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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Group study the library today was fun; It's always fun anyway... Newcomer Amirah fitted in rather well and pretty much got accustomed to our typical weekly routine at the library: Keep quiet, do work, ask questions, chat a lil here and there and not forgetting to have fun.

Once again, I was totally absorbed in my Agatha Christie novel. I'm just so seduced by her engaging plots. Yea..'seduced' is the right word- I give Agatha total respect; she rocks. The whole classic English style of hers is very much enchanting in my opinion. The language is just so rich...So...so...so.. So unlike the horrible english that we hear from a typical Singlish-speaking Singaporean.

I must say that the way that most of us speak English is unacceptable; we need to learn to speak the proper dialect of English. In other words...SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH. I'm not saying that I'm some sorta perfect snob who makes no mistakes in my language; I do make mistakes, and you have the right to shoot me in the face if I ever say that I don't.

I just really admire the English very much. I love their accent to death, and I honestly wouldn't mind picking up such an accent if I ever get the chance to study/live there. Before I start to sound like an English-obsessed freak of nature, I guess that they're not perfect as they seem. Okay...I don't know what I'm talking about; lemme just get str8 to the point:

I was doing the June O level papers in which our British counterparts take. The June papers are super easy and it sometimes makes me wonder if the British are far less dim than we think. Hmm...I'd probably be randomly accused of witchcraft if I were to suggest such a thing in England during the 16th century. Then I'd either have my head cleaved off or have myself burnt on stake- ouch. Either way, I would die a very very painful death indeed, but that's besides the point.

Bottom line: I love the British to bits; their accent, culture, language, and not to mention their genes! Great blonde/red/brown hair and technicoloured eyes- You gotta love that...But I guess I can't complain; I am made normal and I'm thankful for being me :D

9:06 PM

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Alas, my saturday group study sessions with the EPP gang at the library could potentially come to an end for me thanks to my oh-so-dear maths teacher. I know that there's absolutely no ill intentions on her part (she's doing her very best to help weak students like me score well for my o's) but why can't I just go for my group study instead?? I mean, it's just one friggin day you know? Oh well, I'll see how things go...

Nothing much happened these past few days other than me reading Agatha Christie's novels and practicing maths..Yes. Life is currently VERY boring...

I can't wait to get out of sec school. Yup; I've said it once, and I'll stand by what I say. Ironically, my time in secondary school has been the best, and at the same time, the worst time of my life. Yea..It's all very weird.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Going to school pretty much sucks for me especially when at the back of my mind, I somehow keep telling myself that everyone's smarter than me. Well, duh... Just look at everyone's prelim score- Definitely better than mine. With 16/17/18 points, I can't go anywhere. Where can I go from here??? Oh well, guess I'll just have to sacrifice the first 3 months.

You know, I hate it when people give me the "Oh-you're-the-dumb-illogical-art-student" kind of look. Or do they even give me that look in the first place?? Nah..Must be imagining, BUT I really do know of at least 1 or 2 in this forsaken school who really see me in that light.

Take for example my decision to drop from double science to sub science at the end of sec 3. My gosh..If stares of disapproval could kill, I'd be dead long ago. Serious. Several people just pretty much assumed that I really sucked academically. Well of course I don't suck academically. If I did, I wouldn't be getting Double A1s for my humanities right?? Oh what the heck..The nerds get A1 for everything anyway, so my 2 A1s are nothing comapared to their results.

8:35 PM

Monday, September 25, 2006

Got back most of my prelim results from last friday and today.

Well, like I said before: It's an improvement from prelims 1 and 2 but it still sucks!!

E Maths: B3
A Maths: F9
Combined Science: B4
Art: A1
Combined Humanities: A1

Yar...My A maths sucks like hell...However, I must say that I improved quite a bit since prelim 1. I got 12 for a maths during prelim 1 and improved to a 33. Okay, whatever...Why did I just broadcast my marks online??

My mom says I'm not doing anything at all for my A Maths which is complete rubbish. Why do I go to the library to study a math from 10 to 5 for???! I'm definitely doing something, but I guess it's not enough.. :(

Gotta stay back after school every day to do a maths coz I'm in the "Special program" for stupid kids like me. Oh dear...

8:12 PM

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Got back some of my prelim results last week. They were a definite overall improvement from my previous 2 prelims, but heck it's still not good enough.

E Maths felt like crap coz I was one of the few students who got B3 in the sea of distinctions. Gross. I feel so stupid in this school; like as though everyone's smarter than me. Hmmm...maybe they ARE; either that or I'm losing my sanity in Catholic High. Yep, I guess I really am.

Oh well, it aint that bad right? I mean, I strongly believe that all of us are crazy to certain extents. Really. I seriously believe that. I don't believe that people have perfect sanity. It's just that those who are far less sane than the average human is deemed to be insane. So if that's the case, aren't I insinuating that we are living among mad people since none of us have perfect sanity? Yea..In a way, but not having perfect sanity could just mean being 80% sane, or maybe even 99.9% sane (That's still not perfect).

Come to think about it, it's kinda scary... We are walking among people who are not 100% sane. But 99%'s still safe i guess. So is 80%. Or perhaps 70%. How bout 60%? Nah...60% sane is a lil too dangerous.

And there's the terminally insane, who practically have their sanity levels WAY below the average human. Those poor fellows are in other harsh words, considered to be nutcases, bafoons, crazy ding-dongs etc etc etc. But they are just average humans like us who are just trapped in their little glass boxes. We on the other hand, are free from such "glass boxes", hence our un-insaneness.

Whoa.. Did I really talk that much about sanity?


5:55 PM

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Maths paper 2 was easier than paper 1 for sure, but I pretty much sealed my fate with it: I'll most probably get D7 or C6. I'm really hoping for nothing worse than D7. Oh well... after crashing and burning, the dust will eventually settle and I'll be back to practicing maths in preparation for THE REAL THING: O levels.

5:05 PM

Monday, September 18, 2006

Only 3 more days till the end of prelim 3 for me. I'm supposed to be over the moon that my prelims are ending, but oh boy dare I say: Houston, we have a problem.

A Maths Paper 1 today was terrible. Terrible with a capital 'T', I tell you. I'll probably get a mark range within E8-C6; C6 if I'm lucky enough, but other than that I predict I'll get a D7. Total shittiness right? Frankly speaking, I don't think paper 2 can save me from the position I am in now. With a state of mind as bad as this, how am I suppose to achieve greatness??

My painting is almost done. I only have 2 more afternoons to complete the linework, eyes, hands and gun- Better hurry; time is ticking.

Yea..I'm gonna snap if I carry on like this.


8:42 PM

I'd be out my mind to repeat the same mistake of almost arriving school late for the paper. Must leave the house earlier today.. Ahhh!! I'm freaking nervous for the A Maths Paper 1. I've had an average of 13 marks for prelims 1 & 2 A Maths. I'm not kidding- Dead serious, and I'm talking about papers 1 and 2. This is sh!t...Very very scared.

Oh well..the 6 hour maths practice session at the library last saturday must be of some good use. HELLO?? It has to be of good use! I'm aiming for a B this time for A Maths. Prefably B3. Then during O levels I'll strive for distinction. Prefably A1 please.

We're gonna continue to study at the library every staurday peeps. S4L 639 ppl only- Come and join us; it's super fun. Har...har...I'm sounding like a freak now..A Maths studying fun????

Yes it is.

7:35 AM

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some cheap thrill quiz i found my friends doing on their blog. Quite interesting- no harm trying it out.

1) put your music player on shuffle
2) press forward for each question
3) use the song title as the answer to to question even though it doesn't make sense- no cheating

Okay, now that the rules are laid down, readyyyyyyyyy go! (Haha, i love that cute lil dinosaur in puzzle bubble, or whatever thats called)

How are you feeling today?
Hoku- Perfect Day
What a coincidence, lol! Yup, today was really fun- The group study with my friends; same time same place next week yea?

Will you get far in life?
Aerosmith- I Don't Want to Miss A Thing
Looks like I'll be getting far- I wouldn't miss a thing.

How do your friends see you?
Spice Girls- Who Do You Think You Are
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now how the hell did that song end up in my playlist??? Oh well, this song aint shabby anyway.

Hmm.. I can sometimes be a cold meanie in school and maybe some of my friends think "Who does he think he is?" or something like that?? I dunno...

Will you get married?
Jon Peter Lewis- My Girl
Why not? I probably will I guess, unless I'm DWL or something like that.

What's your best friend's theme song?
Cyndi Lauper- Come On Home
I have several best friends..Hmm..maybe one of my best friends is like some sorta prodigal son?

How is your life like?
Whitney Houston- I have nothing
Hmm...the lyrics say "I have nothing if I don't have you" So my life will be empty if I don't have that special somebody?? Interesting...

What was high school like?
Madonna- Lucky Star
I don't think I was very lucky in high school/sec school. No, in fact, I personally felt that my early teens were one of the most turbulent years in my life. Oh well, but that period is over anyway

How can you get ahead in life?
Michael Buble- Fever
No idea how this song title applies to the question. At all. Maybe I'll be some hot person in the future that gives ppl fever?? Weird huh?

What's the best thing about your friends?
LeAnn Rimes- Soon
The song speaks abt how this girl wont ever get over her lover. So i guess all my friends love me very much? Yea, I love all my friends too anyway.

What's in store for the weekend?
Cyndi Lauper- 911
Another cyndi lauper song, haha- I love cyndi lauper. She does great 80s pop/rock. Anyway back to the song title. 911 suggets emergency so i guess this coming weekend I'll be panicking to do something..Something like studying at the library????:)

What song describes you?
A Little Less Conversation- Elvis Presley
Oooo...A little less conversation, a lil more action. I'm rather straightforward when dealing with ppl so I guess that's what the song title could mean..But the song's not just about being straightforward.........right?

...to describe your grandparents?
Firehouse- Love Of A Lifetime
I love my grandparents very much; God bless their souls.

How is your life going?
Debbie Gibson- No More Rhyme
Aw, come on!! Not another love song! My life is going fine peeps! I'm in no love crisis whatsoever!

What song will they play at your funeral?
No Doubt- Hella Good
Oh great.. people would love to see me dead I guess

How does the world see you?
Bananarama- I Want You Back
Yes, the world wants me. The world loves me. Thank you, thank you. Gracias.

What do your friends really think of you?
Broken Social Scene- Anthems of a seventeen year old
This can't be good..The song is those kind of depressing goth songs.. Maybe they think I'm disturbed , depressed, obsessed or suffering from some kind of disorder??? Did I just type that??? Nonono...Don't get the wrong idea that im mentally off

Do people secretly lust after you?
A-Ha- Crying In The Rain
Zero relevance. Moving on.

How can you make yourself happy?
T'Pau- China In Your Hand
Uhmm....What on earth is this supposed to mean????? Very very very irrelevant

What should you do with your life?
Rick Astley- Together Forever
Right. Another love song... Is this supposed to be of some symbolism????

Will you ever have children?
Black Eyed Peas- Don't Phunk With My Heart
I guess I'll have children so long as my wife doesn't phunk with my heart. What does the word 'phunk' mean anyway?? Anybody?

Who do you miss most currently?
Cyndi Lauper- I'll Kiss You
Haha..Cyndi Lauper rocks. Uhmm..No comment on the song title. Out of words.

That's all folks; hope I havent bored u guys to death, lol
That was a seriously random quiz

8:49 PM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I should have left home earlier. I should have left home earlier.

Why? Well..I almost came late for the paper this morning!! Thank goodness I managed to get settled about a minute before the paper started- That's too close a call!! Furthermore, I was panting was sweating like mad(from all the running), so I had to compose myself. It was'nt that bad actually.. when I entered the hall I initially thought that the paper had started since everyone was flipping their scripts (they were only checking how many pages they had). Thankfully, Mrs Anna Tan was to the rescue: She was pretty much just comforting me telling me to calm down coz the paper has'nt started just yet yada yada yada..

The embarrasing part was that she thought that I was having some sorta nervous breakdown due to all my heavy panting and sweating. It almost looked like I was crying but I was not -___-

The paper was very manageable. Hurray..Quite sure that I can secure an A2 for my E Math.

Tmr's science(chem) for me- Dun dunn dunnnn... .... ... My sci paper 1 n 3 were just so-so for me. Around B standard:( ...So, I need to redeem myself with this coming paper. Must strive for at least A2!!

Oh no....Then there's gonne A Maths and Art!!
Stress stress stress....Hee-haw. Okay, I dunno what that was for.. .. ..

Hey check out some of the motifs I designed for my prep studies!! I'll need to do more sketches!!! Ahhhh!!!.....Is it me or have I been "screaming" in my posts for the previous 2 entries? *Shrugs* Oh well.

5:01 PM

I didn't go to school yesterday after all.. Decided to ditch the canvas for a while and focus on my sketches. So I pretty much spent my time designing motifs. Not a very coulourful life I have right?

Yea...Even weirder: I did practice for E Maths Paper 2, but I only did the trigo questions.

The spirit of Pythagoras was posessing me.

Oh well..Gotta get ready to go to school by 10-ish for my E math paper 2- Wish me luck for that!!! I need to maintain my A2!!! Ahhhh!!!!!

8:29 AM

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Okay now here I am lazing around on a Wednesday morning... Tmr's my E maths paper 2- NoOoOoO..... I've only done little practice on it. Running with scissors- That's what I'm doing right now if I choose not to do some maths practice by tmr. Fine, fine..I better get to work then.

Oh wait..Are'nt I supposed to be in school to finish my artwork??? Oh crap..I need to get it done by next wed/thur with ALL my EIGHT A2 size prep studies boards completed! Hee hee ha ha, I'm nervous as hell.

I NEED MORE DISCIPLINE!!! Auuurrgghhh!!!!
Somebody please just whack me with a whip to punish me for my laziness! (Er...No. I'm not into S&M)

But seriously...I better get my lazy bum going to school to finish up that darn artwork...AND my other prep studies sketches! If I don't I'll seriously be committing artistic suicide.

Hmm...that phrase sounds kinda nice actually.."Artistic suicide". It sounds like someone jumping off a building while doing ballerina like twirls and swirls before slamming face down onto the floor in an explosion of technicoloured glitter.. Wow......*Shudders* No, that would be too scary.

Artistic suicide DEFINITELY not for me.

Gtg now, ciao...

8:37 AM

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hey everyone... Have'nt updated in quite a while so yar..

Prelims have been so far so good. I don't think I screwed up any papers but today's science paper was just so-so for me. I'll probably be getting a 'B' more or less.. My chances of getting distinction were sorta diminshed due to the fact that I did some questions in the physics paper without much understanding. Yupp.. So that was very much like driving a car blindfolded :)

Tmr's a slack paper!!! Elective geography- I'll probably need just 30 mins to go through my facts tonight. Hee hee.. So happy, I'll be able to sleep in coz e paper starts at 10.30 :D

Bored to death now... ... ... ...
Don't feel like studying now... .... ...

8:10 PM

Friday, September 08, 2006

Indeed, Singapore has spoken: Paul's time on Singapore Idol had come to an end with his elimination on the results show last night. Paul, who had been constantly providing lackluster performances the past few weeks, found himself out of luck as he took his final bow on stage leaving the final 3: Hady, Jonathan and Jasmine to battle it out for the crown. His elimination was definitely no surprise to be honest. Someone had to go and he was obviously the weakest..Hello?? He should have been gone around the final 7/6 in the first place? Anyway, congrats to him making it this far; good luck on your future endeavours. Be it looking for a recording contract, attracting more attention or anything. Au revior. Sayonara. Ciao. You'll be missed by your fans, but not by me. Sorry.

Hurray hurrah... Moving on...

Sry for not updating; I've been caught up in my artwork. I've been caught up with everything basically, so currently I'm a deranged lunatic who's constantly whining to myself that I wanna get the O levels/ Prelim 3 done with. Whatever that means.

Anyway, my maths FYS and Science stuff have not been touched at all this week. In other words, if I dont do anything about it, I would be attempting academic suicide- and that's not very good izznt it? No, that wouldn't be very nice at all.

Getting ready to go to school soon. Don't need to, but it's my prerogative..Besides, my artwork is like bleeeerrgrhhh now. Need to get that done asap.

Just finished eating a small cup of sugar-free oatmeal (Why am I sharing this irrelevance to you guys anyway???) Tastes very very bland, but at least it gets the job of consuming some carbo done. I'll need my energy. I don't suppose that that cup of oatmeal will contain loadza calories right? No...I can't possibly..Lemme check....

Yupp...I consumed less than 128 calories for breakfast.

Gtg now. Take care everyone

7:47 AM