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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Using the actual equipment for fencing was great; When I was holding the epee, I felt so powerful like as though I could stab someone who I disliked in the eye with it. The art of fighting is really quite interesting as we soon learnt from the coach. My first battle resulted in a 10:15 score against a senior (I lost), which is actually not bad considering that most of the J1's had pretty poor scores for e.g. 5:15 and even 3:15. But this cat high guy, Kian-i-dunno-what's-his-surname was real good; his bro is apparently this fencing champ so the talent is really in the blood.

Anyway, enough about fencing: Several stuff has happened during the course of the week.

We're getting weird, but interesting assignments for our projects an stuff. Like we have to do this econs project which is an 8 mins windows movie maker- made video clip. That's not just it: The clip has to be a proposal on the alternate use of Jurong Island other than it's current one. It's seriously a whole lot of crap that I have to crawl through... I have no freaking clue how to create a video clip using windows movie maker...and as you know, econs is usually not the most fun of the subjects you take. Furthermore, the project is FIFTY% of our econs CA scores!! Arrgghhh! The pressure!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A general message to those concerned:

The weight I lost during my sickness last week is slowly, but surely being recovered- even as we speak. So there's really no need to think that I've gotten anorexic or whatever coz to begin with, I don't even weigh below 55kg and I currently have a BMI of 20 (which is obviously within the healthy range).

I can't believe John thinks that I'm obscenely skinny; He told me that he has a BMI of 19 for goodness sake! If my BMI of 20 is apparently too scrawny for him, than I'm afraid it's the case of the pot calling the kettle black. I mean, seriously, just think of the irony.

You know, it makes me sad to know that I've never really been 100% confident with the body I'm in. People in the past, and occasionally even now have always thrown criticisms on the way I should look/eat and it's really getting to me. I've recently been trying to put on some weight all for the sake of pleasing people and fitting into the decorum of what's considered physically acceptable in our day and age of vanity and perfectionism- what's going on?? It drives me nuts just to think that the decision of me having a heartier diet is not actually self decided, but instead "decided" by the opinions of others.

I should be happy with how my body looks coz I know that I'm eating healthily and that I'm not underweight. Although I would prefer to be heavier (which I'm working on now), what's it to those to think that I'm too skinny?? I'm not for heaven's sake! Go get a life.

But really, for those who were shocked over my weight loss during this past week- RELAX. I was down with pretty bad stomach flu and diarrhoea resulting in alot of water loss, thus going through unwanted weight loss. I'm all fine now; Like i said, I'm putting on the weight I lost and even more for the sake of me fitting in with the "ideal image" of how a teenage guy should look and weigh. Not that many people fit into the "ideal image" to begin with, so why fret? As long as your weight is within the healthy range, why even bother? But I'm just doing it to shut some ppl up tts all. And after all, I'm seriously loving the new diet I'm having- Eat all you want and don't feel guilty at all :)

Cheers to a healthy body image! And another one to my weight gain plans!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Things haven't been going well for me in case you guys were wondering. I'm on mc yet again, which means I'll be missing school for the second time. More goeg tutorials missed; assignments due and whichever not. I hate this; i really hate this. Half the time, I don't even have the energy to concentrate on my assignments because I'll either feel nauseous or my diarroea's starting to kick in.

Furthermore, I've missed 2 sessions of P.E already, and that aint good coz there'll be makeup P.E -___-

I hate being sick

1:01 PM

Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is so disgusting...

Just when I'm trying to put on some weight, the freaking diarrhoea I'm having is causing me to lose all of it and even more!! Noooo!! Where is the justice!! My BMI is currently 19.6, which is too low for me- Hope that I'll be able to get well soon to get my BMI to 21 and maintain it as that.

It's kinda sad that I've never really been 100% satisfied with my body image. Probably scarred by all the making fun i went through in primary and secondary school. I still remember those people, especially those in secondary school! You guys watch out!

9:49 PM

The thing I love about H2 Lit lectures is that it can get so deep and intellectual at times, and yet I understand the content- makes me feel oh so intellegent; does wonders for your deflated ego if you do happen to have one.

But seriously, it can get a lil' "cheem" at times; like we had this lecture on the introduction of imagining other worlds. The lecturer pretty much spent the whole hour talking about the "real world", and whether the real world as we see it is the same as what others would view it to be. An interesting thought that was discussed was regarding the possiblity that the real world we live in was not even real, but instead a pigment of our imagination.

Yeah... crazy stuff that lecturer said. She would probably be accused of witchcraft and burnt at stake if she were living in 15th century England. But as crazy as it sounds, all that cheemilogical things she said are rather thought invoking. Makes me scared when I think of it.

Anyway, we'll be doing Alice in Wonderland for the next month or so for the H2 component of Lit (Paper 4). Quite psyched about it- I've always loved alice in wonderland since young.

9:37 AM

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wanna know a funny joke? It's so funny that it'll probably knock your socks off; or whichever action you deem appropriate after hearing a funny joke.

One day, Matthew went to college and attended P.E lesson. The P.E teacher told him and his classmates that the class would be signed up for the competitive category in the upcoming CJC Cross Country Meet. Har. Har. Har...

But seriously... I'll be among the ranks of those number tag people running for medals and whatever not. This is just too insane for me, actually. 1 or 2 years ago, I never imagined myself to actually join the competitive category of x country, let alone join a sprots cca. Well.. It's nice to have a change once in a while so I guess embracing it is the way to go.

9:43 PM

Monday, January 15, 2007

Literature tutorial today was freaking scary. We had this serious no nonsense old prunish hag tutor us for Paper 4.

I just didn't understand the reasoning behind telling us that H2 Lit was very very hard. Yes, thank you very much but I think all of us sorta knew that before we selected our subject combinations, so tone down the discouraging comments if you don't mind. Yeah..she even made the retainee in our class cry! She just went on non stop about how the retainees deserved to be retained and god knows what else- other stuff that I couldn't remember.

That tutor was damn cutthroat. She didn't even care when the retainee (cheryl) was crying cats and dogs. It was really awkward for the rest of the class as well. But thank goodness it was the last period of the day. After Madam Ironfist left, the class came round and gave cheryl a warm, big ol' CJ family hug. That was kind off an "awwww" moment, but the way I put it makes it kinda gay. But seriously! We really gave her a hug and some of the girls were so kind as to pass her letters of encouragement- probably written when the tutor was talking.

One thing I learnt from that tutorial was that CJ seriously meant business. CJ plays damn hard (talk about CJ students being party animals is true), BUT they take study equally as seriously. This JC route that I'm taking aint gonna be a joyride- There's absolutely no room for lazing around. However, whoever said that I couldn't have a freaking good time at CJ whilst studying hard like mad?

5:33 PM

Sunday, January 14, 2007

JC Life is definitely going well for me; My social status is about a million times better than in catholic high. Hurray hurrah. But the thing that stinks is the reality of how busy I'm gonna get with my cca and tutorials.

Just earlier today I recieved a sms from this random J2:
"Hello! I'm Yanyi frm NY touch rugby team. You're invited to join us for training on tues at 5, on e field! Pls b in pe attire and get ready to play! Hope to cya there! :-)"

Okay, first of all, who the hell are you?? Secondly, did I even sign up for touch rugby??? I don't think so. And most importantly, why is this msg coming from NYJC? I guess the fella sent the msg wrongly. Either that or he's just a weirdo.

Oh crap. I just remembered that they'll be mass P.E tmr, and according to some of my classmates, it'll be during the late afternoon. Oh fish... I just aint in the P.E kind of mood, you know what I mean?? Okay, you probably don't.

2:46 PM

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The 6 day CJ orientation ended on Wednesday, and that could only mean one thing: The commencement of lectures and tutorials. And not forgetting... dreaded assignments. BORING!

Fencing cca was quite alright. During our first introductory session, we were pretty much taught the very basic moves; some of which i still need to practice more- especially my lunges. Apparently, the thing with lunges is that you must act fierce to intimidate opponents. Quite obvious, and it actually sounds easy at first. BUT lil' ol' naiive me learnt the hard way.

Comments on my lunges from the J2 fella teaching us the skills was that I needed to be more fierce when I stomp forward. Not to worry though, almost everyone else had that comment.

The problem with my lunges were not so worrying coz we're just starting out anyway. The thing that really worried me was that they mentioned that they'll accept everyone for now. BUT after the 2nd intake, they'll be rounds of elimination or cutting, rather to 12 guys and 12 girls. I'll just learn as much as I can and fret about the cutting later.

5:29 PM

Saturday, January 06, 2007

On guard, I say!!

Signed up for fencing cca at the CJ CCA Bazaar. I guess I had a lil' fighter inside of me all this while; I just needed the right cca to vent my all my anger out. Yes, I am an angry person- Hoo Hah! Well, at least I joined a cca which I had a genuine interest in. It would be really ridiculous if I joined something like canoeing just because of the tan and the arm muscles right?? I mean, wheres the passion?

The bazaar had quite a variety. Ranging from the most boring of ccas to the absolute most geeky and bizzare! Some ppl I know decided to join some ccas coz they thought that the cca banner was cool & nice?? WTH??! You don't join a cca coz the banner or cca t-shirt looks cool or hip! It's like what I like to call a failure of logic. And this comment is not directed to anyone in case a certain paranoid folk is wondering.. Whose first name starts with 'S'; ends with 'L'. 'Nuff said.

Oh, and in case you were wondering how the first 3 days of the CJ orientation went, it was GREAT with a capital 'G' as you can already see. Loads of fun stuff; CJ's really the place to be if you're the fun lovin' sort of person. They study hard, but play twice as hard! That kind of attitude really rawks seriously. And for those of you who won't consider CJ coz u think it's a lousy, 'play only' cj, swallow your foolish pride and get over yourself; CJ rawks the house!! Whooot woot!!! Okay, I'm sounding psychoyic now..

But really, it's just a great place to be- The students are real enthusiastic and bursting with vibrancy. Esp. the facils who did a fantastic job the past 3 days- A huge shout out to Sondra and Don (Facils of IG 13): you guys made my experience in cj an enjoyable one. Keep the flame burning!

CJ Ignite!! Flame On!!

8:57 PM