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Monday, October 30, 2006

Heyheyhey, what d'ya know?
It's the Local Laundromat's 128th post! Thanks for all you Laundromatics who've tuned in to hear my crap; It's really nice to know that ppl are actually bothered in what I have to say :)
Keep it up fellas!

It was all aboard the o level express today. Chinese was'nt too shabby considering that paper 2 was much easier than the mid year paper. Things may seem slow now, but I bet it'll speed up and before you know it, the o's will be over- can't wait for that.

They're just so many things I wanna do. Getting a tan, getting more involved in sports. Yea..stuff like that there.. I guess it'll be exciting for me in jc; me planning to take up a sports cca and things like that.

I'm worrying too much bout the future!! I should focus on the o's- that's the most important thing for now..Later on I can worry about things like migration and whatever... I hope that my sis will be able to become a U.S citizen since she already has a U.S passport. I'm so freaking spoilt for choice- I get to choose whether to stay in Singapore, go to Australia (where my bro is a PR there), or go head to U.S (only if my sis manages to gain citizenship). Hmmm..choices choices choices. But seriously, I'm rather worried bout the whole migration issue.

I've no paper tmr, which is just a GREAT relief. But I'll have to finish up my prep sketches or Rita will have my neck.

9:27 PM

Sunday, October 29, 2006

So here's the catch: My first written O level paper, Chinese, starts tomorrow. I should obviously be freaking nervous considering that my o lvls are starting in less than 24 hours, but no; I'm not nervous..I just need some serious shut-eye.

I've been sketching my ass off for the past hour or so with my eye less than 15 cm away from the paper. I don't wanna be a myopic so I had to take eye breaks or else my precious eyeballs would roll out from their sockets. So you can probably guess that my eyes are currently freaking tired. Oh so tired, my poor ol' eyes...

I haven't done much for chinese at all except scan through my chinese notes which lasted for about 5 minutes only. There really izznt that much to study. Formats, newspaper article content (that's already drilled into my head)... Yea, really not much at all... Arrgghh!! I can't take the anxiety any longer! I still have art skecthes to prepare!! For now though, Chinese and Art are my priorities. I'm having chinese tmr and art on wed. After which, it'll be studying for my ss, geog, sci (phy n chem)..

Life izznt colourful as of now.. Very stressed out; very worried. I'm very much like a pathetic machine... ...

8:22 PM

Oh yes, Rita did come in the art room after all...But more than an hour late. Apart from her horrible punctuality, she decided to throw a little diva tantrum of hers. You see, she had the impression that we'd start the mock art exam by ourselves at 8.30, whereas the rest of us had the impression that she'd come in to start the exam! I mean, aint it the formality for an any exam, or any mock exam for that matter, that the teacher come in to commence the exam?? What the hell is wrong with you rita...

We didn't even get a chance to tell her that there was a misunderstanding; she just went on shouting and yelling. One of the famous quotes of her that day were:

"I have a high reputation all over Singapore! If you dare fuck up your art paper, and ruin my reputaion, you're dead!"

Yea, i'm serious. That's the exact thing she said...Initially I was rather put off basically because she couldn't be bothered to hear our side of the story (I almost wanted to speak up for the art students, but nah..lil' ol me would get my head chopped off if I were to do so) However, I just had to remind myself that in the real world, we'll bound to meet such people: It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and it's every man/woman for him/herself. Futhermore, you can expect to meet such less than understanding ppl in the cutthroat fashion industry, so yar..

Oh yes, after that she continued with many other egoccentric stuff about herself like her being an art genius, super creative. Hello??? The way she was talking to me during my evaluation was that I had ZERO creativiyy.. Maybe she didn't mean it that way, and I give her the benefit of the doubt, but still?? Anyway, she changed the idea she gaved me and now I'm working on something else that has to be completed by monday. In other words, after coming home form church today, I'll have to skecth my ass off... Absolutely delightful... ....

All in all, the evalutaions yesterday were fine for me, at least she knew that my skecthes had good standard, only that my concept process was muddled. Guo Jun had it worse: She bluntly told him that his pencil skecthing sucks, and that he better do painting for paper 2. One of his skecthes of a man were blaitently told by rita that it looked like he was going to jerk off. Dead serious, not kidding, but I had to agree though..The man's mouth was in an orgasmic state and the positioning of his hands were rather questionable. Ironically, that sketch of the man guo jun did was supposed to be his dad..

Other quotes from rita the diva that day:

To the art students: "Let me tell you, I'm a genius. I've worked with Macintosh for YEARS long before computers even came to Sinagpore!!"

"You better listen to what I'm telling you. Other schools pay me $10,000 just for a few sessions to teach their art students"

"Mr. Yeo claimed you were geniuses"

"Mr. Yeo had to beg me to come all over here, so don't waste my time"

There was this diva incident that happened with rita and me as well: Rita asked me to give her a pencil to write stuff on a piece of paper, so I run over to get a HB pencil for her. When she starts to write with it, she tosses it onto the table, folds her arms and turns her head away.. "I don't write with 'H' pencils. I want my 'B' pencil to write. Go, get me a B pencil before I stab u with it. I've been known for stabbing students with pencils before"

I guess this is what you call artist tempremant.

8:51 AM

Saturday, October 28, 2006

So here I am waiting in the art room, waiting for her highness Mrs. Leceister to arrive to start the mock art exam... HURRY UP LADY!! YOU'RE TAKING FOREVER!!

I mean, seriously, we've been waiting since 8 am. Sheesh...She sure needs a large pocketwatch or something to help her orientation with time. Speaking of which, aint it difficult to find a working vintage pocketwatch?? Those stuff are real cool and I dig them, but they'll probably cost a bomb anyway.

Well, what d'ya know? It's only 2 days from my chinese paper, and I can't figure how to study for it except to read up on the formats for letter writting. It's a whole lotta of bullcrap for me, honestly... But at least I've been preparing for my English, A Maths and Art papers, so that aint too shabby. I'm still alive, so THAT'S good.

Oh yea, I mentioned in my previous post that I would list some of my favourite things- Yay.. .. .. Okay, I don't feel like doing it but I'll do it for my fellow Local Laundromatics (my loyal readers!! Or unloyal; whatever..Loyal or not it doesn't matter)

La-dee-da!! So... These are a few of my favourite things!!

*In a Julie Andrews sing-song tone*
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with string...

Okay enough fooling around.
Hmm..Where should I start on my fav. things?

I like hats (though I can't find the time and occasion to wear them regularly-gotta work on that))
I like board games- A real fanatic for those
I like art- Design, Drawing, Painting, Doodling. You name it, I love it
I like ferris wheels- they've this very 19th century charm about them which i dig
I like the idea of hanging out on the beach perhaps doing some light sports? Maybe I'll try that out after the o's
I like the taste of red wine
I like pasta
I like cheese
I like salads
I like many many many many more things which I'm obviously too tired to type... ...

This is getting so lame; you know, posting my favourite things on the blog and stuff? But hey, it's a better alternative than ranting on about studies like for example "Oh, I've studied for 5+++ hours today" or perhaps "I love whiciever-jc ; their open house rocks. I wanna go there; must get negative 2 points"

Yup, and you're probably tired of me yapping away, so tell you what:Leave and come back soon to hear more of my rubbish :)

9:32 AM

Friday, October 27, 2006

I was just snooping round my previous posts and I've realised how much crap I've written. Mostly nonsensical stuff, but yea..I like them nonetheless, and if you don't, you can just leave this blog coz it's your prerogative after all.

Great. I'm out of things to write AGAIN.
Fine, more random stuff coming right up! >>>>>

-Stuff that I dislike/hate-

1. Celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Anna Nicole Smith

2. Food: Ironic much, but I seriously love to eat so I don't see myself hating any kinds of food as long as it's not some ulu delicacy from China which involves a weird body part from an animal. Oh yes, and I just don't get why people my age detest veggies?? I mean, disliking veggies is a kid thing; so stop being immature, grow up, shut up and eat your salad.

3. Movie: Close friends of mine know how much I hate this movie: Mr and Mrs Smith.

4. Insects/ Animals: I hate cockroaches. I know this is gonna sound blasphemus, but I'm gonna say it nonetheless: God is perfect, and I definitely don't deny that, but it almost seems that his one flaw might just be the creation of cockroaches. Just my 2 cents worth..

5. Country: China. Stereotypically unhygeinic and rude people, but I really don't believe that this is entirely true. All this dislike to China might be extremely contradictory due to the fact that I'm Chinese, but the Singaporean Chinese culture is WAY different from the China-Chinese culture. Our s'porean chinese culture, in my opinion, is heavily influenced by the surrounding cultures around us (eg. Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Caucasian). It is majorly infused, or dilluted rather, with the unique cultures that we live with. This doesn't make the S'porean chinese culture lackluster, but instead, it has it's own highly unique flavour in which no other country can emulate. Gee..I'll end up writing a whole essay if I carry on...

6. Subject: Maths and Science. I'll dislike them till the day I die. I see their importance in our daily lives though, I just don't like them. Maths and Science enthusiasts can go work to their death creating some new wacko theory that the pi (3.142) we use is not the real pi. Instead, it is some retarded derivative from some crapped up number. Oooo.... *Twilight Zone*. It IS scary come to think about it.

I guess that's all my un-favourite things that I can think of for now.

Stay tuned for my next post: Matthew's favourite things!! Wow, how exciting.

8:21 AM

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gee..Low productivity indeed; So far all that I've done are 3 still life sketches and 1 A Math Paper 1. Yep, I'm on my way to suicide BUT not unless I do something about it- which means.... Sigh... Maths practice.

I just don't get how people can do hardcore mugging; just too bizarre for me. It's the Singaporean perfectionist culture I guess. There's absolutely no tolerance for failure, really. From young all that we're taught to do is to study study study. With such nuturing, it's no wonder that the average Singaporean grows up to become an ugly, balding adult with horrible sex life and the personality of a brinjal. C'mon people! Is that what we really wanna grow up to become?? We're Generation 'Y'! Screw the post 65'ers (people born from 1965 to early 1980s), they've unfortunately fallen into the category that I've mentioned.

Not that I'm stereotyping whatsoever, but there's evidence to prove it: Remember the issue of Singaporean adults having poor sex life? Yea..we ranked bottom 2 in 100+ countires- imagine THAT. Also, the rigidness of the average s'porean is just so miserable: Maths n Science n Maths n Science. No, I'm not being biased...It's really true!

Okay, maybe I'm just being jealous of all those ppl who've done major mugging so far. Fine, I'm jealous of you guys- you people suck.

10:11 AM

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Everything's not fine now because I've just realised that assignments might have been given out during those english lessons that I didn't attend. Oh my word- and I mean it; My moderation marks might be taken away, and I ******* hate being threatened- it makes me sick to the gut.

This is shit, really. I have so many freaking subjects to worry about!!

I sincerly apologize if my blog posts have been lackluster...I'm just so tired; so pissed over everything...I've got a ******* mock exam for english tmr...I need to ******* do still life sketches which im not so so confident in. I'm just so ******* pissed...

****edy ****edy ****......

9:26 PM

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This week has been nervewrecking for me.. I have missed 3 out of the five english lessons this week due to these reasons:

Monday: Had to be in the art room for submission of paper 1, which involves the art students travelling to this ulu place in Queenstown to drop off our paintings and prep boards. The whole estate there was seriously backward- it almost felt like i was in the 1980s/early 1990s when Singapore was still behind (unlike the advanced stage in which we are in today)

Tuesday: I was totally misinformed that there were english lessons going on for the rest of the week- I assumed that it was only on monday. Of course, upon hearing that piece of news, I was cursing under my breath; Imagining myself holding a shotgun blasting each of my classmates' heads off. That's incredibly morbid, I know, but sometimes a part of me wishes to do so. Talk about evil intentions..

Wednesday: I'm not placing full blame on the haze, as I also ran out of inhalers, but yea...The asthma got me again; feeling like ******* s!it. Absolutely horrible. I need to go to the polyclinic to get some inhalers.

I'm hell worried now; There's a possibility that the school will take away my english moderation marks. The school is seriously giving me lots of crap now to be honest- They're making me worried bout my prelim score when I'm supposed to be more concerned of my O levels! It really sucks especially when almost everyone around you got less than 10 for their prelims. Your self esteem can really take a nose dive then.

Sigh... You see? This is why I want to get outta sec school ASAP. It has brought me more sorrow than joy.

8:10 AM

Monday, October 16, 2006

The day of my art paper 1 submission has finally come. Ahhh...It's like seeing your immaculate conception grow up. *Fake voice* It brings tears to my eyes...sob sob...

Okay, that was weird. Anyway, I'm so glad that I can get over art paper 1- Extremely relieved!! Now I'll have to start work on paper2...and all my other 6 subjects. What a life. Happy days indeed.

Oh yar... My school's sec4 graduation ceremony last friday was a total bore. I'm serious; it wasn't very emotional and it hardly pulled at my heart strings. Maybe a little, but it hardly did. Speaking of graduation, I have no idea which jc to get into! I really wanna get into an AEP jc but the only three that offer the special art programme are HCI, NJC and NYJC! I'm not sure if I've got what it takes to make to those presteigious jcs at all.

I'm basically worried over many things at this point in time.

Somebody shoot me with a tranquilizer gun!!!

10:26 AM

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ah...Tomorrow's the last day of school. I've probably said this about a thousand times to my friends, but I'll say it again: Grad Night will be the occasion that will find many ppl teary eyed instead of the farewell assembly. I mean, what's to say farewell tmr??? We still have to come back to school the next 2 weeks and sit for the o levels, so there won't really be much of an effect if they try n do somehting that will attempt to pull our heartstrings.

Grad Night, however, WILL be a toughie. I'll do my very very very best not to do anything silly like cry or anything, coz ppl see me as the cold person who doesn't cry and if I do, oh gosh I don't even wanna think about it!

But yea.. I guess it will be kinda sad. No, not kinda; very. It'll be extremely sad coz I'll really miss some of my friends to death and it will feel like you're gonna lose those ppl forever. Yup.. That's how I feel; Like you're gonna lose these ppl forever.

Okay, enough of sad stuff; I need to get some of my prep boards done!!!!

Off I go.

7:33 PM

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yep.. I'm about to burst into flames due to my extreme fatigue. I wish I had more time. Seriously!! There's not enough time; only 3 weeks to the start of O level!! I'm doing my very best to maintain my composure; deep inside I'm really just a ball of confusiuon and panic. Rushing through my maths and english homework now; have to get it done. I feel so threatened whenever Mrs. Bala tells us that she might take away our moderation marks if we don't hand in our work..Now it almost seems like I complete my English assignments just to prevent the marks being taken away. I live in such fear. Oh dear.

I can't believe that's it's just a freaking 3 weeks to the bloddy O levels. I really can't. It's absolute horror non-fiction.

To make things worse, I haven't really started serious revision for my Science at all! There's just too much pressure from the other subjects; I feel like a rag doll having its arms pulled apart. Very very stressed. Very very nervous. I know I shouldn't be using the computer, but I think I'll suffer from an absolutely retarded nervous breakdown if I don't get a chance to take a break.

Back to work now, ciao.

9:59 PM

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yea, I know; I probably should be going to sleep soon, but I just had to report to you guys the happenings of my highly unproductive day.

I didn't study at all and I'm supposed to feel really guilty about it; the thing is...I don't. Really! Heck with A Maths, I say! I'll just endure with the crap I'm facing and practice as much A Maths as I can, and do my very best for the 'O's. After that, I'll "retire" by taking H1 Maths in JC :P

I've been lecturing my younger sister of the vitality of speaking good english these past few days... Yar, I know! I sound like some freak, but you can go thinking whatevr you want. It's my job as a older brother to prevent my younger sibling from the incessant use of singlish; it's truly revolting, I tell you.

Oh yea.. I've been hearing stuff from my classmates about how well they did for their prelim L1R5: Damn! It seems that everyone's getting good prelim scores in my school!! And it's grossing me out!! "Oh, yay, I got 6/7/8/9/10 points!!" Hurray hurrah.. I'm so happy for you. Okay, actually I am, but not really THAT much. Anyway, whenever I tell my schoolmates my L1R5, they give that very seemingly sympathetic "oh" or "It's not that bad what..You still can make it to a JC". That's what they all say, but part of me seems to think that they're probably thinking "What?? You got 16 points??! What a dumb ass."

I'm not being pessimistic; just realistic. It's really what a normal human being should think. Ah..Anyway, I'm at least glad that I can enter a decent JC with my 16 points for prelim. I hope that this DOES NOT reciprocate on my O level results slip; I need to do SO much better than this.

La dee da, would you look at the time; I really must be going.

10:50 PM

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The haze outside is terrible
Which makes it oh so unbearable

Yup , like it or not, the hazy days are back. The days in which illeterate farmers from some ulu second-world country irresponsibly burn up forests for selfish purposes. I just don't get it- How much are they gonna get from farming anyway?? All this burning is causing a hell lotta inconviniences for everyone!

I felt incredibly lazy today for some reason.. with such friggin dry and hot weather, how can one not feel lazy? I couldn't even study at all!

Yea so anyway, I had fun making some salads today. Chop chop chop, chop chop chop. What an interesting day... ... The salad was supposed to taste crunchily, crispily good, but the mood of eating assorted-vegetables-in-a-bowl was not there. Perhaps it was the horrid weather that was causing my malady of 'sian-ness'. I don't know.

Everything feels so lazy today; even my typing is considerably slower..Of course you guys can't even tell the diff, coz you're not reading at the same pace as my typing- How would you even know how fast I'm typing in the first place??? Never mind- Consider what I've just said nonsensical blabber.

The smell in the air right now is, in my opinion, somewhat similar to the kind of smell you get when you shove your face into a large ashtray. Not that I've done such an insane deed before, it's just an assumption. Even so, wouldn't it hurt if you shove your face into a large ashtray?? The coarse sand; the amber from the recently snubbed cigarette.... Wait, there wouldn't be any amber left if the ciggy was extinguished right? That's not the point; what I'm trying to say is that it sucks shoving your face into a large ashtray, and that the haze is disgusting.

Please excuse my failure to link my ideas of this blog entry properly. It's all rather a cacophony of mindless thoughts, really.

6:30 PM

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I didn't need reatail therapy this morning, but it was given to me nonetheless. Yes yes...My shoes were in a complete wreck according to my mom, but that doesn't mean that I need to get new ones immediately right??

"You better buy your shoes now that I have the time. I won't be free next week ar..."

Mother knows best I guess, so off we went for some super duper exciting SHOE HUNTING. Oh yay, oh wow. I feel like Indiana Jones *Rolls eyes*

Half an hour into our super adventurous shoe hunting, there was still nothing that caught my eye. Maybe I was'nt into the shopping mood...Why was I even bothered to get new shoes at that point of time??? Anyway, the shoe hunting ended up into a jeans-buying quest. Yar...I'm making it all sound so epic and va-va-voom, but it's really no big deal.

Went to try on some jeans . Ever since my ever decreasing waistline (from 34 to 32 to 30/31), I was in desperate need for new jeans. Well, not really, but who cares- Jeans are sexy; jeans rock; males swear by their jeans.

I tried on a size 30 Levi's original bootcut at first- They fitted me but nah...Such tight, fitting jeans would make one look like a scary, man-famished homosexual, so I decided to pass on the size 30 bootcuts. I certainly wouldn't want to end up looking like the above mentioned anyway. The size 31 worked just fine.

That ended up as my pre-birthday present, which is supposed to be on Nov 19 (thx mom). I was kinda surprised that mom would buy a pair of jeans that costed WAY over the average 50 dollar ones, but what the heck...She bought them anyway :)

Hence, my super exciting, super thrilling, super duper over-the-top adventure ended with me owning a new pair of Levi's Original Bootcuts. Yay. I'm just kinda 'huh?' that I went shopping today... Didn't expect it at all..That's why I'm all 'huh???'.

8:41 PM