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Thursday, November 30, 2006

How great..Just when I thought that I'd secure a job at Starbucks, I get told by the manager that I need to wiat for a phone call today. If I get one from them by today, I get the job. If I don't, well then too bad.. I really wonder how many more strings are attached to this whole thing.

Okay even if I don't get the job, I guess it's not too bad- I can have even more free time on hand....Like I need any more....

I was reading Sam's blog just now and felt that the whole sims thingy that he mentioned very rather amusing. Guess I'll just create my own current set of wants and fears too:

Wants: Get a job at starbucks - 1000 Aspiration points
Earn some money - 500 Aspiration points
Go shopping for clothes - 500 Aspiration points
Dine out with friends - 750 Aspiration points

Fears: A visit from the social bunny - -1000 Aspiration points
Failure to launch a successful fashion career - -5000 Aspiration points
Get bored today - -500 Aspiration points

Okay whatever...that was seriously cheesy.

Oh yeah...Any of you guys played City Of Heroes before?? It's a MMORPG game; payment required each month. I heard it's real fun. But colin was telling me how much he rather play as a villian than a hero...

I still disgaree with you colin: Villians suck; Heroes rule!! I mean, world domination is extremely taxing. You'd be better off doing something else.

9:14 AM

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's once again another gut wrenchingly boring day here at my place. Nothing to do all day except to chill out with Gary (the name of my ipod for those who don't know).

Blasting tunes in ears with my ipod is always great- I get to unleash my alter egos. Ooo... Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde?? Lol. Of course I only do so in private coz I tend to dance when I listen to my ipod in private, which can obviously get very. very. very embarrassing...

Yeah..I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only fella who does the cheesy air guitar thingy along with the vigorous head banging when listening to loud rock tunes right? Well, pardon me if I turn out to be the only freak who does so, but its pretty fun. But a word of caution though: Violent head banging may cause a temporary loss of direction. Well that's from my experience anyway.

Sheesh... I really have nothing to do these few days; stuffing my brain with trashy Mtv shows such as 'Wanna Come In', 'My Own' and 'Room Raiders'. Lemme tell you, those shows are serious IQ burners.. I almost feel as dumb as a barbie doll now that my mind had been corrupted with such shows.. Especially those mtv dating shows- Those are absysmal; It obviously aint gonna work out!

The guy wants to hang out with the girl just so he could get in her panties- Duh.. It all revolves around sex, rather unfortunately...Like for example the girl would be interested in the guy with the buff bod, and the dude would go after the chick with cute tits in a tight top. It's mostly all to do with looks.

7:32 PM

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Heyheyhey..What'dya know? I gave my online crib a revamp and it looks pretty swell... I think. It definitely wasn't easy to find a fashion themed blogskin without it being too girly/fag or whichever.

So anyway... The interview went great; My application was successful, the interviewer digged my responses, and I'll be getting a call from the manager from one of the city branch Starbucks. Woohoo! I'm gonna have a whirl blending frappacinos, cappucinos and whatever-nos; quite psyched about it.

Oh heck..Who am I kidding, I don't even have a clue how to operate the machines in the first place. I suppose they'll give you some quick lessons.... Either that or I'll crash and burn on my first day of work..

"Hey welcome to Starbucks!"

"Yeah, could I have a Grande Mocha Frappacino with whipped cream and caramel topping please?"

"Uhh........Just a moment" *Freaks out*

OR they may even give me some really basic chores such as dishwashing and cleaning up the tables... Ugh, I wouldn't wanna do that. Not because I can't swallow my pride to do such tasks (I can for your info), but mainly coz it's just so unfun! I mean, duh... Does diashwahing and cleaning tables seem fun?

"Whee... Let's count the soap suds on the dirty plate!!"

Yeah...you get my point.

Anyhow, please patronize me coz I'll be all my myself during those long, lonely shifts. Sob sob.

Okay, that somehow didn't come out right.

7:32 PM

Tis' the day of the dreaded Starbucks interview. I'm obviously nervous to bits but I'll try my best not to show it. Oh well, it's all worth it anyway: The salary aint so bad, and I could use the extra money for christmas shopping. That way, my mom could be spared from my persistent pestering. It's basically a win-win situation, really. No more idling at home staring at the walls, walking around listening to my ipod like a lost soul.

Dotaing yesterday was quite fun..Considering the fact that I always rank bottom few isn't very encouraging, but at least I enjoyed myself.

The lan shop I was brought to in And Mo Kio was just insane...It was so huge and dark... And the entire shop was semi levelled like an auditorium, except much higher.

The whole scene was almost like some sort of a evil, satanic cult of computer game fanatics; everyone's eyes were glued to the monitor screen as if in a hypnotic trance, and there were random violent shouting every now and then.

So after orientating ourselves around the "unholy ground", we registered etc etc, and went to the highest level, joining among the ranks of cult members of technological entertainment....whatever that means.

Thank goodness yixin joined us. If it was'nt for him, I would have been dead last in dota, so thx very much yixin; appreciate tt.

Oh...would you look at the time; I think I better get ready to head down for the interview already.

9:41 AM

Monday, November 27, 2006

This is a real random realisation, but I find that I tend to wake up with red sore eyes these past few mornings. No biggie though, I just need to use eye drops and I'll be as good as new. However, it's really starting to get to me. I mean, let's just face it: Red sore eyes suck because it makes your face look f***** up, it itches like mad and hurts like a bitch. Guess the bedroom's dusty or something..

Gee..Time is seriously flying by without me giving a hoot. Before you know it, Christmas will be here. And then comes 2007. Lol, it's pretty scary come to think about it.

Anyway, I'll try to enjoy what's left of the holidays to the fullest, though somehow my intuition tells me that I won't really be enjoying it. I sense lavish, luxurious dinners during the month of December; A chance for me to over consume my calorie intake and gain weight. Kidding kidding.. It's so easy to eat in moderation anyway- It has become second nature.

Another thing that I've mentioned of doing during the holidays is to get a tan. Currently, the skin that is attached to my flesh is of its natural Asian state: Pale and sickly looking. Where do the spanish genes come in??? I look like a yellow-skined corpse! I desperately need to get into a sports cca next year; It's not cool being fair and having rather feminine features (I've been told that countless of times)

"Matthew, did you know you have very good features for a girl??" --Kong Meng

Uh...well, am I even supposed to treat it like a complement??? I feel like a hermaphrodite freak of nature!!! That's just one of the little thoughts floating among my little grey cells up there.

I guess I'm just being paranoid; I'm definitely not a freak.

9:05 AM

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's almost like shoving my foot down my throat: Just earlier today, I've mentioned about how working at such an age was simply abysmal...But guess who's gonna go for a job interview?? Yar...None other than me.

It was all pretty insane..My relatives came over for a visit and I got totally psychoed into getting a part time job during the vacation. Yup, you heard me right... It was an absolute contradictory of what i initially felt this morning. Oh well... Might as well go for it; I mean, Starbucks is pretty cool- I always loved that place. It was chic, hip and a great place to chill out.

So I'll be recieving news on the job interview tmr.. La dee dah..How exciting.

By now, you probably could already tell that I'm starting to decay A.K.A I'm very very very bored statying at home. I need to hang out! Anyone; somebody!!

Christmas is arriving in exactly one months time......yay.....................

Hmm... Working in Starbucks..I wonder how that'll be...

"Hi, I'm Matthew and I would like to apply for a part time job here at Starbucks. I can't operate your fancy machines, but I'm sociable, hardworking and I speak good English"

"Oh uhm..Thank you Matthew..We'll get back to you soon."

8:46 PM

Okay, now that grad night's over, I've been completely laid back- A bit too laid back in my opinion. My mom wants me to do some part time work, but seriously: Troubling yourself with the pressures of work at such a young age? I'd rather enjoy my youth while i can, thank you very much.

Lazing around the house 24/7 gave me loads of time to do some good reflection on my time in secondary school.

Firstly, I kinda wished that I had opened up more to my schoolmates; In my opinion, I think I left nothing but bad impressions during my time in cat high. Most people would probably think that I'm some cold evil sarcastic dude. C'mon... Those who know me know that I'm really not like that.

Then theres the whole issue of me previously being a sissy in my lower secondary years: Yes, fine. I admit that I used to be like that in sec 1, 2 and even sec 3- That was a horrible period of my life: Facing ridicule, insults etc etc etc..

Well, ever since then I've really put in the effort to watch my hand actions, mannerisms, way of speaking. In other words, I had to be more masculine. So anyway, that worked out fine..I've dropped my fabulous habits of before, but the thing that disturbed my the most is schoolmates not giving me a 2nd chance to start over a new leaf. Now THAT pissed the f*** out of me.

Oh well...I'm glad that im leaving secondary school in a way coz I wont get stereotyped by my future schoolmates based on my past behaviour. I mean, people who meet me now completely dont belive that i used to be a sissy before when i tell them that, so whats the deal?? So yeah... In that sense, I'm thankful for this 2nd chance to leave good impressions to my future schoolmates.

So for those who still think im sissy, go f*** a tree and get a life.

Sigh...You know, relflecting on 2003- 2006, I've really gone through alot: Facing the whole weight issue in which ive been ostracized before, then the whole sissy issue.
At least I managed to get over both of them and I'm a changed person, but yeah...I definitely have serious emotional scars.

Uh...Perhaps its not such a good idea to be so intimate on my blog. I just needed to get some things out and set the record straight.

2:41 PM

Friday, November 24, 2006

Well, Grad Night came and went, and I must say that I was quite saddened by the whole fact that I'll probably never see those people again (excluding the day we collect our o level results).

Yeah, I'll really be missing certain people to death. Anyway, I wont be all sentimental by start listing down the names of those people- They should sorta know themselves; the ones I took pictures with and yar.

So anyway, sad stuff aside, the fashions of that night were rather interesting.

I basically wore this oliver twist inspired outfit complemented with suspenders and a newsboy hat, accesorized with a choker and black nails.

My mom felt that teenagers who sported black nails are sick kids- So i guess I would belong to that category?? Haha... Her reaction to my nails were funny though.

Just when I mentioned that wearing flip flops were abysmal, guess what?? Yup, they came flooding in wearing that...thing. But hey, even though my mouth was open in disbelief, come to think about it: Flip flops aint THAT bad.

Dinner was okay I guess...I've definitely had better. Everyone was swarming around the buffet spread so it was'nt very enjoyable.

I have no idea how many photos I took... I hope I didn't take any embarrasing ones...Oh crap...now that i think of it, I DID take some crazy photos.

Oh man................

8:06 AM

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tonight's grad night.

However, the freaking dress code is so darn improperly defined! "The dress code is casual" How casual is casual?? Is the casual they are referring the kind of casual you wear when you go shopping at orchard road? Fashionably casual? Or plainly casual? Which is what? What is which?

To arrive at grad night overdressed when others are dressing not so fashionably would be really out of place. Not only will you stick out like a sore thumb, it's not gonna be that easy blending in...

" Uhm...I like your oversized fedora..."

At the other end of the spectrum, arriving at grad night in a shabbily drab kind of casual when others are dressing fashionably would obviously be terrible. Talk about an arrestment from the Fashion Police.

"These tattered flip flops and worn down khakis are rocking the runways in Milan!"

Nevertheless, I guess it's always best to go with your intuition and pretty much dress how you feel- Goth, Punk, Preppy, Grunge, or maybe even a mix of everything. The same rule applies: Wear the outfit; don't let the outfit wear you. There is no right or wrong in fashion..Wait, there actually is....Anyway, you get what I'm saying: Fashion is all about experimentation; If you try out something that requires a visit from the Fashion Police, it's a lesson learnt-just learn from it. Never worry what people might think; it's your prerogative anyway!

Yup, that's pretty much simple advice I could give to those in woe.

But seriously people.... don't arrive in flip flops. That's abysmal.

9:02 AM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's Alive!!! It's A-LIIIIIIIVEEE!!!

No, not Frankenstein..Gary, my ipod.

Yea...Resetting the ipod did wonders. Follwing these simple steps are easy as pie and can save you from future ipod distresses:

1) Shift from 'Hold' and shift back again

2) Press Menu and centre button at the same time until apple logo appears

Hope this helps for anyone who is experiencing problems.

6:11 PM

Oh wow... ... The o levels are over which means I have comnpletely nothing left to do except to rot at home.

These past few days have been packed with loads of ups and downs:

Firstly, I got an ipod nano 2nd gen for my bday!! Yea i know, it's pretty cool but that freaking device botched up just 4 days after purchase...So yup, you can just imagine me cursing and swearing with all my F words so on and so forth.

Fortunately, my insatiable temper was calmed down by fact that there was a 1 year warranty to that stupid ipod- Apple is OH SO considerate to do such a thing... Yes, sure: I'll send back your fucked up product and fucking die of musical boredom while you replace my damn ipod!!

Thank you guys SOOOO much... ... ...

So anyway...here I am indulging in a slice of black forest cake, trying my very best to forget the death of my ipod and endure my musical boredom...
To the people of Apple: Are you gonna take account for the calories I gain from eating this damn slice of cake thanks to my minor depression of your messed up product?!?!

No???? Then I suggest you bloody hell get my ipod fixed/ replaced or I'll freaking hell blow my top!

Whew..what a release- That was rather therapeutic.

3:16 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yes yes.. I know that this blog is seriously starting to collect dust; just gimme a break- This is potentially THE worst week of my life due to the fact that I'll be taking my A Maths papers, which is my worst subject among the 7.

9:50 PM