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Saturday, December 30, 2006

You know what? Call me neurotic, but I just noticed in the mirror that one of my tooth is minorly chipped. In fact, it's actually extremely minor. Then in that case, why am I starting to freak out? It so minute! Anyway, my mom said that the dentist can definitely fix it, and she also scolded me for being overly paranoid and sensitive. Sheesh. Don't worry Matt, you still have gorgeous teeth. Very very gorgeous teeth.

The pot luck dinner yesterday was great. Our clique's dinner parties are always da bomb coz we've got orgasmically delicious food, and we specialize in our desserts. Freaking sinful, i tell you. All that's missing from our dinner parties is alcohol, which we would be illegal for us ro consume until we turn 18. But who really cares? Just drink it discreetly, nobody will bloody care. None of us had any alcohol though, pity- Can't imagine myself drunk.

Today's the eve of new years' eve if you pay attention to the date, which means I've got to start planing for my 2007 new years' resolutions.

2006's new years' resolution went quite well in my opinion. Managed to lose 10 kg; Didn't crash and burn for my O level A maths; Accomplished a couple of things that I needed to do. Yup, it was a good year. I think.

I'm desperate to get new school shorts coz my old ones are too big, as most of you should already realize in school. They're currently with Colin though; hopefully his dad could help me out with altering them. And if THAT doesn't work, Lord help me. I'm seriously gonna ask my friends to actually spare me a pair of their school shorts. I think we should have the same waist size. Hopefully.

11:10 AM

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The weather is'nt getting any better, although I do love the cool temperatures we're having.

Just reminiscing about the PE lessons I had during secondary school. It got so bad for me one time earlier this year:

The 2 group leaders were pretty much picking their players from the bunch one by one. Guess who got picked last?? Yeah.. there's no need for explaination.

Anyway, I just hated the game; I didn't click with the situation, and I still hate soccer today- Duh! So after being fed up for quite a while, I just left the field and went back to class in the middle of PE period; picked up my stuff and locked myself in the toilet cubicle to do my homework and write in my journal till the period ended.

I remember writing bout how I felt that I didn't fit in; how I felt like a complete loser. Yup, loads of self pity stuff- but it's really just a way to get everything negative out of my system.

I know! It's darn sad right???

8:28 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2006

NO!! *With a strong russian accent* What happened to ze rain?? I hate ze sunlight!!! ARrrrgghhhHH...*Sizzles and evaporates in the sunlight*

Count Dracula would definitely be pissed off at the weather now, and so would I! Where's the rain?? While some of you guys might be rejoicing at the reappearance of the Sun, I most certainly am not. Yeah, yeah... It's sunny so we could all go out and have a nice tan, but so what? The cold rainy weather was seriously the closest we could get to winter as I mentioned in the previoius post.

Anyway, I've been thinking: Joining a sports cca next year might be quite a good idea after all. It's a great way to get some exercise; especially for those who really don't give a hoot to do so during their free time. So they're several benefits:

a) You get your exercise
b) CCA is, after all, part of the curriculum
c) You can have a great tan!!

Hurray hurrah...

1:53 PM

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's been raining cats and dogs these past few days, but don't you just love it?? Come to think about it, the cold temperatures we're experiencing due to the rain is probably the closest we'll get to winter. That is unless Mother Nature decides to break out of her weather cycle and send snowstorms along the equator. That'll be nice, actually- Winter in Singapore; wonder how that will turn out. Anyway, regardless of snow or no snow, the faux winter we're having now will work just fine for me.

Staying at home is probably the best option for me right now: Have you seen how bloody crowded the streets of Orchard are at this time of the year?! It's just too insane. Not only do I hate excessively crowded areas, I'm downright short of cash as well. As of now, I only have enough to get myself a beanie. Yes...Another hat in case you were wondering. Hats are especially useful if you have zero tolerance for high maintenance hair. Not only that, but it's a great accessory to go with your outfit.

I've just recieved another bag of hand-me-down clothes from my mother's friends' son/friend/cousin/sibling/uncle/WHATEVER; I seriously can't be bothered who the 2nd hand clothes come from. Just give me the damn clothes. I do have quite a number of "thrift store" clothes, actually. Although I never really visited a thrift store before, something tells me that I'm really gonna enjoy going to that place.

Big bro coming back from down under in 3 days time! Yep... I can't wait for that especially since I'll be getting my new Nokia 6288. Happy days indeed. Well, don't go thinking that I'm excited bout his arrival only because of the new phone; I haven't seen him for more than a year since my last travel to Perth. So yeah.. It'll be good to see him again. Last time, I used to think taht we were very much different. You know, him being the tan sporty type and I being the pale indoors person. Lol. But i guess in recent times I really start to see our similarities:

We're both health freaks, and I definitely start to see myself as one.
Believe or not, I'm actually starting to get interested in getting involved in sports now. Next year, I'll be psyched in getting into a sports cca.

So for those of you who think that I'm just an artsy wimp, THINK AGAIN BITCHES! I've got brawn too! GGGGGRRRRRRrrrrr....Lol

5:24 PM

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hair is very much troublesome to style and upkeep, in my opinion, which is the reason why before going to school I never bother to use hairwax, gel or whatever to turn my hair-don't into a hair-do. If only I could have my own personal professional hairstylist to do all the dirty work for me; but let's get real- that's honestly just a pipe dream.

I'm thinking of doing crazy things with my hair like for example dyeing it and maybe even try sporting mohawk one of these days! Yeah, that'll be pretty cool I guess.. But for now, I'll just stick to my boringly bland hair.

In a about half an hour's time, I'll be dragged along to watch some dumb movie along with the rest of my family; My mom's friend is treating all of us to it, so I'm very much obliged to go... Crap... I. do. not. want. to. watch. a. movie. please. leave. me. alone....

Oh well, 'tis a day in the life of moi, ciao.

1:31 PM

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sorry for my lack of blog updates, but I've seriously not been bothered to do so.

PAE postings were finally up today, however I really couldn't care less to be dead honest. I got into CJC? Wow... woop-dee-doo. Yeah, whatever. I'm just relieved that I'll have some form of 'fresh air' next year onwards. No more annoying, childish schoolmates. Some of which definitely piss the hell out of me, but it would be wise not reveal their names- duh...

So anyway, I've been trying to get this whole Hamachi thingy to work but somehow my computer configuration, as Yixin suggested, really aint working out. Of course, I went through the entire hissy fit trying to get that damn program to function and ended up losing my temper at Yixin... Poor thing; Real sorry bout that outburst, Yixin! Note to self: Never download stuff when feeling tired and grouchy- just a lil' reminder.

Colin's headin' to Italy and Switzerland for the next 2 weeks- You lucky bitch! Europe rocks though, so make sure you enjoy yourself there. Don't forget souvenirs! Lol. Kidding...No, actually I'm not; I would like a souvenir, thank you.

Has anyone noticed that it's midway through December already? Sorry for being such an ignorant arse, but I seriously didn't notice that! Gee...I gotta do something about my uniform; the size has gotten way to big for me. I'll have to either get new ones, or alter them myself....but how the fuck am I supposed to do that?? Alter my school shorts?! Holey moley, I'd sure require some help on that. Tailoring help anyone?

Gtg go now, ciao. Don't forget to eat your fruits n veggies, and drink plenty of water.

9:04 PM

Monday, December 11, 2006

Oookay..The blogskin is kinda screwed up; the pic doesn't load for my com at all. Oh well, no worries.

Anyway, I had a sleepover at sam's place along with the rest of the gang earlier last week. Too bad there were other ppl in the house or else we could've trashed his house upside down. Honestly I thought that I would get myself drunk this time at the sleepover, but I didn't even consume one drop of beer! Apparently, I had a mug of black coffee before and I was pretty much paranoid that those 2 liquids would violently react with each other and....Wait, do they even violently react??

Besides, I guess it would be better if I didn't attempt to drink in the first place. As of now, I can already be quite the livewire when Mr.Hyde takes over. What more if I get drunk?? Oh dear Lord...I don't even want to think about the consequences.. Only my close friends got the chance to see my ultra outgoing side of me, which unfortunately, can be rather embarrassing. The ultra outgoing side of me, or Mr. Hyde as I call it, loves to boogie down all night when the stereo is on at a party/sleepover or whichever... Aw man...I can't believe I actually just admitted that on my blog.

But nevertheless, Mr. Hyde is well controlled and there should'nt be any unnecessary outbursts.

10:29 AM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now seriously, the days seem to be getting real mediocre- Heh, why am I not surprised...

Absolutely nothing to do. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Really! I'm not exaggerating... During this time of bordeom, I actually took out the sewing machine and started learning how to sew.

And I basically sewed random seams across the fabric.
And I sewed.

And sewed.

And sewed.

Yar, so you could imagine the insanity.

Somebody please shoot me with a tranquilizer.

7:49 AM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I ate 2 scoops of choclate ice cream yesterday.


After which, I was " What the hell did I just do????"... Sorta like what I would say if I lost my virginity to some ugly toad. The only difference is that I didn't lose my virginity to some ugly toad, or my virginity for that matter. But that's seriously besides the point.

The dysfunctional, neurotic, totally freakish part of me was screaming "Puke it all out!!!" in my tiny head.. But of course, the lil' grey cells up there just didn't comply- Hello?? Develop an eating disorder?? No thank you. Although I almost did develop bulimia...but thankfully NOT, or I would be puking all the way to my grave. I just thought that I might as well let others know about this dark lil' secret of mine.... What's the use of being all pretentious and things like that? Point is, i don't have an eating disorder even though I almost developed one, and I've gotten over my self image issues. Period.

Besides, I hate people who's really fake about everything.
"Oh, yuck!! You masturbated before?? I never done anything as sick as that!"
I mean, seriously...ditch the veneer, everyone hates falseness, regardless of its degree.

Anyway, I found Mr. Benny's blog- finally! Thanks to chao yang for that.

5:09 PM

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Look in the sky!
It's a bird!
No, it's a plane!
NO, its... the rest of the clique to the rescue! To save Matt in distress from his extreme boredom!

Well, not all at the same time anyway. Matheus and Colin dropped by my place first to accompany me in my new pasttime- Wall staring. That soon started to get boring; I mean, what's so fun about wall staring? Counting cracks??

I don't know what happened next that plunged the two of them into a coffee obsession: Matheus and Colin kept requesting me to make them coffee...again and again. Colin's excuse? - "We're trying to revive your broken dreams of becoming a Starbucks braista Matthew, so be thankful"


Soon after the rest of the gang came along to join the three of us for more wall staring. No, it was'nt that bad..We were just lethargic.

Anyway..fast forwarding to 7.30 pm in the evening, we left the house and Matheus and Colin went home. Both were'nt feeling well- Must be the coffee??

Sam,Yixin and Martin scouted for a lan shop in Eastpoint while I had my dinner at Burger King all by my lonesome self- how pathetic. Thank goodness they managed to locate the shop or I would have puked my dinner out just as a form of sick entertainment...Kidding, kidding.

So... Lan was fun as usual- How can playing dota ever be boring??
But of course there were a couple of things in that shop which completely bugged me:

For starters, the overweight child near me had moldy-french-cheese-terrible foot odour. Dang! He really should spend some time scraping the toe jam from in between his toes. For a moment, Yixin thought that the odour came from me: I was, obviously, really put off at that statement... In the first place, it was rather ironic because odorous, unhygienic people certainly would'nt face the problem of having a clean face (you get my point). But then again, I can't blame Yixin: The smell was so close.

That child could put Lysol out of business.

Fortunately, that child left before I completely lost my sense of smell.

Then came this other kid.

Now this kid didn't stink whatsoever, so you could imagine the relief I had when the ghastly smell went away. But this child had quite a vibrant variety of vocabulary for a young learner his age. I was surprised at this young one's range of adjectives in which he uses. I'm sure the Queen Of England would be shocked to hear what colourful language this kid uses. His command over the English language is truly...... Interesting. Indeed...

Well, at least dota rocked. I had quite a lot of fun despite ranking last among the non- artificially intelligent players during the second game. Why am I not suprised...

I picked the Silencer (Elven spell breaker) during the first game. That hero was great; his skills added the 'P' in POW!, and the character really suited my gameplay.

However...Lady Luck was not on my side at all during the second game. We played as the evil side and I picked this winged vampire-like lady called the Queen of Pain. This hero, or heroine rather, was crap in my opinion... She moved SO slowly!!! Like hello??? I don't think slow speed would be useful in combat at all; her attack was lackluster as well.

Her freaking slow speed could probably be due to the fact that she has something like a heated 13" spiky iron dildo violently shoved up her c*nt...No wonder she's called the queen of pain, lol...

We finished at 10.30pm and made our way home after which..I grabbed the latest issue of Style magazine before headin' home for some serious shut eye.

And yeah..tts basically it I guess.

3:19 PM

Friday, December 01, 2006

I waited...and waited...and waited, but the call never came; So I guess they ran out of vacancy. Oh well, at least I tried.

It's all rather dumb actually..For a while I was feeling all excited that I'll be working, but yeah.. I'm kinda bummed out.

Anyway, I sorta realised that I've begun to develop a bi-polar personality throughout the recent years. Now I really feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; the only difference is that I never drunk any weird potion whatsoever.

Like at certain periods of time I'll be very outgoing, cool & calm, but at the other end of the spectrum, I'll be frantic, insecure and super introverted. Yeah..That doesn't make me a freak though...I'm just...abnormal.

8:02 AM