Time as white sound
Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fine fine...maybe I take back me saying tt sam is a "sickness jinx", but he has just redeemed himself a new title- The AMERICAN IDOL JINX! Nola, it was just mere coincidence that Mandisa got eliminated anyway...sigh...

So sickening i want ace n chris out!! Chris is so freaking rockish, n i absolutely hate rock (with the exception of some types of rock). Furthermore, there is FAR TOO MUCH rock nowadays..ahhh!!!!!

5:39 PM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The chma auditions are so so near- 2 days!! I'm still trying to recover from the stupid sore throat/flu that samuel passed to me. Ughh...so sickening. Don't ever go near sam when he's sick; It's just realli realli not good for you. He has an uncanny ability to pass sickness (he passed his flu to FOUR ppl!).. Not that I'm trying to imply that sam is a complete jinx when hes sick, but then again... ..."*ahem* im on vocal rest. pls dont talk to me while i rest my delicate vocal chords" Haha, :P Sam is so gonna hate me for this. Anyway, just take an m.c whenever you're not feeling well, k sam? It aint nice having the flu- I have an audition in 2 days!! And I'm NOT gonna let you do better than me sam!! Lol, kidding kidding... It's not time to get competetive just yet.

So, enough about chma/flu/me practicing hard for the auditions so as to not let sam do better than me... My older sis finally got in touch with her old best friend- Yay, happy for her. However, I'm rather appauled at the fact that after the conversation she had with her "ex best friend", she just called another person up just to gossip bout her!! Total backstab- Quite pissed with her behaviour actually.. My sister misunderstood whatever her ex best friend told her, and twisted it in such a way to make her ex best friend sound like some sorta evil b!tch. That is so wrong... My older sister can be such a pain in the ass sometimes- Duh! Don't we all hate our siblings sometimes?? Well, there's a long list of things to b!tch about my older sister, but then would'nt it be ironic to accuse her of being an untrustworthy backstabber?? Oh well then, guess I'll reserve e comments to myself- maybe next time i suppose...

9:32 PM