Time as white sound
Monday, April 30, 2007

Strangely, Mr. Fahy never seems to have a genuinely happy side to himself. It's almost as if he had a deprived childhood of some sort.

Survivor of the Jewish Holocaust? I dunno.. He seems rather old to me. Or maybe it's because he looks like a mad scientist. Whichever the case, he just needs to lighten up.

Even his humorous side seems to be cynical. It's all just so creepy to me.
Total scrooge I say.
Funny at times, but yes, a definite scrooge.


I was digging through my old stuff and found this notebook which I used in sec 4, to write all my trash during the lessons which I paid zero attention in.

*Takes hold of notebook. Blows the dust of the surface. Flips through pages with curiosity*
How cliche...

Anyway, I found alot of my written poetry in it.
Yep.. I used to write poetry. Didn't really have the time to do so ever since the o levels though.

Most of them were incomplete, but here's some of my complete ones.
And keep in mind these 2 things as you read these poems:

1. Never assume the poet to be the persona

2. I'm an amateur poet so if u think the poems suck, put a sock in it ('it' referring to mouth to those of you who don't know)

--Song Of Nymph--

Like a nymph it crawls
crying in the night
On its wings, he falls
eluding truth from fright

It feeds on reassurance
Begs for sympathy
Caught in its demonic trance
of tragic apathy

Amidst a tortured soul
dying to be free
On Icarus wings, it flies up high
Fufilling destiny

---Saint Ferris---

She sits on Mayfair Boulevard
a gentle giant there
Trips around nostalgia lane
with none but you to care

Shimmering gem of Summer nights
Siren of the sky
Gracing charm of who should call
Possessing love at sight

Humble quarter laid in hand
lost lover walks on by
To pass Saint Ferris by its gates
in carriage number nine

Wind whispering tales that could've been
slowly rising high
Memories forge a lonesome tide
that make her weep and sigh

Yep. Those are two of the completed poems I found in my old notebook.
I have one other titled 'In Dreams of Ivory Lace'.

8:07 PM

Sunday, April 29, 2007

--Just a random spoof of reality tv model competitions...

Previously, at the CJD (CJ Drama) Modeling agency...

The aspiring top models get a lesson in runway walking 101.

Under the watchful eye of the ever so brilliant Miss J Alexander- Runway coach extraordinaire, the girls are being put in pressure over her high standards.

"C'mon Ladies, I wanna see you give me your best walk. Alright?? And a 5, 6, 7 ,8!!.."

"Turn up the heat, girls!! Fiercer! Fiercer!! This is not good...All I'm getting now is beauty pageant on crack!!!"
"Yes, that's more like it!! Qazim, I want your walk to be less virgin; more whore!"

Despite, Miss J's repeated advice, Qazim falters in the catwalk challenge and cracks under the pressure.

*In confessional booth crying; on phone with best friend*
"I want to win this so bad...sob... But I just don't know how to walk like a whore!!..sob sob....I keep practicing but I just can't!..."
The girls have their makeovers to the delight of most.

Contestants: "*screaming in delight* AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OMG!!!"

However, Gabrielle was discontent with her new look.
"It's just so freaking unfair that people like Elaina's gonna get a cool bob cut...and what do I get?? This stupid red weave which is so damn itchy!!....."

And the models took part in a forest-themed photo shoot.

In judging, Qazim struggled yet again as she faced the music from the judges regarding her photo.
"It's just bad.. Week after week we've been telling you to show more expression in your eyes and you have not risen to the occasion at all.."

"Honestly, this photo looks like you've got a corn cob shoved up your *beep*. I'm sorry, but that's what it looks like. Just terrible."

Whereas, Cailing stole the limelight from the other contestants.

"This is by far the best photo we've seen this week. The mood; the expression; everything. Brilliant."
"I could just imagine this on the cover of CJC Vogue. Love the eyes. Everything about it. Love it love it love it."

"Hana, when I was looking through your film, I was extremely disappointed. You gave the same expression throughout"
"What the hell is this supposed to be?? You look like you got your brains blown out minus the blood and gore!"

And despite Qazim being in the bottom 2, the judges believed that she had more potential than Hana. And Hana was sent home.

11 girls remain. Who will be eliminated tonight??


3:17 PM

check out www.power98.com.sg-

---What Are You IN2?---

I'm into hydration!

Yes, the liquid that falls from the sky. Commonly addressed to as rain (no, not that korean singer) a.k.a water.

You see, most of us teenagers are rather carefree BUT it is essential to abide by these 3 simple rules:

1. Study

2. Socialise

and most importantly..

3. To keep those nasty facial imperfections at bay... Or at least attempt to

Horrible breakout before an important day? A hot date looming by? Or perhaps a party that's round the corner? We've all been through that.

And to those who haven't, I envy your immense luck and flawless complexion.

Most of us aren't born to be acne-fighting teenage superheroes but it does wonders to do your small part of consuming..

*diiiing* The mandatory 8 glasses of sky juice.

The very drink sent from the heavens- Amen!!

Be it before a long day at school or before a night out to town with friends, I never fail to lug around a bottle of H2O. Water helps to prevent my skin going into a breakout overhaul, and it's way cheaper than those soft drinks sold in shops which are mostly lame rip-offs.

So yeah.. kudos to water!

Besides water, I'm IN2 Art- something which I feel deeply passionate about.

Art is my life, for those of you who don't know. It transcends not only to canvas itself, but it leaves its footprint on a myriad of mediums such as dance, drama, craft, fashion, advertisements, technology, and the list goes on and on.

The flame of the arts burn strongly and it's presence screams loudly in our modern society today. What we see around us, what we hear, what we feel, are all connected to the principle of art.

As a devotee to the arts, I engage myself from the most mindless tasks of doodling, to the more intellectual stuff like poetry writing (Heh. See, I'm not so much of an empty vessel ya know??). Doing Art & Design as an O level subject was a blast. I got a dissapointing B3 in the end, but the journey was all worthwhile. The exposure to the technical process and creative conceptualization of art was just mind bogglingly orgasmic-

-- Okay..maybe that was a little too exaggerated, but you get my drift. When I paint, sketch, doodle, or write poetry, I enter my "zone" of karmic/artistic zen (whatever that means) but i really do feel at peace. Peace within myself. Detachment from my worries.

To adamantly express your views in a silent medium and channeling all that raw emotion is indeed truly enriching. It's way better than Soma.

And I'm also IN2 Vanity- LOL. Aren't we all?? Just one of my guilty pleasures I suppose.

Standing in front of the mirror telling myself narcissistic nothings (It's a self esteem thing. It seriously works)

Don't worry... I haven't lost it. Just not yet anyway :P

We males are vain creatures ourselves and we're darn proud of it. It's male pride, I tell you. This is as good as it's ever gonna get. And we males are rightfully deserving of being vain, I might add- Whatever happened to gender equality??

!!We should rebel against overly feminist ideals-

Rise young fellow men!
Stand up against the feminists
And immerse yourself in all that is just and good pride
We shall withstand the injustice
And rebel by parading in panties and pinafores!!!


That last line came out horribly wrong.

But who knows?

Coco Chanel made women wearing male-inspired clothes an acceptable fashion icon in the 1920s.

We might perhaps see something like that for the men in the near future.


But I dare not imagine.


Anyway, male pride is just as powerful as female pride

Most importantly, pro-vanity or anti-vanity, we should all learn to love and embrace ourselves.

It's the most important thing a human could ever do to show his/her dignity.

Regardless of ethnicity, height, weight or facial features

The best gift we can give ourselves is the very act of loving who we are.

Peace out.

12:28 PM

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sheesh.. And to think that I could've gone home to see the light of day, unconsumed by the looming night.

But I'm stuck here. Not stuck, per se... After all, I'm making a conscious decision to remain in school.

To attend Legion Of Mary.

And why you may ask?? Oh, lemme see....

Coz I sorta told the entire legion last week that I would be returning?!?!
Bev had to exaggerate it by saying I made a promise.

Now, let's examine these words:
'would be' and 'promise'.
Hardly any difference? I think not.

But what the hey, I'll just go with the flow.

4:41 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

--Blogger Flashback--- (Part 1)

Let's a trip down memory lane back to early 2005:

Jan 28 2005
"OH YAH!! Something realli stupid happened to me today...during chemistry lab lesson, while we were supposed to do an experiment, i spilled the entire bottle of hydrochloric acid all over my left side of the pants and my left leg....SO EMBARRASING!! After that, my left side of the pants turned turquiose...thank goodness i used water, and the stain is not so visible....heh...once again, another embarrasing moment added...."

--This is one of the many reasons why I don't take chemistry, or science for that matter in junior college. My absolute carelessness in the laboratory.

Feb 22 2005
"Today I got quite a scolding from my physics teacher...Was in lab today doing lame experiments when Mr. Tan walked past with a file, and he sternly asked for my long list of physics assignments which were due long ago....

In my mind i was 'Uh-oh....dammit!!' So, me being the vocal little bastard that I am, decided to just be frank and tell him the truth why I didn't do it- That I found physics boring, a waste of my time and very 'mah fan'...BIG MISTAKE. Me and my stupid stupid stupid mouth...arghhh, shldnt have done that...

Then Mr.Tan got quite angry and scolded me 'Physics mah fan, then i purposely make u fail until u have to drop physics lah...I seriously mean it' then he also started saying lots of crap....i dont think i was bothered to listen...half the time i was rolling my eyes in my head...Stoopid EEdiot...If it wasn't for myself being in a good mood..I would probably start rebutting like siao to him...I mean, pls la... Who doesnt find physics boring and stale??"

--Lol. I remb that incident clearly.
I was seriously tired of lame responses like "Oh so sorry, I'll quickly hand my assignments in"
It was me being absolutely frank and smart-mouthed haha...

9:09 PM

Monday, April 23, 2007

And so here I am, sitting in the comfort of my very own home.

Studying for the freaking econs test tomorrow.
Having a TV break now. I'm very hardworking.

Kinda figured that since I'm doomed to fail my napfa test this year, and possibly next year, I might as well compensate it with my academic subjects and CCA contributions.
It's seriously the least I can do.--

One of the many reasons why I want to be good in everything else other than physical fitness.
Pure compensation.


And today was another boring day coz there's no Drama at all.

And Mrs. Jasmine Tan was telling our class that we're the weakest H2 lit class she's teaching. Oh wow.

How encouraging.

It's also very annoying considering the fact that you're being assessed as a class instead of an individual whenever such remarks are being passed.

But oh well...

As long as I don't lose interest in the subject.

8:26 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I was supposed to be studying this weekend, but it turns out that all I'll be doing is completing my homework that is already due from last week.

Well, at least it's something being done.

Drama yesterday was fun, as usual--
More work on Titania's nest: Twining and weaving wires from what used to look like a "dead cockroach", as quoted from Hannah (one of e twins).
Now it looks less of a dead cockroach, and more of a cockroach egg. Lol.

But that's not a negative implication at all, coz it actually looks like a cozy pod- minus the imagery of cockroaches dwelling in it.

Nevertheless, I'm sure that the nest is gonna turn out GREAT.

And yeah.. Pet, Qazim, Gabby, Bev, Terr, Kim and I headed down to Far East after Drama for some chow.

Pet looks funny as a werewolf. LOL.

5:44 PM

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lol..Imagine if CJC Drama circulated it's very own fashion magazine.
Perhaps this is what it would look like:

Spring/Summer issue- May 2007

Editor-in-chief: Matthew J. Fam

Photography: Matthew J. Fam

Creative Director: Matthew J. Fam

Coverpage models: Meiling and Qazim

'CJC VOGUE''s debut issue!!

Hot trends this summer- featuring the looks for the season:

CJC Orientation tee matched with berms and shorts in hues of khaki, grey and black.

Feature Stories:

Supermodels Meiling and Qazim serve it hot with fashion advice and forecasts for you fashionistas out there.

"I AINT ANOREXIC"-- Meiling sets the record straight amidst incriminating evidence from the paparazzi

Lol..i know this is utter lameness

But oh well..i get bored easily

Might wanna actually design a cover just for the fun of it haha

8:49 PM

Today was probably the worst week I've had in this entire year so far.
If it wasn't for some friends in T1 and Drama, I would probably have preferred to be sedated or shot with a tranquilizer.

Assignments due; especially the freaking econs case study which is about 3 days due already. And not to mention falling behind in my revision. I hardly study, and that equates to nothing but absolute doom and gloom.

Got B for my GP essay; 2nd highest in class. Kinda pissed; could've done better coz I knew that wasn't my personal best.

Im beginning to zonk out in econs lecture coz sometimes I have no clue what the lecturer is talking about, either that or I'll be nodding away.

I haven't analysed my lit texts in preparation for next week's tutorials.

And not to mention the freaking Geography Reach Cambridge- Regretted not studying for it!!-- NEVER attempt to study while sitting on the bed. EVER.
The urge to sleep will just overwhelm you.

But to begin with, I was surprised to have been one of the 20 shortlisted for the 1st round. So that's an achievement in itself- Hurray for being chosen... ... I'm absolutely delighted... ..

Seems like everyone I know is in the group of 10 going to the 2nd round.
I wish you all terrible sore throats before the oral presentation.
Kidding, kidding...

I'm such a creature of envy though.
I can actually associate myself with Iago in Shakespeare's 'Othello'
Scary huh?

Yes, there are many things in life which are absolutely horrific.
Like the fact that some Singaporeans are complaining that a mere 10 cents charge for every plastic bag used in supermarkets are "unreasonable"
Sorry, that was random.

12:29 AM

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hey folks. Random photos taken during drama.

I have no life.

How sad. Lol.

Check out Mustardseed and Cobweb with their eye makeup! Moth's one was pretty good too.
Nat feeding Fin some weird noodle dish I think
Waiting times for the MRT can be such a pain at times
Eriffin with his don't-touch-my-girlfriend kind of stare- I had to ask him to smile many many times, but he just wouldn't!
Hey! It's everyone's favourite lianz! Why so sad?
Perhaps a lil' smooch to cheer her up? Gabby doesn't seem to be enjoying it, lol
Well, but this says otherwise
Errr... no comment
Pouting from Gabby again..
Meiling posing in three-quarts angling- The supposed best camera angle for everyone.
Pouting... again.

9:24 PM

All HAIL Gabby the ultimate trendsetter- Ooooo. Ahhhh!!!!...
I'm in absolute of of your astounding originality Gab!
So inspired.

Ok..anyway, she's thinks the photos of her are real unglam. Unglam meh???
But okay la..if she's not comfortable with them, I guess I'll stop the series.
Not only is it troublesome, but I'm getting bored of it.

I've got loads of other random drama photos to put up so look out for it.

4:11 PM

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Part 4 of The Days of our Lives at CJC Drama.

Our young lovers Gabby and Fin face further turmoil as a third party gets involved in this ever ominous love triangle. Will they ever manage to be together forever? Or will the introduction of new players and events wreck this once perfect relationship???

--The next day ---
Gabby: "Fin.. Finny, wait up!"

"You know, I've thought over about what happened yesterday..and you know what??
I just love you too much to disown you, Fin. You were my one and only... Forgive me *pouts*??"

"Oh Gabby... I've been waiting for you to say that. I've been PINING you, Gab.. I can't live without you.. You're like my OXYGEN"

"Ahh... Finny darling, why did all of this drama have to happen in the first place? Can the evils of conflict leave us lovers alone?? Can the stars not see how madly in love we are with each other, so that they can perfectly allign for us??

If only things were as perfect as it was before..."

"Gabby, I would swim the deepest oceans and climb the highest mountains just to proclaim my love for you!! I can never imagine a day of my life without your sweet scent; your tender lips on mine. For life without you would truly be obsolete."

"Your words melt me, Eriffin.. I am weak at my knees whenever in your presence. Oh sweep me off my feet, my knight in shining armour! May our lips touch and send fireworks rocketing through the sky- for each and everyone to see; the testament of our deep love!!!"

"Oh Gabby.."
"Oh Finny..."

-walking towards bus stop-
" I'm so glad that we're back together, Fin.... Oh! Oh! *In a cutesy tone* Does this earring looks nice on me????"

"Gabby, I think anything would look great on you...."

"Hee hee!! Fin, don't be so flirtatious!"

*trembling* "Oooohh...Finny, you're so romantic! Ahhhhh......"

And hence, this ends part 4 of The Days of our Lives, at CJC Drama.
Will this rejuvenated love stand strong against all forces?
Will Eriffin revert to his playboy ways?
Is Gabby the innocent victim here, or has she been the puppet master all this while with secret relationships of her own??

All this and more in PART 5, COMING SOON!!

8:39 PM

Monday, April 16, 2007

Today wasn't a good day, considering that there were certain issues that I was completely torn about:

Basically, smack has been said about my class (don't ask me to tell the whole story, so sianed up about all of it)and it is only natural instinct for a HTC to defend my class.. Speculations have been made by a couple of my classmates, but I don't wanna take sides. And I choose not to make any assumptions.

And hence, my dismay.

Two sides; both my friends. And I'm being pulled into the conflict.
It's freaking sad la..Sad to know that not all my friends can get along

7:19 PM

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Die hypocrites, DIE!!!

I don't know who you guys are, but all of you are just petty and immature.
You don't even know us to pass such judgement.

8:41 PM

You Are a Black and White Cookie

You're often conflicted in life, and you feel pulled in two opposite directions.

When you're good, you're sweet as sugar. And when you're bad, you're wicked!

Yes. It's called the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome, which I admittedly suffer from.

You Are 36% Abnormal

You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul.

You are at high risk for having a borderline personality. It is very likely that you are a chaotic mess.

You are at medium risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is somewhat likely that you are in love with your own reflection.

You are at low risk for having a social phobia. It is unlikely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.

You are at low risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is unlikely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.

Fear me!!! GYA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!...

5:02 PM

Just a couple of photos taken over the course of the week:

Pretty cool window art found before entering Esplanade (above)

found in e Esplanade library:

"Drama lies in extreme exaggeration of the feelings, an exaggeration that dislocates that everyday reality"

---Eugene Ionesco

Wise words from Mr. Ionesco... Whoever you are.

This photo was a blopper shot- Eyes blinked; people not looking at lens. Lol.

Terrence, Bev, Gabby, Eriffin and I.

But this was better- Don't you think we look like such a charming bunch???

More group photos next time please?

And we shall end of with another random picture:

Poor Amadea couldn't take the boredom of Chinese class and fell under the spell of slumber.
But neither could I- It's just that I have an ability to fall asleep while keeping my eyes open and sitting upright.

Go Rock Cat!!!!! Lol!!

3:40 PM

Friday, April 13, 2007

The highly anticipated continuation of
The Days Of Our Lives... Presented by CJC Drama--- (Part 3)

"Look, I know Gabby's pissed with you, okay? But who cares about her anyway?? So what do you say? I'll give you a discount: Just pay me 5 bucks and I'll let u live some of your wildest fantasies with me.."

"Errrrr...... You serious about this??? You want me to spank and whip you right here and now????"

Gabby: "Nat!!! YOU SLUT!!! How dare you seduce my Fin to do that!!! First Sharon, and now you?!?!?!"

Nat: "HEY!! Let go of me!! Your Fin darling was the one who paid me to spank him, okay?!?! Get a life Gabby!! Fin told me that he doesn't enjoy your spanks but mine instead..How about that!!

Gabby: "WHAT?!?!?!?!"

"And just where do you think you're going???!"

"I turn my back on you and this is what happens?!?! I am SICK of you, Eriffin!! You're such a freaking playboy!!! Arghhh!!!! Just get away from me!!!!!!!"

Errifin: "Nonono... Please Gabby sweetheart... I'm sorry, okay? Please please please give me one more chance?? Please.. I swear to make it up to you..."

Gabby: *high pitched* "Hmph."

Random pic of Qazim n Steph.

Steph seems to be trying to stuff the nozzle of her water bottle into her nostril. How peculiar.

A random end to part 3.

Stay tuned for part 4!!

11:01 PM

And Gabby's using the com next to me, reading old msn conversations.

The vice of bordeom, INDEED.

2:03 PM

Yes, I'm back again... Hardly 15 minutes since my previous post, I think.

Boredom is a vice. Thank goodness I'm in the comforts of the air-conditioned school library or I would be driven to do absolutely dismal acts such as sleeping in the 5th storey toilet cubicle. And, yes.. in case you were wondering, I have actually done so.

A rather fruitful nap of about 30 minutes or so. In the lofty quarters of bowel relief. Just to pass away the time; time that I had so desperately wanted to pass. That peculiar incident occured about 2 months ago..Now, time is the very essense of urgency and I crave for more of it. Oh the irony.

But lemme just get one thing straight: The toilets in CJC are damn clean and dry. You could seriously just sleep on the toilet floor without getting worried of dirtying yourself. Everyone (or every guy rather) who has used CJ's toilet, aims their weewee properly and doesn't make a sick mess. Even if they did, I suppose they must have cleaned up after themselves.

Or maybe it's the cleaners that have been doing all the hard work of maintaing our toilets..
Probably so I suppose.
Ah well, if that's the very case then KUDOS to them.
Without you cleaners, we would be living in such a deplorable state of horrid hygeine.

A toast to cleaners! Hurray hurrah.

1:50 PM

So here I am, making final adjustments to my PI Draft in the school library as it is raining cats and dogs outside.

Pitter patter. The raindrops fall.
Though I can't really hear them anymore.
What this?
Am I turning deaf?
No, for I am in a soundproof structure.

The photos wont be up till later tonight- sry for those of you who have been yearning for them. I promise you, they're good. Heheh...

Better get back to my assignments now. Headin' for drama later.

And all Lit students are asked to go for SRT's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. The audacity of it all- watching your rivals' play. But after all, they're the professionals.. we could learn a thing or two from them.
Or perhaps bitch throughout the entire play, pissing the **** out of those around me. Nah..I promise I wont be a petty bastard.

I shall behave.

1:25 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alas! The plot thickens in The Days of our Lives...
Brought to you by CJC Drama.

Just a brief recap on what has happened so far for those of you who are left in the dark:

The young drama lovebirds
Gabby to Eriffin: "Finny darling... You are the bestest boyfriend a girl could ever have.."


And now... back to the programme...

-The next day, in the canteen-

"I can't believe you would do this to me, Fin!! How could you????"

*sobs silently to herself*

"I've committed so much of myself to you and this is how you repay me??
Screwing around with Sharon?!
....Just go away, Fin... You've broken my heart....

And take away your stupid graphical calculator!!!



And that's all for part 2 folks (there are more photos but I'm keeping it for the next part), stay tuned for more!

7:56 PM