the last day of school for term 1. Gee, time sure flies- Ah well, I need a breather from the already hectic term 1 anyway... Term 2 onwards is when all of us pick up the pace & shift gears, cozzz....The dreaded prelims are headin' our way in full speed without much warning. We got the timetables for our first prelims liao, as well as the disgusting report cards....Yuck, and double yuck.

The maths n sci nerds obviously had the clean report cards, whereas ppl like me suffer red marks- 2 to be exact. It's so unfair- the maths n sci ppl have 4-5 subjects tt they're good at... The humanities ppl only have 2 subjects to excell in...2! A pathetic 2 subjects in comparison to the 4-5 maths/sci subjects....Dammit!! Anyway, it's also our schools fault for not offering a wide scope of subjects for our o's...

Tmr's chinese oral and listening compre...I get completely tongue tied when I speak chinese...seems like a huge mouthful of tongue twisters. So shamefuL- I'm a chinese n i cant speak chinese fluently...Sigh...Hope tt I can do my best tmr...I wanna score at least 25/40 for it...Wish me luck!


8:45 PM

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Argghh... It's the last week of school and yet there are so many stuff to do!!

1) Chinese Listening compre n oral
2) Max/min values a maths diagnostic test
3) Have to complete english essay by tmr
4) Have to complete s.s assignment by thur/fri

Sigh...oh well, at least tmr's bitch day. However, maths remedial is spoiling the clique's plans for lunch after school!! Darn...have to work things out quickly... Bitch day shall not be ruined!

P.S: We'll be giving free badges tmr- Make sure u support!!

6:29 PM

In the art room now... To my horror, mr lim has already marked our still life drawings- including my unfinished one!!! Sigh.. i feel so defeated reading my comments.

"It took you quite a while to get into the swing of things. But you can laern fast and it shows in your drawing that you are capable of doing it. Nothing replaces hard work, perserverance and practice. Form and proportion is good. Shading can improve more with more tones and details. Keep up the good job!"

Looking at other ppl's drawings, I am so engulfed and cosumed in envy. Insecurity steps in, and i keep on thinking that im not good enough. I don't even have the pride to sign my drawing- I feel so defeated; my spirit is broken... I know failure is the mother of success, but its hurts so much to the many many many ppl who are gifted in maths/science as well as art. Sometimes I feel that I lack the self esteem to fufill my maximum potential. I feel so freaking small in all this darkness that overshadows me- it makes me sick to the gut...so so so sick...

It sucks to let down the ppl that think so highly of me... But i d hope i can overcome this obstacle of mine. I may be a late bloomer, but the late bloomer becomes the most beautiful bloom of all...uhm..am i rite??

7:24 AM

Monday, March 06, 2006

I was just looking through this month's issue of 'Lifestyle' magazine, when I came across this article. I know crocs have already been a hit globally, but I just thought of introducing this brand to you guys. The address of the shop in the article, and details/pricing of the shoes can be found at http://www.crocs.com.sg

These kewl shoes are made of super lightweight material and they come in a hell lot of colours. Plus, the trend now in shoes is to go LOUD and chunky!! I know Matheus will be all against these type of shoes. He'll be " EWWWW....slippers n sandal-like footwear is so ah-pek and for girls!" He's even against the types that are loud in colour...Sigh...tsktsk. Oh well, he can live in his world of bland/uninspiring sneakers, lol.

I have a million other stuff to say about crocs footwear. But there's just too many things to say. I mean, it's gr8, it's loud, it's 'in', what else can I mention? - Just too many fantabulous stuff to say abt it. So you ppl go saVE up and get yourself a pair soon!

8:23 PM

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Here's a lil' poem I learnt during cathechism class today. Just thought of sharing it with u guys:

Sow an act, reap a habit
Sow a habit, reap a virtue or vice
Sow a virtue or vice, reap a character
Sow a character, reap a destiny

11:50 AM

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cross country today at MacRitchie was GREAT! Noel house, who were the underdogs for the past "dunno how many" years tasted the sweet nectar of victory as they clinched the challange throphy!! Phillipe house had to unfortunately, swallow their pride as Noel house broke their winning streak...awww....Life's a bitch aint it??

Even though we won the throphy, props definitely goes to the noel house cross country runners!! Well done ppl!! You've done Noel proud! Keep it up! Colin and I managed to each earn a point for noel during the mass run..Felt so happy that I contributed to Noel house's victory, but like I said b4, most of the credit goes to the x-country runners.

I guess one of the reasons why Noel won, was because all the seniors which had negative attitudes, had already graduated- good grief!! Those ppl brought a hell lot of negative energy to noel house during their time in cat high. Hopefully with this win, Noel house would pick up their self esteem, and do even better next time :)

6:42 PM

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Got back a couple of results today in school. Got a 'B' for A maths- exact marks not determined yet. Really really proud of my a maths score, but e maths has DEFINITELY problems to be worked on asap.

English was rough but a pass was managable. People were speculating that Mrs. Bala gave higher marks to those who don't frequently top the class, so as to "boost up their self esteem in english". Fine example: Yong Seng's essay about world domination...Utter weirdness. Most ppl thought tt the plot was complete crap- I didn't read his essay but it was obvious tt ppl were jealous. HOWEVER, mr. F agreed with those who thought tt the plot was crap. He said tt he was shocked n he doesnt believe it Bala gave him such high marks. He also was seriously puzzled to see such a mediocre plot get such high marks.. Oh well, The mysteries of life...

Elective geog was another toughie as well..Many did badly but Ms tan L.C was kind enough to give those beloe 16/20 a re-test...Hopefully, Miss tan would be even kinder to take our re-test marks.. I hope she does tt..If not I'll just freak...Serious.. During art lesson, I was panicking over my still life drawing...I'm screwing up drawing the mask...Began to feel insecure n I felt that I was'nt good enough for art... Sigh...Art can be a subject of high emotions. I feel it's sorta like a taste of the real world. Ppl will be criticizing you n your work- be it art or anything else.. All that you can do is to accept these criticisms n improve i guess...But even so, art requires mental strength...LOADS of it... The last thing you wanna do in art lesson is to crack under the pressure and criticisms..Never ever ever ever do tt...It happened to Wilson, n it was not a pretty sight.

Anyway gtg now...

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