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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Project Work can be so anal, especially the Written Report, in which portions of group members' writings are forcefully fabricated into a tapestry of literal mess. Really. I mean, getting someone to write the entire written report would be unfair, and sadistic at that (Ooo, I like). But at the same time, splitting the 2500 words among the group members is ridiculous! I mean, not only will the style of writing be different, the main idea of focus would have a tendency to meander, hence rendering the entire essay as out of point.

And, what d'ya know?? Now my PW group has whited down to a mere 3 members, and we're now like guppies swimming in increasingly hot water. Boo-hoo. Life's a bitch, I know. So deal with it.

So... Right now I'm rushing through my portion of 800 words coz my group leader insists on getting it done today (Submission date of the first draft is this coming tuesday) A simple case of early bird catching the worm?? Well, screw it. My studies are already like shit, so whatever.

You have NO IDEA how painful it is clickling 'word count' to see how much nearer you are towards the end of torture.

Sick sad world.

5:13 PM

No inspiration to type, so I'll let let the pictures and captions do the talking

-A new statue that had been placed next to our school pond.

It seriously looks totally bondage-like. Like some kinky scene in a S&M porn video.
Isn't this supposed to be a Catholic school?!?!

Gabby posing next to the poster, which never fails to scare the bejesus outta me- I swear.

Must be the eyes I guess. Creepyness.

All three written by me.

Oh the bane of love, indeed, as expressed through Shakespeare's plays.

As a self-admitted hopeless romantic, I have to fully agree.

The Physical Theatre workshop was really great, for more reasons than one ;)

But then again, for some reason (which is for me to know and for you to never find out), the emo bug had to set in and I tried to suppress it with a bar of $2.65, 60% Cocoa Dark Chocolate.

It really worked. Somewhat.

12:45 PM

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My eyes scream fatigue after tonight's event; they rebel and self control is in dire need now.

But Good riddance to the burdens that have passed!
I'd puke in front of you if I was asked to do another emcee gig for the next 2 months or so!

Hurray! Hurrah!
Stupid eyes! What you need is rest, so quit complain' you bitches!- I'm going to sleep now, Happy?!?!

An abrubt end to a random post.

11:39 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things to do tonight before I conk off to sleep before 10 pm:

1. Read Othello

2. Practice PAC Script

3. Write a lil' bit of the Adopt-a-Bin script

4. Diary entry- it's starting to collect dust

And here's a couple of pics taken during the bin painting session today. Good thing we had it- you could say that the class bonded even more during this activity. And since it's a definite possibility that one of our classmates is withdrawing from CJ, that'll leave with us 16. We're probably the smallest class in CJ.

All the more we should bond.

Preliminary stages before the actual bin painting: Mindless paint mixing. Note the absolutely random, out-of-place inverted smiley face at the bottom left hand of photo.

Fascination with the act of stirring

Justin, Jamie, Yi Ting and Amadea

Dawn drawing her groovy flowers in the foreground as Shoes grins on

9:19 PM

Monday, July 23, 2007

Well actually, I wanted to post a poem that I wrote just about 8 days ago. But there seems to be a problem with the html spacing and whatever crap that's derived from it. So, there aint gonna be any poem for you guys to see just yet *Audience 'Awww's*

Don't be too glum though, it's not as though global efforts in saving the environment have gone to waste. (What on earth are you talking about, Matt?!)

Yeah. Sheesh. Randomness aside, I am officially... less than 4 days till the end of my incredibly, less than enjoyable, super-duper, ultra hectic week!! And in case you're wondering, yes- I'm exaggerating. It's just that the opening of the PAC emcee gig is makin' me pretty nervous (hello? i just got the script, you know)

Anxiety issues aside, I really can't wait for our rehearsals to start in preparations for next year's SYF. Audition me, please! I'm dying to act again!-- But Matt, you're a drama king. You constantly dramatise stuff-- Shut up conscience! I wasn't talking to you!

*Ahem* As I was saying .. Yeah, excited bout SYF. Excited about my plans on pursuing acting for university. Excited about my acting career after university (It's obviously not going to take place in here though) -Singapore's a pretty island and stuff, but you get the drift.

But as for now, however, I'm currently a nobody who just needs to get past his A levels and 2 years of NS. In the meantime, I'll just be the artist that I am--- all for arts! *trumpet fanfare*

Which reminds me: I wanna get a bongo drum!! You know those cool beatniks who recite their poetry in a trance-like state while beating their bongo drums? Yeah.. I'd love to perform my poetries. Though the reception would be uncertain. Lol.

And I need to get glasses for lectures. Real soon. Today's Lit lecture with Fahy was the absolute last straw- The font was pretty small and it got so bad that I had to take about 5 seconds to figure out the word! I even had to borrow Gabby's glasses but they looked terrible on me.

Clark Kent glasses? Yes siree.


But no, not those ones with the obnoxiously huge lenses and hideous frames, ala glasses in the 1980s.

4:27 PM

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I find myself indulging in the sweet pleasures of food this past week-

Oh, Food Glorious Food!

Just a phase I presume. Or the worst case scenario would involve me purging in the middle of the night. But nah; that's highly unlikely.

$3 worth of Char Kway Teow from the coffee shop opposite my church. It was just so-so. Blah.

Now this is the good part- Famous Amos Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!!
Woohoo!!!! I must be on a sugar high right now after eating so much of it since this afternoon
Go cookies!!!

Muahahaha!!... Cookie Monster would be SO jealous of me!!

And speaking of Cookie Monster and Sesame Street, here's just a lame parody of it- drawn during one of those boring tutorials and lectures, a couple of months back:

Muppets on Soma!!!

And ending off this random post is yet again another random picture, this time of a boring economics lecture.


Firms in perfect competition are price-takers

Firms in perfect competition are price-takers

Firms in perfect competition are price-takers
... .... ....

8:04 PM

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The random blog post about food!!!!
Oh my God. I could really swear that ice cream is meant for making people feel better.

Like this ultra sinfully delicious Mango Sorbet-Walnut Butterscotch ice cream cone which cost me $4.50??
Yeah I know it looks small, but that's because it was taken from an elevated angle. The ice cream tasted great by the way!

And speaking of food, here we have quite literally, the saucy artworks from Nat and Joel from the Suntec City Carl's Jr. trip!

-The place where we spent about 2 full hours (and possibly more) eating, chatting, gossiping (hell yeah) and having a hell lotta fun mixing and guessing each other's concoctions of soft drinks.
We could very well get high from drinking all that. Lol.

Traces of mayonnaise on barbecue sauce that curve into the shape of a tree.

Rhythmic swirls that represent a treacherous whirlpool- the silent whirlpool that lurks in deep waters, oblivious to many.

A flower in full bloom, as intepreted by Sauce Artist Joel Leong.

Upon being questioned on his inspiration for such amazing artworks, artist Joel Leong simply shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, while being engrossed in his meticulous stirring of.. yes, you guessed it: more sauces.

And to round up this blog post about food, we have a simple messege from the whiteboard of the run down computer labs in CJC:

We've already had our lunch, teacher; Thank you very much.

7:57 PM

Friday, July 20, 2007

No matter what the issue, chocolate and calories always seem to make everything better. Not to mention retail therapy too. But for the thrifty and less-fortunate, an inexpensive bowl of fried mars bar would work just fine.

Went down to Suntec with Nat and Joel after Drama today; joined by Gabby and Bev later on.

Loads of cam whoring as you will soon see.

And a walk round the Fountain of Wealth, wishing for at least a gold award for next year's SYF. Plus a couple of other stuff that I deem unnecessary to post on this blog.

10:04 PM

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I rushing for time so I'm gonna make this quick:

I think I'll end up bursting in flames for tmr.

Well, I'm gonna be in a songkok, baju kurong and kain samping for the Racial Harmony Day emcee gig. Along with an inside layer of white t-shirt coz the material's too thin and I wouldn't want tits being bared and all, especially if I should sweat.

All that until 2 p.m. Sheesh.
AND after which, I gotta change back to my school uniform for the PAC opening ceremony rehearsal at 4. Yes, that simply means that it'll be 2 hours of hanging around. Doing homework perhaps? Yeah right- more like rotting away. Or staying in the library computer room? Blogging?

Stupidly, I'd like to think that the rehearsal would end at about 6 p.m. But yeah... We can all expect for it to be done around 7+. Shit.
Seriously need to be fetched home in that case.

And my the Lord bless my poor soul on Friday.

Currently rushing through my script for PAC.

10:09 PM

Monday, July 16, 2007

I love deleting unsavoury posts, and messages on the tagboard. It's so fun!

Alright I find myself writing and penning down my thoughts and feelings on various number of mediums:
- The Local Laundromat (This Blog)
- The Clique Blog (Restricted access to non members of course)
- And my journal. Or Diary. Whatever you call it- what's the distinction between the two anyway???

Yes, I am indeed a very complex creature

9:01 PM

I went to the doctor today and told him that I was really stressed.

With a perplexed look he questioned if I was in any serious sort of stress.

At that split moment I was tempted to beg him to send me for psychiatric therapy.

But then my conscious mind gave me a huge mental slap. And then I heard the voice in my head telling me that I'm not losing it, and will never ever succumb into being so.

I was relieved to know that.

And here I am. Typing. For this post.

Hmm. School tmr. Blegh.

8:20 PM

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Now that the dust had settled for our Mid Year examintaions, everyone's bascially worrying their asses off about promos. Hence, half of us might turn into cyborgs which efficiency lies in the act of studying. Boo hoo. I myself have pledged to be somewhat of that after seeing my results, but yeah- we all know that most of what Matt says about being willing to study is lip service.

But hey, my pride and joy came from my Literature and GP results: Got highest in class for both. Before we pop the champaigne however, it's just a 'C'. So I'm not gonna let myself get anywhere near complaceny. Besides, the other classes are so much better- Sam told me that his class had mostly Bs and above for their Brave New World Essay. Shit.

Anyhow, I've nothing else to blog about. Other than the recent happenings in drama. But there's really no need to paint the town red regarding the incident.

8:46 AM

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Right. And now I've descended into a state of desperation. One that involves me panicking over my studies. Rah rah (whatever that means- just a random utterance of onomatopoeia)

I just bloody hell want to pass my freaking H2s and not retain. Serious.
I'm behind my studies and I think I deserve a tight slap across my face to wake me up (No, not from any of you- it's just a figure of speech)

Anyhow, upon today's dismissal at an hour past the noon, I shall go home immediately, and hit the goddamn books (sorry for swearing in such a crude manner, but i really am worried for my studies) Perhaps borrow the Othello DVD from the school library to give myself a clearer picture of the play? Hell yeah i suppose, coz Iago's being a complete bastard with his long monologues and Othello's a dumbass who can't freaking tell that Iago's playing him.

Roderigo is a motherfucker who's oblivious about being totally analled by Iago. And Brabantio is just a grumpy, racist old fucker.

Screw you, characters of Othello. I'd rather study Antony & Cleopatra.

At the beginning of the year, I scribbled all over my journal pleading for the supreme social luck in a new environment with new people. Now, I'm on my knees for the divine intervention that could possibly give me the determination and peseverence to not fail my subjects. I'm not even talking bout A's and B's you know, just don't make me screw up.

At the back of my head, my freaking conscience is going on non-stop ' I told you so', or 'You see, you should've studied during the holidays. Now you're behind your studies'..

If you had a physical form like jimmeny cricket from Pinocchio, I'd have plucked out your little feelers and freaking wings, while watching you squirm in absolute pain and horror. So, just shut it: I know I've been making the wrong choices regarding my studies this past month or so. But just give me time to make up for it; I swear I'll be better if you'd just stop making me feel guilty.


10:08 AM

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Possibly the most embarrassing and thrilling moment of my life thus far: Getting totally wasted at my mom's wedding.

Shit.. then again, I perhaps I shouldn't be airing all this dirty laundry.

Wasn't my first time feeling high and stuff, so I there was no freaking out from the whole ordeal. Just a lot of puke.

7:59 PM

Friday, July 06, 2007

The first day of school for me. And I learnt that I pissed off my PW group leader- Awwwwww....

Not really bugged by it, though. It's like those sort of 'dust-off-your-shoulder' sort of things

I do my work. You do yours. Period.

7:53 PM

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh yeah!! I bought a reusable shopping bag this morning- Just a lil' but of effort put in to save the environment. Speaking of which, I don't know why but I've been rather eco-friendly these past few weeks. Like using my own plastic bags in supermarkets, or not taking any to begin with.

I'm such an earth-saving superhero. The cool thing is, you can be too!! :D :D :D
Okay, that was damn retarded.

Anyhow, I went to FairPrice this morning around 9 to get that cool Gatsby Moving Rubber- Improved formula; Grooy packaging. AND... I didn't ask for any plastic bags. In fact I used a REUSABLE bag ***AHEM AHEM AHEM***

So anyway, while I was paying up, the lady was speaking to me in chinese (like wth) and she practically mumbled all her words...

Being the naive dodo that I am, I idiotically replied in chinese. and of course, i can't speak chinese well at all. Hence, me sounding like a freak. So there was a communication breakdown. Embarassingly so...

So there she was looking at me probably thinking-
"What the hell are you talking about????"

And I was looking at her thinking-

"Why don't you fucking hell take some elocution lessons, coz I can't fucking hell hear a word you're saying."


Dumb bitch.

Morbidly sadistic

5:59 PM

I'm pretty glad that I'm being excused from school for today and tomorrow. Wedding preparations that I'm just involved in (to what degree, I don't really have a clue). But anyway, my exemption is approved by the Royal Seal of the Fam residence so if CJ doesn't approve of it, all I have to say is 'boo'--

--No, not that scaring kind of 'boo'; the jeering kind of 'boo'. Why would I want to give the people in the admin office a scare?

*Smashes through glass doors of admin office wearing a black cloak and 'scream' mask*

"BOO!! Gyah hahah!!! Gimme all the keys to the fifth floor or I'll eat your brains!!!"
"Ahhh!!! Okokok..*fumbles and hands over keys, hands trembling* p..please don't hurt me; just take it!!"

Well.. That's a lil' extreme doncha guys think?- scaring people like that and stuff.
More like assault.
Unless it's halloween you know, but really, I'm going off topic

3:10 PM

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And tomorrow I return to the realities of jc life. The disgusting projects which I have not even touched

4:31 PM

HA!! 6 hours plus of non stop mah-jong from, quite literally, the middle of night to 7 in the morning. With non other than the clique of course.

Started to play my ass off halfway through the 20+ rounds, coz I found out that they were serious about using the playing chips as money. In other words, I had no idea that we were gambling. For real. Wow. I'm such a crook; I hope I don't get fined or arrested for typing this- Illegal gambling in an unauthorized casino or whatever not??? Oh my..

And to make things worse, at that point when I found out that they were serious about using real money (wow.. it's really terribly fascinating), I calculated my playing chips and found out that I had concurred.....*diiing* $3.80 in losses. Gee. I think I panicked quite a bit then.

But oh well... Managed to win back all my losses and even more when I won 4 rounds in a row while I was the "zhuang" or whatever you call it.

Yixin was amusing everyone with how serious he was with the game:
"Matt, You can't leave the round halfway or you'll get bad luck!"
"You have to make more noise while shuffling the tiles to scare away bad spirits *Me staring blankly at him*"

It got annoying at times, but hell yeah; funny nonetheless.

And who could forget when everyone thought the someone broke into the house at 3 a.m.+ while we were playing?? Paranoia at its finest. Not tt complacency took over, but considering the circumstances, there was seriously little chance of someone really being there- Sam's 2 dogs being the best indicator.

The icing on the cake?? Yixin and Sam taking golf clubs, with Yixin being overly persistent about the rest of us arming ourselves should me come face to face with the burgler. The situation could've seemed rather grim at that moment, but looking back, it DID feel silly.
Lol, a definite bloggable moment, though (as mentioned by Martin).

2:42 PM