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Monday, July 31, 2006

The past week has been nothing but the same old monotony- Going for extra lessons, coming home late...I'm seriously sick of it, but I have no choice-duh! It's all for our prelims and o levels. Anyway, theres just 3-4 months left in secondary school so yar... I'm just hanging in there.

Well, I pretty much destress by hanging out with my friends- the typical stuff. Going window shopping in malls, taking kewl neoprints and just having a great time. Yar, same old same old...The cold war between Imelda and "The curly mad whore" izznt making life a bed of roses though. One's a total drama queen and the other...I have nothing bad to say about the other :P

I've been waking up desperate for more sleep the past few days...I need more sleep!! For goodness sake, I've not been able to sleep in late for the past 2 weeks!! It's just insane and it's draining all my energy. Yuck..just remembered that I have mentoring tmr from 4 - 6. Just great..What the **** am i supposed to do from 1.40 to 4??! 2 hours 20 minutes wasted..Ughhh.....

8:32 PM

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hip hurray, this is the blog's 70th post!! *Confetti!!*

As a way of celebratting this blog's 70th post, the Local Laundromat is going to give out free soap and bleach!! -___-" Whatever, that was seriously lame.

Anyway, we've just got our prelim 3 timetable and from the looks of it, the prelim's gonna be majorly hectic. I better do some serious studying for my maths and science coz I certainly would'nt wanna have disgusting prelim marks- duh! This is the first prelim in which we are having a formal examination for art. I'm kinda excited about it- My skecthing/drawing/shading skills have improved lots since the beginning of the year. Do I hear a Hallejuia?? Yes, the angels are guiding my hand as I sketch..Wheeeeeeeeee, Matthew rox!!

Friday's are usually the happiest time of the week for me, but recently I've been so stressed up becoz of the extra lessons.sigh..... As usual, there's maths tmr for me...I'm the perpetual maths remedial student- Hurray hurrah. There's maths tmr, yayyyyyy..........I'm so happy. I'm so elated and estatic. I am glad. Differenciation and integration is just so wow...Yayyy...Yar, I really love it.

Love to hate it.

9:33 PM

Thursday, July 27, 2006

And so, the end of the week draws near and here I am lazing around waiting for this miserable 24 hours to end. Why the heck am I not doing something else like finishing my e maths paper 2? No idea..Bored i guess. I've been bored of being bored, and bored of popping ice cubes in my mouth for the past 15 minutes.

7:47 PM

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's about 10++ right now and I have no freaking clue why on earth am I still using the com.. Tmr's probably gonna be realli hard waking up I suppose. I hate waking up early- especially the fact that I have not been able to sleep in late this past week. Waking up around 5-ish every morning is such a drab since I live a considerable distance from the school..I'll have to endure 17 MRT stops every weekday- Imagine that. However, I do like to treat myself once in a while with a cab ride..Who does'nt like to pamper themselves?

Enough about waking up early and transportation woes...Such a meaningless topic. Life's been okay for me so far.. My art has been wow-wow-wee-wow. Improved alot since last year, and I'm really making good progress. Maths and science is as usual my twin bloodsuckers who never fail to make my day gloomy. However, I will survive- duh, and I'm gonna pull through it and get the best marks possible for the o's.

You know what? Those who know me know that I've said this a thousand times, but I honestly find ppl who really enjoy maths and science repulsive. I respect such ppl for their passion (just like my passion for fashion and art), but it just disgusts me- Serious! I just don't understand.. someone get me a councilor. Being in an all-boys school, in which we are supposed to be "naturally" gifted in maths and science, (You know, the saying tt girls are gd at art and language, whereas boys are gd at maths and science) I feel even more out of picture being in such an environment. It's either I've been estrogen deprived all these years or I just don't get it. It's so weird...I'm getting goosebumps at the very thought of it. I feel like the stupid art guy whos surrounded by either gung-ho himbotic jocks or robotic droids that dream of mathematics equations in their sleep...It's realli crazy but thats what I'm feeling- VERY out of place.

Oh well, only time can tell my true meaning of my existence here.

10:35 PM

The saying that our local fashion industry is dead, is somewhat true to a certain extent (stop thinking social studies). Well, this perception is of course caused by who else, but our VERY OWN people! It's hell ironic but yar, we Singaporeans complain and bitch about our lackluster fashion industry when we don't even give a teeny weeny bit of support! The fact that there are some pro- singapore fashion industry ppl is definitely undeniable, but can't singaporeans stop complaining???

Perfect example- I came across an article in the new paper criticizing our local Miss Universe contestant, Carol Cheong, on her "horrendous" pick of her evening gown. For goodness sake, I just don't understand why ppl keep gunning down our local designers... Singporean bloggers have had a bitching spree commenting on how ugly the dress is (the black one) blah blah blah..Yes, I do agree that it's a bit too much for an evening gown, but can't we at least give credit for the innovation?? I certainly havent seen a gown like that, so I give props to the designer who sewed this. The "Kebaya Coat" was definitely something out of the ordinary, so kudos for tt.

I'm not sure about you guys, but I just feel that we singaporeans should be less conservative and critical- Lighten up! Nobody likes a boring square, although it's sometimes hip to be aquare :)

8:33 PM

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Right. I agree with colin- The previous post was frightening...It's not me to write such stuff. WEIRD! Uhm...Just ignore it. That was so scary.

9:51 PM

Okay...since everyone is like so pro-cat high after the whole new paper crisis, I guess I might as well give it a shot:

YAY!!!...er....I LOVE CATHOLIC HIGH (seriously, I really do)

Catholic high rocks- duh, its my school so yar...It's efforts to give recognition to the arts is definitely applaudable. So kudos for that.

Catholic high is sugar and spice and everything nice...Well kinda, uhm...It's just a cool school. Period.

Even though the school has indirectly given me hell by providing a maths/sci subject combination that spells disaster, I'm still grateful to be in this school. Just as much as i dislike staying in sec skool due to maths/sci, I'd still miss it(cat high) when I leave... Awww, lol. I really will.

The teachers are just wow and fab. Perphaps I'll find another time to talk about the teachers- There's just too much to talk abt them now.

Pretty school, great teachers, kewl ppl..And with someone like me in cat high, whats there abt it to hate?? :P Lol, kiddding.

8:40 PM

Whatever happened to the plan of going to maths class today? The minute I realised I was running late for class, the idea of going for class just went out of the window. Well, at least I spent a good 2 hours doing maths practice- Must continue this habit. So, nothing much happened today...Just doing maths and sketching more kimonos while practicing my tones of shading. Fashion sketches for today were put on a hiatus- sry peeps, will get back to it when I can.

My family drove round the seletar and pierrce reservoirs during the evening- We saw loads of monkeys..Ooooo.....Yeah, and pretty much that as well as the estates of sussex gardens as well as the realli posh townhouses. I can't think of what else to write... ...

8:09 PM

Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh my word... Why are the weekends these past weeks been so busy?? I'll have to attend maths extra lessons tmr from 9 to abt 12..sigh... Anyway, at least the teachers are showing concern and are putting in effort to help us. After all, prelim 3 and most importantly, the o levels are round the corner. Dead serious. We have only abt 4-5 weeks for our prelim 3 and abt 12 weeks to our o levels. This is scaring the daylights outta me. Everything is going to be extra hectic so better hold on tight to your sanity everyone.

Once again, I've done another quick sketch for my imaginary collection. This one's a little more informal..As usual, pls mind the face- I'm trying my best to improve each time i draw faces.. Aint it worrying? The face of my geisha (in my artwork) is supposed to be one of THE most important elements in my painting, and I've not yet mastered the technique of drawing faces..Must keep practicing!!

I'm quite satisfied with my sketches so far as I can really see improvement from the time I started doing fashion sketches. Ughh...I remember my first few fashion sketches being absolutely hideous.. Anyway, I'll keep adding new looks to teh imaginary collection till I have about 8-10. Then I'll refine them n do some touch ups before combining them. A lil' project of mine tt I'm quite excited about :P Gtg now..I'll have to sacrifice my weekend beauty sleep for waking up early....Drat...

10:24 PM

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another sketch that i did today. Pls ignore the face- It's just so ugghh. I still need to improve on my face drawing. Anyway, this outfit is belongs to the so called "Arabian Nights" collection. I haven't really decided on what to call this imaginary collection of mine. Anyway, the dress has stuff reminiscent of middle eastern design like the belly dancer headress/turban and the flowing draping cloths. Hope you guys like it- I'll be posting and refining sketches till I complete the collection, see ya

6:21 PM

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh yea, heres another fashion sketch that i doodled during physics and chem periods :P Doodle meaning don't expect so much. Hey, at least i didn't need to pay attention during those lessons- They were going through non combined science stuff so my attention wasnt required. Anyway, this sketch is a continuation of the "arabian nights collection" (2 of the previous lingerine sketches are also in the collection). Hmm...i wonder when my first runway show will be...lol.

9:28 PM

Lots of drama happened today.. i'm sure u guys already know what happened so i shan't elaborate. However, just my two cents worth on the whole issue: When the reporters came to our school, the principal or whoever ushered them to the boardroom to clarify matters- The fella responsible of the petetion was made to tell the reporters that whatever he claimed in the petetion was false. After all that hustle and bustle, matters were cleared and everything was fine...BUT..*Ominous sound effect* DER, DER, DER.... .... ... It was reported that although there were false accusations written in the petetion, several true and just accusations existed as well. However, tt fella was told by the principal to tell the reporters that EVRYTHING was false, even though it was not. That poor fella had to follow mr.lee's instructions or face dire consequences.. Something fishy going on behind the scenes?? I don't know, I don't want to comment on this- you be the judge.

So anyway, these past few days i've really consious of myself speaking english. I've tried my very very best to speak near perfect english without any mah, meh, la or lor. Even if I were to use singlish, I'll force myself to repeat that sentence in correct English. Many Singaporeans basically feel that is not a big deal speaking singlish or chinglish etc. However, this excessive use of singlish can develop into a REALLY bad habit. Can you imagine the image we present to foreigners when they see us soeaking such horrible english?? That's why I feel I should put in extra extra effort to improve my standard of english speaking correctly formally AND informally. Call me a freak but yar... To me, speaking english correctly is hell impt..

7:55 PM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today was rather slack- no sciences, yay!! Lol..but anyway got back quite a number of my prelim results so far..Prelim 2 was definitely MUCH worse than prelim 1 even though I could have done better for prelim 1. Disgusting, i know. Failing 3 subjects this prelim is a SERIOUS bummer! I just hate it so much. Ew. Ew. Ew.

9:58 PM

Monday, July 17, 2006

This is so embarrassing. I'm supposed to hand in the nominee form to rao by end of tmr and i havent gotten any teacher's signatures. I'll have to quickly ask some teachers to apporve my nomination and quickly zip it to rao.

Everything has been crazily hectic..AS USUAL. School stuff- Have to stay back for this, stay back for that. My week has been eaten up, and I'm left hungry (whatever- bad pun...)During the going through of english compre by mrs. bala in the auditorium today, I drew this realli realli nice fashion sketch. Proportions were spot on; shadings were gr8, design was innovative, model's face good...I realli like it. BUT...Mrs. Bala wanted to collect the scripts!! NoOoOo....So what was I to do?? I had to erase the drawing..sobsob...Ah well, at least I managed to pen down rough sketches of tt design. Gonna replicate it when i have the time :)

Bitch Day Volume 2 STILL under consideration. I'm so enthu about the badge designs..the some of e clique members are thinking of selling the badges at a reasonable price so as to subsidize the cost. So if we were to ever sell the badges, support us k??

Yikes...getting kinda late...Time for more 'zzz's. ciao.

10:40 PM

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Heres some random sketches that I've done on my lil notebook..Most of them are only half done..It aint gr8, but c'mon..you have to gimme credit for it. I need to brush up my sketching skills if wanna be a fashion designer, not to mention learn to sew as well- gulp.

Anyway, might as well give u guys a rough intro on the outfits i sketched: The two lingerine pieces are based on the theme of: Arabian Nights. I based my inspiration on those arabic belly dancer outfits, and wanted to create something very virgin-like and yet oh so sexy. Yar...and the other 2 pieces are random themed sketches. The gown one is just in the preliminary stages of developmet, so yar... Pls comment and no flaming-DUH!

9:04 PM

Oh ya...I've recently discovered the wonders of juices *Alleluia Chorus*

Yup. I went completely crazy over the juicer that I've found in the house. From apple-celery juices to carrot-guava juices. You name it, I've tasted it. Must obtain quota of at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily- The juicer is my best friend. Come to think about it, I'm gonna go buy more veggies and fruits tmr after school for juicing!! WheeEeEe!!!!.....

Okay, something is seriously wrong with me. Lately, I've not been myself these past few weeks..Could it be the pressures of o levels? The bain of mathematics? The fact that I have to return to "the gates of hell" five times a week?? I don't know...Matheus thinks i need to go see a school councilor. Perhaps I should, but I deem those school councilors unprofessional..After all, they're just around our age! I fail to see the logic of some inexperienced councilor counciling you... Just like the blind leading the blind- Obsilique. I guess I could do some counciling and meditation, and some juices as well (I know, you've heard enough about me talking abt juices)... But then again, I think im still quite mentally sane, so no biggie...Is it disturbing for you ppl to see me type all this stuff about the possibilty of me having a screw loose? I hope not.

Here's some irrelevant Haiku poems that I just nonsensically cooked up last night, enjoy! :

My cereal turns brown
In the wetness of Cow's milk
No more crunch in the chewing

Prada skirts on sale
Pants enthusiasts leave pissed
Burberry sales rise

Cinderella's dumb
She cooks only fried chicken
Prince Charming grows fat

.::Follow your bliss and may the karmic wheel be merciful on you...

8:43 PM

Just came back after a looong day. Chinese O level listening comprehension's tmr and I'm so whatever about it...

Once again, I'm counting the days till I leave secondary school. I really can't wait to start anew. Meeting new people, coming across many new opportunities- its just very wow. Yah...I guess my clique members should already know that they should'nt take offense if i cut contacts with them after sec school, coz I really need to start on a fresh page- These 4 years have been absolutely out of this world. Besides, I'm not the only clique member who wants to cut contacts. I'm not giving any names ppl. BUT, even if i were to cut any contacts, it's not coz i hate u but it's just that i need some space after sec skool. I'll still remb u and keep in touch once in a while-duh.

Martin gave me a brilliant idea this afternoon: The clique chould have "Bitch Day Volume 2" on 3 August. Bitch day (vol.1) was quite a success, so I think it's gonna be gr8 to have it again..I mean, who doesnt like bitch day???

7:18 PM

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh ya, one more thing: I hate high school musical. It's just so cheesy and unrealistic. I hate it to bits. Period.

11:31 PM

Okay..I'm listening to the carpenters and eating celery stalks as snacks. This can only mean one thing- I'm losing it and I'm in la-la land...

Anyway, got addicted to celery snacks today. They taste totally bitter and rancid at first bite, but as you munch on you'll realli get to appreciate its crunchiness and juiciness- Packed with vitamins and H20! Great, I'm truly truly getting a lil tipsy.... Tomorrow's the start of another busy day before returning to the gates of hell known as school. Some would like to call it as their second home, but I think I'll be just fine regarding it as perpetual hell, thank you.

My A maths practice for prelims and o levels has yet to take off, which is realli bad coz time is ticking. Better start FOR REAL next week onwards..No more slacking- just pick that damn ten year series and start doing some fill-in-the-blank questions! I just hate the o levels..It's disgusting...People like me slog so much for maths and science even though it would have complete irrelevance to our future intended jobs. That, to me is an utter failure of logic. But what to do, we shouldnt complain about the education system here, after all we are so fortunate to be living on this gorgeous sunny island called Singapore. It's just so beautiful I could just shed tears of joy repeating its name: Singapore, oh Singapore..Sobsob, Yea rite.... Whatever am I talking about anyway?? Back to the relevant stuff....

Going to sleep real soon, as I said, I'll be out the whole day tmr- busy busy busy...

11:08 PM

Saturday's the day in which u just wanna sit back and just relax...The weather right now is just horrific- as usual. Hot and humid. Blah blah..Singapore's weather is just so boring and bland just like its education system. Anyway..The tagboard's gone all haywire..So I'll need help to get it up and running; volunteers anyone? Colin, a lil help here?

Got a lil hungry just now, so i just whipped up a celery-apple salad, not that any of u guys are interested in what i eat anywayzz... I'm feeling hell bored now..What to do, what to do... ...

2:05 PM

Friday, July 14, 2006

TGIF!! School's out and the weekends are IN!

A lil recap on what happened in school this week:
1. Got nominated for gentleman of the month
2. Mr. Lim lectured the art students..Again...
3. More drama happening in the art room, as usual
4. Mrs. Chung reportedly got fired (She so didn't deserve tt!)
5. I am one step closer to the edge of my sanity- Hip hip,...Hurray!

Okay anyway, I've been really busy with my artwork lately- We're all very slow, and it's rush hour for all the art students. Everyone, including me- duh, is panicking and rushing for time. The art students are also feasting on my emotional vulnerability..Well, only some of them i guess. I'll probably just have to do my usual thing and basically kick some f****** ass when I'm done with my hopefully brilliant coursework. Was doing doing some still life sketching on part of my house's grandfather clock for practice...Have I truly lost it???

Maybe. Perhaps. Yesterday the ladies in my house decided it would be fun to do some line dancing since my little sis is joining some grp dance competetion in her school. I was kinda forced to join in, and I seriously did not get the dance steps. It was so awkward, and of course i just walked away after doing a few line dance steps.

School's been so insane lately..Morning english comprehension lessons. Maths extra lessons to be implemented wed, fri (for me) and sat, as well as art on mon wed fri...Yah, i know..maths clashes with art on fri- that completely stinks.....Accckk!!!Somebody pls give me a large sleepong pill.. ..

8:58 PM

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Okay, huge shocker this morning- Mr. Tan informed me that I've been nominated for gentleman of the month...WHAT?! I know, i bet u guys are just as surprised as I am. Honestly speaking, I don't know what I did to deserve this. Furthermore, I'll need to pass the nomination sheet to all my subject teachers and ask them to sign symbolising their approval. This is so annoying.. I can't believe that I've been nominated, I mean, my maths and science marks are so yuck, how the hell did i get nominated?? Oh, but of course I'm a star student in my humanities classes. Yea right, lol.

Anyway, I'm not sure if i want to accept this nomination. Just as how much I feel flattered, I seriously can't help but to think how deserving I am of this uhm....title. I would NEVER ever even consider myself to be that kind of catholic high all-rounder gentleman, so I was pretty much shocked when mr tan told me. "It's not about academic performance, it's about the attitude," says mr tan..Never knew i had a good attitude...Do i?? I'm just me- Positive, bubbly but down right straight to the point and blunt when i need to. Oh well...Worst come to worst, i'll just tell mr tan that im flattered for the nomination, but i just can't accept it. Maybe. I don't know.

7:32 PM

Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm so thankful for today's early dismissal.. Too much school hours can seriously make me hell grouchy, so I hung out with the clique after school at 10.30. Had late breakfast at mac's and went to Colin's house for card and board games- such simple games can realli be quite fun with a group of friends..I mean, Duh..The more the merrier, aint it a no-brainer? Well, except for certain things for example: you certainly wouldnt want too many ppl taking neoprints with you. Trust me, too many ppl taking neoprints can be REALLY insane. The crazy japanese girls speak so fast from the machine, you dont have a freaking clue what theyre talking about..

Anyway, we played gin rummy, scotland yard and twister...Yes, that game twister which you and i know. The crazy game which can almost substitute Karma Sutra for beginners or extreme yoga positions. Twister was fun i suppose, i wanna play it next time again.

Nothing else to write... uhm.........The sky is blue; the grass is green; roses are red, violets are blue? Wait...arent violets supposed to be violet in colour?? I mean, they ARE violets after all, wheres the logic?

7:56 PM

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Okay...It's been a freaking long long long time since I've last blogged. Far too much has happened for me to even explain right here. Even if I were to tell, my hand would probably be covered in blisters.

As you ppl should know by now, 2nd prelims is already over and I'm just gonna slack for the rest of this week before starting another studying cycle. I so have to prove myself for the 3rd prelims and more importantly, the o levels. Sometimes, I just find it so hard to just quite panicking over the exams and just appreciate the simple things in life. A fine example would be my remedy for going over the edge of insanity- Magazines...DUH! Be it 8 Days, Home & Decor or Style, I just adore mags and its these simple things in life that prevent me from losing it. Serious.

I've been rather depressed and troubled these past weeks- It's so so hard for me to just not be so negative and yar... Not to mention I just found out recently that a certain teacher (not revealing names)has been saying not so nice things about me behind my back. It realli sucks, trust me...The things that person said to other teachers pissed me off so much that i actually had to confront SC and clarify things and speak my mind. My guess about the reason why that teacher said such a thing abt me was probably my decision to drop out of the chma group performances..which leads me to another long story...Oh gosh...here we go again..

My journey for chma 2006 had unfortunately ended in the final 8 before the final cut. I guess it was because of my VERY wrong song choice and absolute lack of practice- my bad. Anyway, I felt realli realli down in the dumps when i didn't get in, but i guess this izznt realli my time to shine just yet... Despite this downfall, I won't give up at all- I'll learn from my mistakes and make a comeback; just you wait! Actually, a teeny weeny part of me was happy for leaving as i need the time to concentrate on my studies and artwork...so....i decided to drop out of the group performances of the solo vocalists during chma nite. HOWEVER...that specific teacher whom must-not-be-named-but-its-already-too-obvious felt that my reason for dropping out was because I was too arrogant. Oh puh-leezz...Half the time I have a heck load of insecurities and low self esteem even including the stuff im good at and you're telling me that I'm arrogant? Such are the mysteries of life. Anyway, I forgive that person and I'm moving on with life...well, sorta..I need to get out of this school before I can fully move on- This school is seriously sucking out all my blood.Lol :P

My artwork's going great so far...will post some pics if i can. I'm trying my very best to create a masterpiece so come over to the art room to give me support!!:P I've been practicing some fashion sketches during my spare time to perfect my drawing of body proportions, shading etc. I really wanna get into the fashion industry real bad and I'll do whatever it takes to get me to the top. (No..In case you're wondering, I will NOT sleep my way to the top...Ew.)

Gtg now, tmr's Friday..Thank goodness...Amen, I need a breather.

9:32 PM