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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hair will grow back, Matt. Hair will grow back. It's definitely assured; and your hair grows fast too.
But I just don't really like butchy hair, that's all.
What the hey, you still look good nonetheless. Lol.


The post production party went really great.
Everyone was a little disappointed when Sondra and Pet Tan didn't switch from a cake fight to a Hershey's chocolate sauce fight. That would have been very kinky and entertaining.
And of course, some of them got tipsy/drunk and any stage in between. Who me? Oh no, I was a sober boy that night.

It's best that I was anyway, some of my best friends know how I behave when I'm just merely tipsy ;) And yeah.. Details aren't important.

And amidst the pool dunking, dragging people into the pool, great food, mindless chatter, people playing dirty truth or dare games, it was quite a cool party.

10:25 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Alrighty, in case any of you were wondering, I hardly studied for Mid Year examinations. So essentially, my H2 subjects were moderately nightmarish.
Lit was disappointing.
Economics was (and is) bunk.
And Geography's hanging in between an E or S grade.

You know, the whole issue of the death of Thaddeus is still kinda getting to me. Makes me ponder about the meaning of life- Really. And I think the main lesson we can learn from this is to live life to the fullest. To leave your legacy behind.

Do your utmost best in whatever you do, and dare to dream!! Ala Paris Hilton in 'Nothing in this world' *Sways head to music playing in head*--

--NO!! nonono.. NOT a Paris Hilton addict!!!
*Violent trembling* Not...a fan...NO...

But what's wrong with Paris?? I actually don't mind her, and was tempted to buy her album--
--D'OH!! You fool!! Why did u just admit that?? You DO NOT like Paris even though you have 2 of her songs in your ipod including Stars are Blind!

Argghh!!!--- Just shhhhhh; shush it!!

*Stares blankly into the computer screen for 10 seconds or so*
... ... ...

All of that dare to dream thing might be a lil' ridiculous to some, but it really is some critical shit. Never limit yourself by imposing analytical pessimisms.
Like you know, I'll let you guys into something:
One of my chilhood dreams was to be a Hollywood actor; not necessarily those in movies but those also in sitcoms or serials.

I don't have it with me now, but there used to be video tape of me when i was 5 years old in a striped tee shirt and oshkosh overalls after coming back from my first visit to the zoo and randomly exclaiming that I will be a famous actor-Lol. SERIOUS! I'm not bullshitting
If I'm not wrong, that video was rather embarrassing.

But hey, now that I realise it. I still Do wanna be an actor when I grow up, and I asked my mom if it was okay with her should I pursue acting overseas. And to my hugest surprise, she was completely a-okay with it.

Yeah.. my loftly hollywood dream
Let me study in the states, please! And I'll do whatever it takes to get my PR there!! I'll do whatever it takes!!! Lick people's boots or bite the toenails off a hairy foot- LOL!!

But no, I wont ever sell my soul to the devil in case you were wondering.

And this is a random, exclamation, but... I WANNA GET THOSE SEXY CLARK KENT GLASSES FOR MYSELF!! The squarish sort. Yeah.. I have minor myopia, don't really require glasses, but you know... What's wrong with trying to look sexy?

Okay out of things to blog. Will type more trash tmr.

10:17 PM

Monday, June 25, 2007

Yeah, and uhm.. I guess most people should know about Thaddeus by now, since it's already out on the papers.

I was never really close to Thaddeus even though I was his classmate in primary 5, 6 and sec 2. But somehow, his passing on really struck me. Death strikes you in mysteriuous way even though you're not close to that person.

I don't know. I felt sad. Somehow...

And I just couldn't sleep that night because thinking of his death, reminded me of the death of the important people in my life when I was growing up. Yeah.. I miss my dad and grandparents.

But then we shouldn't dwell in our sadness too much; It's okay to grieve but we should at least be comforted that Thaddeus is in a better place.

5:08 PM

Hey hey hey.. Just got back.
I suppose I managed to beat the afternoon crowd. Saw several Jc students (probably hanging out after their paper) which only reminded me that I haven't really spent much time studying (!!!*Freaks out for a moment)

Lord have mercy; I am a lazy boy indeed.

But anyhow, hope that Colin will enjoy his present(s). Walked round like mad so you better like it okay?! Lol- Clique efforts are magnifique anyway.

And my new journal is radical. Groovyness.

12:29 PM

Alrighty. I kinda pissed Colin over the less-than-horrible-but-somewhat-insensitive-things-I-did, and that's my bad. So I'm sorry if you got offended, Colin. (But I was definitely not using you for your laptop. That's just gross, really)

But trust me. Your birthday present is gonna more than make up for it ;) A super duper present to make up for that terrible cheapo pasar malam-ish female's watch that the clique gave you last year. And also, a sign to show that no matter how much we (or I) piss you off, or how much you piss us off, we still appreciate everything about you.

Right down to the butt smacking hilarities (quite litreally, actually) that make you you :D

Even as I type, I'm already getting ready to leave for some present shopping. I wonder for who.. Yeah fine, it's so obvious anyway.

And that reminds me... After which, I MUST get to my studying for Econs and Geog (tmr and wed) Oh heck.

Better go now. I HATE shopping mall crowds. To the core.

And I better buy myself a new journal.

10:21 AM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And so, my very first formal literature exmaination awaits me in 2 days time. Less than 48 hours to be exact. Am I being neurotic about it? YES.

I am a semi-freak, coz I wouldn't in the right mind wanna get anything less than a D for it (lit that is)

Don't really feel like going home. Still enjoying Sam's and Colin's company + the pleasures of internet access.
And by saying pleasures, I don't mean pornography.

Arrggh!! I hate the workload of JC Life!!
Dammit... Bloody shit.
Menstruation mixed with diarrhoea- thats what it is. Bloody shit.

Okay. Off to downloading songs for my ipod.

Editor's note on 25/6/2007 12.43 p.m. :
Matt was not making use of Colin.
This should not be mistaken for it is not Matt's intent to do so.
He was merely using the machine.
So yes, sorry for any misunderstandings.

--Editor Bradford Smith

12:43 PM



Right...Just kidding- Duh.
The only offence I committed was to not seek permission for staying over at Colin's place with Sam. And under the Fam residence, that IS quite an offence.

And so the nagging came.
And even more so due to the fact that my mom's laptop is screwed up.
There she goes scolding me on the phone, blaming me and my older sister.
But you know what, I pretty much stoned the whole way through- It's how the children of the Fam residence learn to survive long boring lectures from mommy dearest

I mean, seriously. It really is the best way.
Attempt retaliation and you'll be sentenced with another 15-20 minutes of more nagging, which is longer than you'd anticipate it to be.
Should you choose to answer back even more or be sarcastic, and then you best be ready for some drama..

It might even lead to a slap across the face if you push your luck!
Wa wa we wa

And who knows, if youre that pissed, you could simply pack your stuff and just leave the house for a day or so.

I was almost tempted to do so this one time:
Mom and I were both shouting at each other in the shopping centre- At that point of time, the term 'face value' had absolutely zero meaning to us.
So there we were, screaming our heads off at each other, causing a mini scene. And I almost felt like walking off to go home, pack my stuff and stay over my friend's place for the day.

But you know, by doing so, I would have unleashed the demons from the gates of hell even before the Seventh Month. In other words, all hell would have broken loose. And I don't really mind to be honest with you, coz I know I'll win. Yeah, really. Don't mess with me. Lol

Oh and sorry for the lack of updates and photos in this blog. The com in my house is busted, so I'm taking absolute full advantage of my friend's laptop at his place.

How resourceful.

For all you know, maybe the reason why I chose to stay over at my friend's place was to just make use of the internet facilities (this is not so, though). What a conniving little bastard that would make me. But no, I'm not that scheming.. Well, I can be if I want to ...ANYWAY, before I meander from what I intend to convey, just wanted to explain the lack of updates. That's all.

And I really needed to escape from my house which was y I "ran away".

Oh yes, and tmr, my SERIOUS studying begins. All this while I've just read my notes in drips and draps. So yeah...

Wish me luck, and till next time folks.

3:28 AM

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Right.. I'm feeling in a happy random mood now.

Heroes (the tv series) rocks. I wouldn't mind buying the DVD.
And I wished I had superpowers too.

I'd feel so special.


Oh and a damn random thing happened today: I thought out the names I would like to call my kids.
Yeah and about this crazy idea that if I don't get married later in my adulthood, I would find a caucasian surrogate mother.

Then that would make me a single dad with mixed chinese-spanish*ahem*(thats from my own blood)-caucasian kids.


And I was just thinking about the future today.
My bro's getting a PR in Australia, and that opens a door for me to migrate under the condition of family reunification in the australian immigration policy.

But then again, the U.S brings about much more appeal. How the hell I'm supposed to be a PR there, I'm still devising.

Wish me luck.

9:41 PM

Finally back from OCIP which was great in case you guys were wondering.
(Will post pics another day)

And now, I wished the holidays were longer coz I've got little time left to study and do PW with my group.

I should be freaking out and be frantic.

But somehow I'm not.

Not gonna revert to my overly stressed ways of term 2.

12:34 PM

Monday, June 11, 2007

Big thanks to all the love from the readers. Appreciate it.

Going for OCIP from tomorrow till Friday evening.

So all of you better miss me or there will be hell to pay, lol kidding.


9:43 PM

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Down I went the emotional roller coaster yesterday, and up I go again!

Glad that everything's settled. With that leprechaun. Yes, especially that scornful little demon. Such a hypocrite, I tell you. And a fellow catholic too? Burn in hell bitch, is all I gotta say.

We may have forgiven each other, but you're forever in my bad books. And yeah, I would love to put laxatives in your water bottle someday :)

But you know what? Life's too short to worry about such minute details.

At least the rest of the class doesn't have a problem with me.

And you can't please everybody.

So hit the road, bitch, and take your whines and complaints along with you.

Well, that was quite a closure I must say.


I guess I never really had the chance to properly blog about CJC Drama Society's Production- A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Leadership training camp.

Let's start with the better of the two anyway:

And by that, I obviously mean the super-cali-fragilistic-espielidocious (did I get that right??) production!!!

A definite highlight for 2007. No doubt about that.

The costumes sub comm did a wonderful job with the costumes despite having a little hiccup with the fairy costumes along the way- from the brown boho skirts to the shing-a-ling arabian ali baba pants.

Those ali baba pants were without a doubt, absolute coolness. Genie glamour.

And those noisy coins! Who could forget them?? They added to the whole oooo-I'm-so-mystical-and-sexy-that-you-better-check-me-out effect. So thanks to costumes, our fairies were hot.

The whole issue about Oberon's and Puck's pants being "the same colour" was kinda funny as well:

Krystal's star moment was her rather loud implication that Sharon was colour blind right in front of her *Audience gasps dramatically*

In response, Sharon snapped that she didn't appreciate such bitchy comments and told Krystal (she didn't know who said it exactly) to zip it or she'd march right up and rip her lips off. POint to note: All of that was said in a rather menacing tone

And that freaked everyone out basically.

The mechanicals recieved a Super Mario-esque get up, and it worked pretty well I must say. It added to the whole light-hearted atmosphere. Clumsy dumb mechanicals. But very engaging and funny.

As for the Athenians, we were all looking smart and formal- Very nice indeed.

Ahhh...what the heck. I'm too tired to continue.

Till next time then

9:23 AM

Friday, June 08, 2007

I feel so happy now.

The apparent tension and conflict was not between my friends at all.

In fact, it was far-fetched and blown up.

So relieved now.

10:07 PM

This blog has been collecting dust for a long time. Yes, I am weary of that.

Erm... First of all, my main com is bust, and the mouse on my mom's laptop is being a total bitch. So essentially, I am very much in frustration.

But that frustration is minute. Obviously.

I've done quite a bit of reflection lately and realised that term 2 has been an absolute emotional train wreck for me.

I have been the source of negative energy in my class, and I've often thrown my temper towards T1.

All in the name of stress. Darn that thing.

So to T1:

I am truly sorry for acting the way I acted to you guys.

I hope you guys understand and give me another chance and let bygones be bygones

I don't know what to say or do now...

Har har.. Watching some copied donald trump Apprentice show now..

"Negtive energy in a group is like a poison, and the team should get rid of it immediately"

Hmm..is this what T1 thinks of me? As a disincentive? I hope not.

I am very flawed. And there's nothing I can do about it.

BUT, All I know is that I'm trying my very best to improve and do the very best that I can.

I keep thinking about what Cobweb and Artist told me back in early term 2.

Their words haunt my mind.

To believe or not to believe.

Maybe it's no use changing because T1 won't give me a chance.

Maybe I need therapy.


my clique in secondary school are suddenly talking behind my back!!
what have i done????

10:48 AM