Time as white sound
Thursday, May 24, 2007

3 p.m now. Work to do later-

Practice Maths for H1 exam.
Go through all the lines.

And I feel like going to a skin specialist
My skin's not that bad
But hello? I used to have near flawless skin
mom's reasoning?

It's part and parcel of growing up.
True enough though. This is the first official acne breakout that I have ever had.
Late hormonial changes I suppose..

Better late than never.



2:57 PM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What the hell... Happy cycle over????

Yeah. I was happy for a period of time since last weekend till about yesterday.

And now you're telling me it's all over? (Well, not permanently over. Just over for now)

I don't know why, but I had a feeling of fatalism and resignation today--

Flowers wilt
People die
The Sun will fade
And so would I

And that can only mean one thing: Emo days are here to stay (for now, once again. Not

The emo cycle is
one of high complexity.. It does NOT however, share any similarities to a
menstrual cycle, in case any of you were wondering, for I am not a woman.

Though I think I would still be completely gorgeous if I were one. LOL. *shrugs*

Matt you imbecile...whatever gave you the impression that you were good
looking to begin with. You have small eyes- Bah! Nobody likes guys with ugly
eyes like you.. And youre not even fit. HA! Does that make you feel inferior
now?? If it doesn't, you better be! You are nothing!- Nothing! You're not worth
anything and to me, you are nothing but a piece of filth!!
*extremely evil cackling*

Scram you evil half!!
Shoo. Be gone!!!!!
Thy presence is not appreciated!

... ... ...


I had a good rest though.... Konked out mid afternoon at 3, and slept till 5.

Gonna go back studying again soon. Practice maths; read GP notes; source for statistics yada yada the usual.

And oh how I yearn for the light at the end of the tunnel.

NOT the light you see when you're going to die!!
Sheesh!!... I aint suicidal!
But yes, a certain light will be fine.

I'm tired of facing the disappointments of matchsticks and candles.

The temporary hope that they bring...

I have no freaking idea what I just typed. Serious.

5:26 PM

Watching more Ally Mcbeal clips on youtube.

Did maths for 40 minutes and got bored of it.

Mother nature is a total Bitch.
It was blazing hot and then it rained. All was cooling for a while.

Then the rain stopped.
And the Sun came out.

And hell became a place on Earth.

But who can blame her? We're in a state of environmental degredation-

The greenhouse effect; global warming. All that shit, basically.
However, I'm glad that efforts are FINALLY being put into large scale effects, steering away from the catastrophe that we might possibly face should we remain ignorant.

Hurray for world leaders and environmentalists.

But we can't expect the wounds of our damage to the environment to heal so quickly. That would probably take about 10 years to see some obvious improvement.

In the meantime, we should just be contended that something's being done.

Yeah.. and uhm.. That's it.
Back to watching more ally mcbeal.

2:32 PM

Thank God for study breaks like today.
If it wasn't for days like these, I think I would lose it pretty easily.

Anyway, I was just surfing the net when I suddenly thought of Ally Mcbeal. Don't ask me why, I just thought of it- Was a fan of the show back then. Too bad the series ended in 2002, but it was a good 5-year run since 1997, I must say.

So I went to youtube and searched for some clips from the series. Only managed to find the sad emo scenes. Oh joy.

One of them being the courtroom scene in the fourth season, in which Billy openly professed his endearing love for Ally, before collapsing dead (due to his brain tumor). It's actually freaking sad, because they both loved each other, and they both knew it, but they never really proclaimed their love; just random kissing and prentending it never happened those sort of things.

Billy's new hairdo in this season sucked, but what the hell. Like I care.

For the plot, yes. But for his hairdo? What on earth for??

Oh yes, Billy and Ally weren't really married for 12 years. I don't know why he said tt.

Ally Mcbeal rocks!
One of the many reason why I love the 90's

1:00 PM

Monday, May 21, 2007

I swear I had no idea the rigour of JC Life could get so stressful.

6:47 PM

Friday, May 18, 2007

This is just a random exclamation:

I've just watched the finale of America's Next Top Model Cycle 8 on YouTube, and all I can say is that I'm disappointed in the winner chosen.

The runner up should have won. Darn


9:49 PM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finshed my lit essay abt 15 minutes ago.

I predict that I'll wake up in less than 5 hours time feeling really tired.

And I'll be dozing off in lectures

Very stressed over many things. I love what I'm doing, but stressed nonetheless.

Reaction Acting is my bane.

Good night. Or what's left of it anyway....

12:18 AM

Monday, May 14, 2007

Backtracking a lil' bit: I have yet to give my comments on SRT's Midsummer Night's Dream.

They shouldn't have increased their ticket price to $47- Total daylight robbery (compared to the $31.70 that we paid) But it's all worth it, trust me. The play was just fantastic.

Where do I even start?

The contemporary take on the script was refreshing, especially parts in which they added local flavour and sexual humor.

And oh! The Male fairies are definitely very different from CJC's ones:
Menacing and dark, in comparison to flamboyant and divalicious-- Go Douglas + Joel!

Oberon was scary. Evil dude. And he was such a horny bastard- Kissing Helena randomly.

And Puck was like this satanic imp. Doing the biddings of thy evil one.

Funny characters. But evil nonetheless.

I found the idea of contrasting headdresses for Hippolyta and Titania very effective.
It was real easy to identify who was who (since Emma Yong was portraying both characters)
Hippolyta wore this shimmering golden chain mail headdress- Medieval Glamour.

And Titania had this flowery-naturey-dead cockatoo thingy on her head. Couldn't tell what it was.
Dead bird??
Sprawling shrubbery??
No idea.

Emma Yong was good though. Hurray for Asian power.

Helena outshone the other Athenians.

Great acting.

This play is a must see for sure.


7.30 P.M.

$10 A TICKET!!

7:54 PM

The Athenians!! minus Hippolyta (Desiree)

I'll try and get a full Athenian pic when I can. (With all our costumes done up and stuff)

And with Desiree in it too!
- she's so pretty and tall :D

And she's really nice, like a big sister. Though I've not spoken that much with her, but yeah.. I treat her like a "da jie jie".

3:47 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Real busy with stuff lately.

Drama--- The stress of it all!! But it's fun at the same time!!

Lit essay due this coming wednesday

Econs essay due days ago

Both not even started


A couple of photos indiscriminately grabbed from other blogs:

Taken backstage of The Arts House on preview night.
Hair and makeup still not done.

During lunch break; cam whoring.
I do not like hairspray.

Oh my.
Not a good camera angle for Gabby.

Hippolyta and Theseus!!
They're both really tall. I swear!

Fairies!! In all their Arabian splendor!

Elaina's reaction after constantly being teased about her moustache and beard.

That's me in the background looking like I've been possessed.

Wth...I blinked!!

Sondra rocking that 'do like a 1920s starlette.

Photos from staurday- SRT's Midsummer Night's Dream!!:
It was so fun cuddling up with Meiling and Eriffin on the mat.
They were essentially my girlfriend and boyfriend for that night. Lol!

Waiting for the gates to open.
So we cam-whored. No surprises there.

Me in absolute bewilderment that they were still at it.

Meiling, Shu Anne and I.
Yes.. in case you were wondering, we were disturbed by the blinding light in the background.

Lounging about on our picnic mat

It was a great night.
Pizza, friends and drama.


Pretty glad that our interpretaion of MSND differed from SRT's one.

10:14 PM

Friday, May 11, 2007

The preview went great.
I presume all of us were freaking nervous when we were performing.
I for one was jelly on the inside.

And loads of work to be done on the potrayal of Demetrius. Loving towards Hermia, but yet highly assertive. Not easy, let me tell u that.

Not easy at all.

And Athenians(humans) are so boring and serious. Lol.

-- which can be developed into quite a deep theme if you actually analyse the play.

I've come out with several comments on it, but no.. you wouldn't want to be bored to death.

I'm rather stressed over everything basically. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the process, but yes.. it IS stressful.

Oh my feet hurt after walking about in those thin, flat-soled white shoes.

I'm glad to be laying on my bed.

10:45 PM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wise words from Sharon about the acting when she addressed the cast as a whole.

Will seriously contemplate about it.

Go cast!
And Logistics!
And Make up!
And Publicity!
And Costumes!
And Lights and Sounds!
And everyone else!

9:11 PM

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

At the CJC Library computer room.

Nothing but a thin partition seperates me from that gorgon of terrors, Medusa. (Yi Ting and Amadea should probably know what I'm talking about- lol)

PW Period sgtarts in approximately 26 minutes time.
And after which, dreadful P.E.
And after which, drama from 5 to 6.30 pm.

Hope I don't screw up my newly memorized lines.

Tone to be considered.

Expression too.
Luck to me.

I'm sorry people, but I don't have many things to blog about today.

For starters, the weather sucks like hell. It's so freaking hot.

AND..there is a chance that I'll be doing 2.4 later this afternoon. Dammit; times about a few hundred thousand times, which equates to total frustration.

But frustrations aside, today was quite a good day.
Didn't get angry with anyone. Wasn't emo.
Just a bit flustered over the memorization of lines
(which I'm already done for Act 2 and going for Act 3 , mind you)- I'm a relatively fast learner.

Leaving now.


2:33 PM

Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh dear me.

I just read my asylum post and realised the horrible grammatical errors I made. Yes, to me that is very much a crime.
Then I suppose we have all been criminals at least once before.
And we should be locked behind bars.
Protected from the horrors of the world.

Solace in confinement? I think not.

Anyway, will edit that post some other time.

Busy busy busy, but I still love what I'm doing- my CCAs especially.

Studies are okay. I'm not failing anything, neither am I doing brilliantly well- just the top few in GP and Lit. Occasionally the top scorer.

But I always tell myself that there's room for improvement. Always.

Consider that to be setting expectations that are too high? I think not. It's relatively healthy I guess.

Off I go now.

Till next time.

10:40 PM

Sunday, May 06, 2007


For the last time:

I'm not the villain here.

Get that in your heads of various sizes.

4:49 PM

Hey Vistors of the Local Laundromat.

Sorry for not updating these past few days- I've been coming home late almost everyday.

And Binni thinks I always look emo and don't smile enough :( ??? Lol!! Just consult my clique friends in secondary school and I'm sure they can duly tesify against it. Majorly big time. I'm actually rather crazy (yes, I do realise that I'm making myself sound rather psychotic)

Which is rather ironic actually... Coz I AM to a certain extent psychotic. We all are.
Last year, I was bored during Maths class and created this theory that we are all mentally unstable to certain extents. It's just that the ones who are really cuckoo, are those abnormal ones who have levels of mental instability that are higher than the normal levels everyone has.

But that would be a paradox within itself-

For if we were all mental instable to certain extents, we should then all be sent to asylums to being treated there.

Or perhaps the world we live in- the perimeter in which we set around us, is the actual asylum.
Are we living in an uber-expanded asylum known as our surroundings? Then in that case, we deserve to all be striaghtjacketed.

No, no... Now, that wouldn't be a very good sight, would it?

But what the hell.. I'm just rambling on...

Maybe I'm the psychopath. And if that's the case- BEWARE....
I'm a psycho with extremely split personalities.

Teetering about the boundaries of zany eccentricity, and melancholy emoness.
Am i that scary??
Is the thing I look at every day a freak of nature???
Perhaps so, coz every day when i look into e mirror, I tend to find something that I'm not happy with my face.

And by the way, it's 1.20 am...shit. I've got to go to church tmr...
And ive got to wake up early..

You see??? The lengths I go to just to entertain the bunch of you...
You're all just as ridiculous as I am!

Go ahead and mope about this as I prepare for slumber. Slumber that I so desperately crave for.

And yes..after typing so much, I realised that I haven't even mentioned about anything I wanted to mention earlier.

Tomorrow perhaps.

Loads to update u guys.

Till then, the Local Laundromat bids adieu!!


1:09 AM

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Things are not getting any better!!

The book I wanted to borrow wasn't available at the library!!

The polyclinic doctor was so attitudy!!

Almost got hit by a taxi, and the fucking driver still dared to horn at me!!
Hello?!?! Your fault!!!
Stupid taxi drivers...

And I just remembered that today was the last day to submit my class' orders for the SRT's A misdummer night's dream!!

And I don't want them to think I'm inconsiderate, irresponsible and self-centred!!...I'm not even surprised if one or two think of me that way in the first place!!


..other than the weather. The weather's windy and gloomy :)
Just the way I like it for now.

4:57 PM

Check out the new links: Muffin Films and Making Fiends.

I found them out when I was in sec 2-
pretty funny.

You have a sudden urge to click on those links....

12:00 PM

Skipped school today coz I woke up this morning feeling like dick shit.
Big deal... it's my prerogative anyway.

Going to the polyclinic later to get the freaking medication and mc.
Oh joy...

I've been feelin' real emo these past few days.
Yesterday, the "emoness" started when I found time to catch up with some of my best friends in secondary school via msn and the telephone.
Nostalgia can be such a bitter-sweet thing.
Indeed, it certainly can.

And suddenly, while talking to them (especially one of them), the fear crept in:

The fear of being forgotten.
Left to rot in the remnants of the past.

Am I being reborn into this new chapter without any affiliations to the past?

Memories- perhaps the only preservative that retains it. But what happens when they leave our conscious mind?

Drifting away into oblivion.

Forever gone.
Never to return..

And just when I thought the "emoness" would be gone today, I was most certainly mistaken.

Was blog surfing when I came across one of my friend's online crib:

I shall not mention anything but 'Oh the irony' is all I can say.
Look at my sick sad life and dont compare.
Oh well... we are being surrounded with paradoxes.

and Smiles. Those in photos ---That are being captured in that moment in time. A veneer that hides something more, unseen by the audience? We never know..

It's not good to indulge in the deadly sin of envy..
And what about the very idea of comparing?

The cycle of comparison doesn't stop.

And it never will.

I think I need to write a poem.

11:11 AM

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A couple of photos taken from last Saturday 28th April.
Brought to you by the CJC Drama Society.

Princess Mustardseed and her subordinates

Cool aerial shot taken in Far East.
with terrence wandering about in the background

King Oberon looking like he's about to throw a kiddy tantrum

And behold!!
The very Queen herself- Queen Titania!

Titania and Oberon!

Qazim, Nat and I at the dance studio.

The Gang with Ros!

12:53 PM