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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Justice served? Well, it depends on your opinion. It was definitely Joakim's time to go, although I sorta wished Paul was the one to go instead of him. Aiyah..Both also very jia-lat lah. They're very poser and attention seeking. We'll probably see them just soaking up their 15 minutes of fame, and they'll just evaporate after all the dust settles for this season of Singapore Idol.

Anyway, now that target #1 is gone, Paul's end draws near as his head is obviously on the chopping block. He and Joakim have been recieving 'D's for their performances on today newspaper for dunno-how-many weeks already, so now tt Joakim's gone, Paul is next on the list.

I really hope Singapore votes appropriately next week. No more voting out of the good singers like Rahima and Mathilda please.

9:02 PM

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yesterday's papers went quite well- The topic that I suspected would come out for S.S did, so yar... Quite satisfied that I studied that topic.

Going to school later today to finish up the painting. Sigh... so so sian... I also have to figure out what im gonna give my teachers for teachers day. Perhaps cards? Yea, I think I'll do that, but it takes so long to make one!! The effort into designing/decorating one is quite alot, you know.

Oh yah, I was surfing the web a few days ago and stumbled onto this really intersting thing (No, it's not a porn site or anything dirty). I found out the map of how Singapore's mrt system would look like by 2020. It's pretty cool- Travelling would be much much more convienient next time.

Speaking of Mrts, I experienced a rather annoying experience on the train when I was going home yesterday. Okay, imagine this scenario: I'm HELL tired; dragging my feet as I walk. Currently at City Hall Interchange switching over to the East-West Line to get to Simei. Train comes. I enter train. I see corner seat. I'm become relived coz I'll have a place to lean and sleep.

Then....This annoying CHIJ girl saw me abt to take the seat, and just dumped her bag and sat on that seat, as I was about to turn around and place my bum on that same place!!!! Freaking seat stealer i tell you...Very annoying coz I'll have to sit at those common seats where there's nothing at e side to lean on, so I would be nodding endlessly and embarrassingly bump my head against ppl's shoulders!! Yea...I was quite pissed and the crazy part was that i sorta muttered the word "Bitch" when she took the seat (Keeping in mind that she knew that I was contesting for it). The scary thing was that I was'nt sure if i said that 'B' word loudly or not... I hope i didn't.

Yupp..So that's all folks- Gimme ideas on what to give on teachers' day!! Okay, on second thought, don't. I'm starting to get an idea already.

8:14 AM

Monday, August 28, 2006

Having E maths paper 1 and social studies paper tmr. Decided to concentrate on the S.S sec 3 topics since I'm better at it- Arrghh!! But i still haven't studied merger and separation. Oh wells...Gonna do it later in the evening..That topic can't be too hard right?

Yar...it's not too hard.

7:05 PM

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Today was another origami making day.

I made fireworks, a flexigon origami. The japanese brocades were not bad also, although it would be nicer if it were smaller.

Come to think about it, the person who "invented" origami way way WAY back in time must really be some sort of an artistic genius. It's so strangely beautiful to see a flat piece of paper transform into something of such great aesthetic beauty. For myself, I've taken a liking to those ball-like modular origamis. Theyre moderately challenging and realli fun. Super theraputic as well! All of you peeps who need a major break from your studies, go do some origami.

Yea..Teacher's day is coming as well and I'm sure they'll appreciate some handmade origami- In my opinion, it's more meaningful than gifts that are bought.

Running out of things to write now. Have a nice day everyone. I really have nothing left to say now..Errr.....Uhm....Yar, nothing else to say.

9:39 PM

Nothing much happenin' these past few days... Staying back after school to try and complete painting. Doing E maths paper 1s in preparation for this coming tuesday's Prelim E math paper 1. Very sian I tell you, but this will all pay off at the end of the year- Must try my hardest not to slack off.

Could'nt sleep last night so I created a modular star origami- Hurray hurrah. Finished at 12.30 am. Still could'nt sleep. Tossed n turned until 2 a.m.

10:12 AM

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alas, another one bites the dust as we bid goodbye to Nurul Maideen on Singapore Idol. Though she was'nt the best among the remaining 6, she ceratinly didn't deserve to go yet. Obviously, Joakim and Paul were the 2 folks who seriously needed to get the boot. Oh well...It just proves that this season of Singapore Idol has become very much a popularity competition. The grouppies just vote like mad for their idol even though he (joakim/paul) sings like blah.

You know, it's quite embarrassing.. My older sister's friends from other countries are all laughing at us. Serious. They're saying stuff like we Singaporeans are really dumb for voting out the best singers and keeping jokers like blah blah blah. It's so humiliating!! Argghh!! All I can say is that I hope Joakim and Paul are the next 2 contestants voted out of Singapore Idol, and I do hope that either Hady or Johnathan wins the competition.

Pls wake up Singapore(Don't let others think tt we're loony freaks). We're not THAT tone-deaf - we can decide who can sing well or not right?

9:19 PM

Whew! Finally got the spelling of Xabryna's name right.Lol.

Argghh...I'm having a minor neck cram from heaven-knows where :( Anyway, I was at pasir ris library after school searching for art books on potrait painting- Can you believe it?? A year ago, I'd promise myself that I'd NEVER paint a face in my O level art coursework, and look where I am today? Oh well.. Like what brent said during EU- You've got to read and study the stuff u wanna be good in, so might as well.

Everyone wish me luck for my o level coursework. I have to finish the painting by end of this month- Pray for me:) The very thought of the o levels being a mere 2 months away is spine chilling. Dead serious. Very very scary-help! I'm scared for everything regarding my education!!! Very scared that I won't be able to sew well if I should take up a fashion diploma course. Yea...I know many ppl think fashion is a gay thing, but you know what? I don't care. So long as I know that I'm not a sissy gay, why should I care what others say??

Don't forget what Brent said peeps: Ignore whatever ppl say to discourage you from achieveing what u want- GO FOR IT!!!

7:17 PM

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

English oral today was great. Topic was about family and community- How not to screw up? Lol, kidding... Anyway, I can't stay on the com for very long...I have to finish June 2004 E Maths o level paper 1 by tonight. Darn...I better continue my sketches as well- MORE TIME PLEASE!!

7:17 PM

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Haha. Spelt Sabryna's name wrongly in the list of links- I got the spelling correct now, right?

Anyway, finished school 7.30 pm today!! Arrghh!!! Had to wait SO LONG for my turn to practice english oral with mrs. Bala. Sigh...It's hardly the end of the week, and I'm starting to feel really tired. When are the weekends coming??

Yea...I want this week to end, but at the same time, I need more time for my artwork!! The painting needs to be done by end of august, and my prelims are next week!!!! NoOoOoOo.....!!!!!

Oh well... At least I have the whole of friday to try my best to do as much as i can since friday is supposed to be my "off-day". I must tell myself that I can do up my painting nicely by the end of august. 1-2-3 YES!!! 1-2-3 YES!!!! 1-2-3 YES!!!

Gtg now...veri veri tired zzzzzz

9:21 PM

Monday, August 21, 2006

WOOHOO!!! The weekend was FANTASTIC!! E U ROCKS!!!

Yep..Initially, I thought that it was just gonna be so-so, but gee was I wrong. Lol. The dancing, especially, was so energetic! Can't wait to turn 18 and go clubbing :P!! Dancing was a great way to break out of my comfort zone- The minute the music started playing, I just got into the groove and became a total prisoner of dance. Dead serious. The dancing was great, and words cannot describe how much I enjoyed it.

The friendships forged were great as well!

S4L 639 ROCKS 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
must must keep it touch. we already are anyway

6:13 PM

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fine, fine... That previous post was just me going super angry. I don't really f******* hate Paul; I just dislike him- No hard feelings, Paul supporters!

Anyway, I've been blog surfing lately; Constantly comparing my blog with others and gettin' all envious. You guys seem to do up yer blogs so darn easily. My hat's seriously off to you.

Gee...looking at my previous post really freaked me out. That was REALLY a moment of vulgar outburst. Sorry again for being so vulgar- Bleeegghh..I feel so bad now.

Stayed back once again today to do Mdm Ee's Maths practice. Her coaching programme is just wow-wow-wee-wow. Once you get the momentum of her programme, you really just don't care bout the time- You just do till youre done. Must make her a teacher's day card.

Gtg go now peeps. Getting late; I have a looong day tmr.

10:01 PM




I SO SO SO HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:00 PM

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Great. Just great.... My so called study programme for this evening has been kinda trashy- I only managed to do about 2 A Maths questions on F.Y.S, and that's it..My concentration gone.

Anyway, just a lil update on the stuff happenin' in school these past few days:

I'm gonna retake my chinese o levels. Yea.. You seriously can't expect me to accept a C5 on my o level cert next yr rite?

Got transfered to the "special" maths class under Mdm. Ee in which we do one o level paper each day. It's a good practice method, but trust me..It really drains the energy outta you. Especially since I'm not the coffee kind of person, my weekday mornings usually start with me feeling like a sack o potatoes.

Gotta finish my artwork by the end of August, so I'll have some remaining time to finish up my sketches. It's horrifying to balance time between the diff subjects, but I'm still surving- I haven't lost it yet :)

Going for Empower U at the end of the week. Looking forward to it, but the programme is seriously burning up my precious PRECIOUS time! Not that I'm dreading it or anything, but like i said earlier..It's very time consuming. Time is hell impt now since my prelims are like 1 and a half weeks away. Stressed up like mad.

I'm gonna sleep early today since my stamina is bleeerrghh...

Still looking for peeps to help me with the background. I still have no idea who is 'J'..Can someone pls tell me?

9:46 PM

My SERIOUS prelim/O Level studying programme started this monday. Haven't been using the com very much since then, which is the reason why my last post was quite some time ago.

Arggh- Forgot to bring home physics textbook today...Why, oh why?? Guess I'm stuck doing Maths F.Y.S for the rest of the evening..

Who's that person by the name of 'J' who tagged on my tagboard?

7:07 PM

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Copied this quiz from Martin. Kinda cool, so I thought I might wanna give it a try since I'm bored too.

who last -

1. made you smile;
Yao Khuan telling that it's not me to be all depressed and sad, after recieving my crappy o level results

2. saw you cry;
Nobody. Even if i do cry, I'll never let anyone see me- duh

3. went to the movies w/ you;
Watched X-men 3 with colin, martin, sam (i dunno if yixin or matheus was there)

4. talked to you on the phone;
Colin- We were discussing if we wanted to watch movies

do you prefer -

1. flowers or candies;
Flowers- Candies contain calories

2. gray or black;

3. coloured or black & white photos;
Coloured photos, although black n white photos are quite classy

4. lust or love;

5. sunrise or sunset;

6. M&M or skittles;
Skittles- Theyre colourful and sweet.

7. staying up late or waking up early;
Staying up late. Chatting on msn; talking in phone; watching tv- All the rage.

8. sun or moon;
The moon coz its strangely beautiful

9. tea or coffee;

10. lefty or righty;

11. having 10 acquaintances or two best friends;
I happy with my clique and some so-so friends here n there

12. sunny or rainy;
Rainy. Very cooling; i love feeling cold compared to sweating it out

13. vanilla or chocolate ice-cream;

answer honestly -

1. do you like anyone now?

2. smoke;

3. steal;
There were a few occasions.

4. do you believe in love at first sight?
No. Ughh..Down with love at first sight

about you -

1. what time issit?
5.46 p.m.

2. name;
Matthew Jesse Fam

3. what is your bday?
19th November 1990

4. what do you want right this second?
an ipod nano, an express train outta catholic high( after my o's), a ton of cash and a successful fashion career

5. where do you want to live?
S'pore's fine, but it'll be nice to explore new areas

6. how many kids do you wanna have?
my word.. I havent even started dating for goodness sake!

7. do you want to get married?

others -

1. do you twirl you spaghetti or cut it?
twirling's fun, but it's not a good way to fully enjoy ur spaghetti. Cuttin' it also destroys the texture of the pasta.

2. have you ever eaten sperm?
No. Yuck- I'm a virgin boy. So, the answer to that question is DEFINITELY no.

3. favourite ice cream;
Don't have

4. how many cereal's in your cabinet?

5. what's your favourite type of soda?
I try my best to avoid it

6. do you cook?
Yes- I really really REALLY miss home-econs, not to mention d&t as well as lit (Sry for the irrelevance)

in the last month you have -

1. bought something?

2. sang?

3. been hugged?

4. felt stupid?
Hello? Half the time i feel like a ******* idiot during maths/science.

5. missed someone?

6. danced crazy?

7. gotten your hair cut?

8. cried?

9. hated anyone?

10. said i love you?
yar. to my mom. Who else did u think it was?

Finally done.....

5:39 PM

Depression still lingers in the air as people are still pissed n dissapointed over their chinese o level results. Fine example: Me. It's quite a letdown, really. To get a pass for your oral just sucks coz u can't retake it...

Well, enough about exam woes. I wouldn't want u fellas to be bored over me yapping bout my o levels yada yada yada... Woke up today feeling like crap- I just wish I could just fall into deep slumber for like maybe a hundred years or so..But i wouldn't want to be woken up by a kiss from a prince/princess -___- The basic alarm clock would be just fine.

So anyway, everyone who is down in the dumps about their results, don't fret so much! We're all going through the same thing... hip...hurray......

8:17 AM

Friday, August 11, 2006

Fine, fine..Maybe I should'nt complain so much. Martin got a pass for his oral and still managed to get a B3 overall! Must learn from him and be inspired..*Oooo..Wow* :P

Must learn from Martin- Screwed up his oral but still managed to get B3..But duh- I would obviosuly not just aim for a B3 for my 2nd try lah..Must at least obtain an A2. Go Matthew! Go Matthew! It's yer burf-day, it's yer burf-day!...

No. Seriously, it's not my birthday yet- That's on Nov 19

7:59 PM

I had a bad day, and not even a freaking Daniel Powter song could cure me from my malady of mild depression :(

Recieved chinese o level results and i got C5... ...

Oral just pass only. If I were to retake my chinese with a merit for my oral, I would be much more capable of getting a distinction as compared to a loudy pass for my oral. Ughh..I hate this. Really hate this. Even to the extent of losing to John?? THAT has got to make me pissed. Seriously.

So the rest of the day continued as per normal..I was in a far worse mood than I was in the morning so I kinda got a lil sharp tongued at ppl..Yup, sry if I snapped at you today. I still am dead pissed over what happened today, but sorrie if was mean or whatever to you. Don't get me wrong though, just beocz I'm apologetic doesnt mean I'm over this. I'll still be as mad as hell and yar, you understand...

Dinner today was as miserable as it gets- just like my day. I lost appetitie and resorted eating some baked beans. It tasted bland so I thought that it would be nice to melt some cheese and mix it together- BIG MISTAKE. The colour was like #$%$@@@#; it was all super soggy, and I REALLY lost my appetite for real this time. Munched on some biscuits later.

Munch. Munch. Munch. I'm munching biscuits as I'm typing now...

Can the weekened get any worse than today? No idea. I WANNA GO OUT TOMORROW!!! WATCH A MOVIE- ANYTHING!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA DIE IF I CONTINUE LIKE THIS!!!!!!

PS: My patriotism mood for Singapore is officially over...Will I get arrested for typing this?

7:45 PM

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh my word..Rahima got kicked out on Sinagpore Idol instead of Paul!! What's wrong with those freaking grouppies...I hate you!!!!!!

9:05 PM

Now that all the festivities of national day are over, there izznt really anything much to be excited about. I've been lazing around and doing very unfun things for the past few hours- Walking round the house, making fruit juices, teaching sister english. Very. Very. Boring.

The short holidays are coming to an end soon and I haven't even gone out at all. I really wanna watch movies like The Lake House or somethin' like that, but there's nobody to watch it with!! You can't expect me to go by myself coz watching a movie by yourself is kinda pathetic right? Sigh... ...

Okay..I'm gonna blog-surf my links now...

Hmm..sam wrote his own song about memories. It sounds like the kinds of songs Barbara Striesand would sing- You know, abt nostagia and reminiscences. Stuff like that there. Overall, very very wholesome. Not too bad for his first try at song writting.

Colin hasn't updated- I'm just staring at his purple blog background and text that I'm oh so familiar with- Go update Colin.

Let's take a look at Xuyun's blog.. That blog's like a papparazzi's haven. Full of interesting pictures, but I'm more of the content-type person, so yar..You get the drift. Well, to be honest, I've not been visiting his blog for quite some time coz there was a period in which he would put up tons of pictures of Kong Meng, Jing Cheng, Charles/Shawn- The typical grp. Yea, and I sorta got bored coz I didn't visit his blog just so I could see pictures of my schoolmates. To me, it started to get a teeny weeny lil' mundane.

Oh oh oh. I also got kinda bored seeing the barrage of photos of Kong Meng posing. I'd rather buy a copy of Vogue. Thank you very much.

Ah yes, up next we have Jing Cheng's blog- That one can be a lil bit of a loose screw, but we're all crazy so it makes no diff anyway. I really like his blog's background- He definitely scores with the styling..??? Why is the text taking so long to load??

* After a few minutes*

It finally appears. Hmm..in his recent post, Jing Cheng is putting his skills learnt as a lit student into use by analysing a movie poster. Uhm..rather unconventional but nvm. He also states that he's not a himbo (awkward claim??)

I guess Matheus could use that piece of information in his blog, coz his blog about "high school drama" has been less than captivating. Matheus, pls update more often!! Fine fine..maybe I should be less demanding. After all, he's being denied access to the computer by his strict parents- Poor boy. His main blog about his religious journey is rather refreshing in my opinion- Super wholesome, but i could definitely handle it.

And then there's yao khuan's blog. His blog is basically a gallery. It's just him showing the entire world what a great artist he is- Bravo. Bravo *Me clapping sarcastically*. Sarcasm and jokes aside, those of u who likes viewing depressing art go visit his blog, coz he does great depressing art. Oh yes, he also likes drawing semi nude males/females. I dunno whether it's an obsession (hopefully not), but nonetheless, his artworks are good.

Wow..that's alot that I've written. Thanks fellas for your blogs!! Without them, I would probably resort to sucking limes and lemons due to boredom :)

4:27 PM

Oh my word...Some ppl actually think tt the poems I write are about myself!! Samuel, Song of Nymph is NOT about myself!! Geez...Who would think that way...

Anyway, national day was kinda fun yeaterday. Had an above average dinner and watched the parade on tv. Simple, but I enjoyed it- I'm not very high maintenance.

Yar..and erm..I'm out of things to say.

10:49 AM

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Went to kallang basin area opp. indoor stadium last night to watch some fireworks. Yea, initially i thought that i was too old for fireworks, but turns out that I was wrong. The fireworks were kinda nice, although its nothing compared to the ones shown during NDP. Hmm...maybe I should write a poem about fireworks *Shrugs* Maybe. I dunno.

The pressure for doing well for my art and not screwing up for maths is seriously taking its toll. This morning, my elder sis was telling me that these past few weeks, I've been talking abt art and maths in my sleep almost every night. I was obviously very shocked-duh...It made me feel like some sorta psychopath. Anyway, she told me that I'd say stuff like "What is the root of..." and "Hold this for me while I paint...", or anything related to maths or art.

I guess I AM stressed up over those two subjects in particular. For art, I feel extremely pressurized to do well, coz this is the subject in which I can prove my worth. For maths, I'm fretting over the fact that I must not screw up or my o level results will be like fill-in-the-blank.

I might not really show that i'm stressed on the outside (I don't right?), but I certainly do in my sleeptalking.

PS: Someone PLEASE help me with the html thingy!! I wanna change this blog's background!! Oh yah, and before i forget, Happy national day!

10:04 AM

Monday, August 07, 2006

Yupp. I promised you guys my poems and here they are- tada!!

Song Of Nymph

Like a nymph it crawls
crying in the night
On its wings, he falls
eluding truth from fright

It feeds on reassurance
Begs for sympathy
Caught in its demonic trance
Of tragic apathy

Amidst a tortured soul
dying to be free
On icarus wings it flies up high
fufilling destiny

St. Ferris

It sits on Mayfair Boulevard
a gentle giant there
Trips around nostalgia lane
with none but you to care

Shimmering gem of Summer nights
Siren of the sky
Gracing charm of who should call
posessing love at sight

Humble quarter laid in hand
lost lover walks on by
to pass St. Ferris by its gates
in carriage number nine

Wind whispering tales that could've been
Slowly rising high
Memories forge a lonesome tide
that makes her weep and sigh

In Dreams Of Ivory Lace

She'd been bad
She's heard it all
Too late to turn around
And somehow she looks wholesome
in momma's satin gown

In pearl white velvet gloves;
on hand a rose bonquet
Wishing she could
be as faitful
Much to her dismay

No time for paranoia
There really is no choice
It's down the aisle
for the dreaded vows
In dreams of ivory lace

8:34 PM

After the long pep talk with mr.lim, I finally had my morale boosted up for Art. Just when I thought that the 'Art depression' phase would be never ending, it did end-Thank goodness. I'm now back on track (for art, that is), and moving smoothly-No worries.

Call me nuts or whatever you want, but I sorta related with "Jenny" during the depression video we were watching this morning. The horrible maths marks and her walking out of the exams were almost exactly how I felt before. Yup..Even the part when she was walking away in the last scene with that vacant look on her face- I've been through that ALL before. Serious. During the time when I was feeling that, everything seemed to slow down..R-E-A-L-L-Y S-L-O-W. It's a scary feeling, but it's very true. The only part which I could'nt relate to "Jenny" was the BGR part. I found that part rather nonsensical and weird. Then again, you never know the things mild/severe depression can do to you.

Art after school was fun..Yao Khuan, Wilson, Colin and I were grooving to the tunes of Cyndi Lauper and Bananarama- Awesome 80s. Y.K was pretty much introducing me some dance moves, but I can't dance for nuts, or so I think anyway. I was showing him the robot dance and yeah, the hilarious part was when Wilson and Y.K confused Bananarama's "Venus" for "Penis". Those fellas are so dirty-minded and it was disgusting, but at the same time it was nice to have a lil comic relief from all the serious 80s dancing.

I still have Mrs. Bala's essay to complete, so better not dilly dally.

Love practicing my accents for fun.

Love Art. Love 80s.

Love Singapore- Happy Birthday in advance

8:04 PM

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm getting bored of this blog skin, are'nt you ppl?? Need more pizzaz...Somebody help me with the html stuff pls- Desperate help needed.

Anyway, I went for art in place of maths this morning- Maths has been eating WAY to much of my art time and its payback!! As you should already know, I seriously botched up a section of my artwork and me being known as the "drastic, temperamental artist", I've decided to scrape off the botched up area. Yar...Drastic measures but I really have to do it. Mr.Lim was there to remind me that I have little time left, adding to my pressure thus resulting to me freaking out once again. No biggie though, it's all healthy stress...I think. I'll need all the time in the world and major concentration if want to scrape and repaint that f-ed up section, so wish me luck on that.

Wanted to follow Matheus and Colin for the Festival of Praise but time was not on my side- Finished tuition at 5.30, and had to be there by 6 or else I'll be denied entry. Ah well, I was tired anyway so yep...Could'nt go :(

Really bored now!!! Anyone to chat with on msn or phone???

8:07 PM

Friday, August 04, 2006

Chinese o level results didn't come out today, so we'll have to agonize over it for another long week. Gee...I don't really see the need to be excited though, other than the fact that recieving our o level chinese results will cut into the time of other periods. Come on, it's not as though I will get a distinction right?? I'll be over the moon if I do manage to get it though.

Art was a drab today. I screwed up a section of my painting and I'll have to come back to school tmr to redo that part. Sometimes I seriously feel useless and super untalented, but its the encouragement from my fighting spirit and friends and family that keep me going to do my best. I know I can do it, and I won't let you guys down..Or are you guys even interested in the first place??

Finally had the time to do up another fashion sketch. This one's incomplete, so don't expect much, but it's nice innit? I'll start posting poems if I have the time. I started to write poems again- yay. I'll republish "Dreams Of Ivory Lace" and post my new poem "Song Of Nymph" real soon, so look out for these poems, fashion sketches and more.

PS: Congrats to all my friends/aquaintances/whatever who've won the service/colours awards. Colin, Jing Cheng, Daryl from my class and whoever thats recieving the award. Sry if I left ur name out, but congrats anyway!

8:53 PM

Thursday, August 03, 2006

P.E today was seriously embarassing for me. We were playing soccer and so the 2 team leaders Shawn and Charles picked their teammates '5th grade dodgeball' style.

Yes, you heard me right- The method in which each team leader picks a teammate from the group of people until there are none. Well, if you were picked last it would simply mean that nobody wants you in their team- Go figure.. So, one by one the group shrank as people were being called out. I sorta got the sour feeling that I was gonna be the last few remaining, and lo and behold-tada.. I ended up being the last picked... Don't wanna talk abt it.

6:57 PM

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Woke up feeling like a sack of bruised potatoes this morning- HAD to get a m.c or I'll just fall apart.

Got kinda bored after sketching for a while, so I went on to do maths practicing (surprise, surprise) for about an hour and a half.

I've been obsessed with practicing my British accent/perfect english (anti singlish) these past few weeks.. It's a weird preference, but yar, love it to death. Oh ya, which remindss me, must watch Singapore Idol tonight (Theme: British Invasion). Mathilda rocks! Found out that she and her parents attend my church- Holy Trinity. Furthermore, another reason why im a fan of hers is becoz shes a non-protestant!! Duh...Of course I'm kidding.

I still can't forget the time on monday when Mr. Leong was totally bitching abt Paul Twohill. He was talking abt Paul's complacency, out of tune singing etc etc etc. The sec 4 cohort seemed to enjoy him defaming paul though, dunno why. Guess everyone likes to hear mr.leong's opinions, especially since he has many to share.

5:11 PM

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And so it came to pass, the beautiful princess was saved by the handsome knight in shining armour from the dragon-guarded tower. They got married and lived happily ever after. The End. Awwww....Don't we all wish that our life was a perfect fairy tale? Having good looks, successful career etc etc stuff like that there. Well, that aint gonna happen- duh..Don't we all know that?

Watching Entertainment Tonight now...Don't know why I'm watching such a show in the first place. It's basically a gossip show- Nice programe, but its just gossip, which USED to be my favourite pasttime...Yah,yah, i know some of you guys out there will be like 'yea right..I bet you still love to gossip'. Whatever fellas, say what you wanna say but to me, gossiping izznt as fun as it used to be in lower secondary. Gossiping has become so unthrilling; i need something more thrilling!! (Uhm...definitely not sex. I plan to remain a virgin till I'm at least 21)

Yeah, speaking of sex, why is this act being taken so lightly?? People are treating their virginity like selling hotcakes (Mm, McDonalds' hotcakes are yummmy though). Despite all the sex ed we have, I feel that most teens still don't take this matter seriously. O-Kay....Why am I talking about sex????? Ughh, nvm.

6:25 PM