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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Chinese A level paper was a total bore. Those kinds of stuff you absolutely hate doing, but just doing it for the sake of following the freaking system. It went just fine, though. I'll most likely pass, so that was probably my swan song for writting a Chinese essay ever again.

Oh the misery!! Sense my blaitent sarcasm in that.

And I'm picked to be one of the facilitators for Orientation 1 2008.
Wasn't particulary estatic about it, however.. It was those sort of oh-good-okay-the-sky-is-so-blue kind of moment. Maybe something else was bothering me... Like whether I should buy a magazine, or if I should go to the hairdresser and thin my sides.

Stuff like that.
And then on my way out of school, I was looking at reflective surfaces and wondering
'Should I go to the hairdressers' to thin my sides?? As in, REALLY'

Vain bitch is what I'll call myself in my head moments after doing so.
And then Mr. Hyde will say 'Thank you'

So anyway, I'm pretty excited for this Friday to pass by coz that's when my holidays really start.
The class chalet, the outings, the shopping trips, the swimming and tanning, my birthday!!, Drama SYF rehearsals, and everything else

I'm lovin' it!

Holy crap. I wonder how much McDonalds paid Justin Timberlake to use his song for their slogan..

9:44 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The fact that my identification card is missing doesn't bother me too much to tell you the truth. It's just somewhere in the house- I just know it. What bothers me, however, is if I'm unable to find it in time before the A level chinese exams and OP. In that case, I'll have to end up using my passport as proof of identification.

Yeah.. The chunky red passport. Embarrasingly so.
And what if passports aren't accepted?? But how can this be so? It's a passport! You know, the penultimate document which proves that you are an actual resident/citizen of the Island State?

Anyhow, I'm just waiting for this coming week to end. And then I could seriously sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays-- Worries b'gone!

And, no- I didn't go swimming this morning. It was raining. Drat..
Unless I wouldn't mind swimming when it's raining. And instead of getting myself a sexy tan, I would get a cold.
Or maybe if there happens to be a thunderstorm while I'm swimming, and lightning just so happens to strike the pool, I'd be electrocuted!

And if such were to happen, I'd most likely die.
Or there would also be an incredibly tiny chance of me surviving and obtaining superpowers of electricity.

3:37 PM

Friday, October 26, 2007

That setreotypical dry, hot afternoon in which you feel like doing.. absolutely nothing.
It's those sort of days in romance novels perfect for sex, or doing.. absolutely nothing.

And that's just what I'm doing--- Absolutely nothing!
Okay, that's it, I'm going swimming tomorrow.

2:02 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Photos taken during yesterday and today:

Yes, that's the umbrella I was talking about..

My younger sis and I

9:53 PM

You bitches best be thankful that I'm spending time updating my blog, lol. Some people don't even bother updating theirs- they become archives part of the Museum of Natural History.

Anyhow, I'm real glad how everything's going for my group's OP. I just have to work on speaking slower and being less debaterish and aggressive. Yeah... Imagine that. Intimidate and scare the hell outta the OP examiners. Way to go, Matt.

Oh and after everything, I had to lug along the freaking umbrella which I left behind in class the other day. To Orchard?? And on the MRT?! Holy Moley! Half the time while I was holding the umbrella in the train, I had this constant urge to just shove it down the gap in between the train and the platform whenever the doors opened. Uh huh, and if I should do so, not only would I come across as a complete retard, but SMRT would probably fine me or something.

That'll be a $500 fine for acting like a Doofus, thank you very much.

Holding the umbrella, I also couldn't get that Rihanna song out of my head. You know, since I was holding one, and yeah... uber lamity I know. And before I could further divulge into thinking of the various sexy stuff one could do with an umbrella, I quickly passed it over to Carmen. Maybe she'll do better in thinking up of such ways.

And a little practice session with Sean? Oh my dirty mind wanders..
But everyone thinks that they look cute as a couple! I mean, we know that they don't like each other in thaaat way, but entertaining the very possibility of it is interesting.

I still haven't bought a magazine to read. So that means re-reading some of the older issues (how pathetic is that?) and some of the older issues which I've not even touched (even more pathetic??) Yes, VERY much so.
It's those sort of magazines when you go
"Damn! Why the fuck did I buy this trash???" about 5 seconds after you give the cashier your money.
And then you could go bash your head against the window of the shop.
And all the customers would shriek in horror as you repeatedly do so--

"Arrghh!! Stupid, stupid me for buying that magazine!!"
*bang... bang.... bang... bang.....*

Thankfully, that hasn't happened to me before.
Although, I have seen two parents argue in Pasir Ris MRT station once. Right... that was random.

9:24 PM

Yet another poem written not too long ago as well.

This one's doesn't have a title as of yet

Jagged stairs. Jagged beams. Jagged floorboards.
Peeling and creaking as I step towards the alluring window.
The curtains dancing in the open air with aid of Summer Breeze
They dance for joy- while I stare with stringed passions
Maneuvered by the vessels in which blood courses through-
the petroleum for passionate pursuits.

My arms enslaved in the sinister wrapping grasp of these organic strings
I am a ventriloquistic host
and the motion of ivory lace draws me towards the Sun
An opening; like the drawn curtains of a royal theatre.
Awaited by an audience

But those that see me through these crumbling walla
see me with shadows cast from the lacy sheets
Shadows of flora imprinted on my skin
Like a scar; a tattoo of hideous imperfection
Hideous, hideous mark-
my blood to feed the roots ingrained in flesh
The Sun to nurture these shadow-grown petals.

And there you see me- a freak-
a deconstructed pandemonium of your disdain
Through these smashed shards
Through these fractured frames
and veiled with burning curtains my id sets ablaze
The touch of fire burning my skin; to perish in your hate
My hate.
The furniture means nothing to me-
Termite infestation I'd rather have in my brain
To decay like the collapse of card pyramids;
snapping matches which send screams down my frail spine
All in the collapse of this quaint dollhouse
in rhythm of my breaking skeleton; the building beams- the support.
The refuge.
Each snap to give delight to the dark mass of knowledge in my mind.

Receiving a grand applause from the audience
along telescopic lawns of lettuce green..

- Matt J Fam

Yeah.. for some of my earlier poetries written during previous years, check out www.mattjfam.deviantart.com
I haven't updated that page with my recent poems though, so all that I've got on it is just poems from 2005 and some less recent ones- nothing much there at the moment.

8:31 PM

A poem written not too long ago:

This one's called..
'Powdered Shells of Cycles and Colours'---

Pearly shells by the beach
baked in the Sun
As the lapping waves swallow and spit
the crispy flakes into a froth of Seaside Stew
Pushing and pulling through the pulses
of time and generation
In motion with Elune's rigid cycle
her phase which renders the powers of the ocean
in disability and awe
surrendering to her command

As such the ageless water reverberates through
cycles of life; clenching hand of maiden
It lives beyond life that of Great Men
the Beautiful. The Mighty.
All that is perished in time

But shells stay permanent
though crushed to powder
regenerating their original form-
splendorous in shape. Varied in colours.
The colours that make the blind see
or common stroller on the beach which stretches on
beyond miles into the mystic twilight of azure blue
Auras of white, black, red and yellow
that pierces the sensory perceptions. They clear the fog.
The mist that clogs

The colour blind can even see the colour of shells
The blaring differentiation
Of cycles and colours

-Matt J Fam

8:20 PM

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm somehow drawn to large, dangerous looking scissors..

7:05 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2007

All riiight

The editing of slides and script writing are all done. Now all that's left is the rehearsal of my script tonight and tomorrow.

Can you believe it? I gotta attend some ghastly PCF kindergarten children's concert coz my mom's the MC. Not that I don't intent to give support, but I mean... It's a kindergarten graduation concert, you know? And it's PCF too. Imagine that.
AND I have to go for some dinner at some church straight after that!
Which leaves me with little time to do what I need to do.

11:55 AM

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I would probably be branded as anal after messaging my PW groupmates on what to do for the OP slides- 'i need you to do this/that' same old same old..
Yeah, but I just won't let Mr. Tay find another fault in my group. As in, the previous time was seriously the last straw.

And that means slide editing and script writing/rehearshing for tomorrow and monday.
Also, to prevent procrostination, I'll stick reminders everywhere- In my bathroom. My bedroom. Note on my phone. On the fridge door.

"Edit your OP slides and do script!"

PW is shit

Oh, and I'm glad that Shoes and Yi Ting managed to get promoted despite falling in the boderline zone. I'd rip my hair out if they didn't promote.
Sad stuff: One of my classmates will be retained though.

And we're down to 15.
The motley crew of 15---

And if another got banged down by a bus, there'll be 14.
And if another got fried by lightning, there'll be 13.
No, I'm not enjoying this painting of scenarios- Yeah, they are morbid. I was just being bored.

Okay, I've nothing else to write
Good night folks

11:32 PM

It's really too funny how the more you don't wish to cross paths with a particular person, the higher the chance it'll actually happen. The epitomy of weirdness, I'd say.

And then I'd go
D'OH!! Someone slap me unconscious with a large trout!

And erase that part of my memory!
In fact, turn back time if you could, Mr. Sandman!
But everything happens for a darn good reason.

It really does

1:18 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2007

10:56 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Right... It's been almost a week since my last update, and I do apologize for that.

Everything's been pretty easy going- especially after promos. They were painful. Like screwdrives forcefully shoved up my nostrils, breaking through my innards, piercing my brain and having its juice drained out through my eyes, mouth and whatever not. Yes- ouch. Even more so when my lectureres go through the answers, and I'm thinking 'Oh crap, I may actually be classified under a boderline case for retention'

Ah well, when all else disappoints, there'll still be GP and Lit to make the overall picture seem less bleak. Hopefully.

Anyhow, I've still not picked out my costume for tomorrow's open house. Darn. Hmm.. dressing up like a kid. Shouldn't be too hard I suppose.. I could just go through all my old polo tees and stuff. and just see what I can come out with..

Poetry! Oh yes, during my spare time, in which I've had quite a bit after the promos, I've written a couple more poems (besides Arabian Sun). Will be putting them up, plus all my older poems, some of which you guys might have read up on this website:


It's currenty empty right now, but it won't be so for too long.

Bongos.. Looking for bongos. To perform some of my poetries.

1:31 PM

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Tonight's the night where I just have to sleep early. I don't know why but when I woke up this morning, I was almost definite that I was gonna make myself sleep early. In the meantime, however, I'm having some trouble doing so. Nothing beats a good ol' blogging session, eh?

Speaking of which (the mention of ways to pass time), I haven't read a fashion magazine in quite a while. They say one should avoid such things coz the natural emotion of envy will just plague your mind while reading such. But I say to hell with it- all of it is just a matter of self control anyway.

Yes, Men's Mode seems pretty good. Men's Vogue on the other hand seems like a waste of money, but I haven't read it before so who am I to judge? You know what? If I can't decide I'll just buy both--no no. Bad idea. I'm not on a loose budget. Crap!! I better take a passport sized photo asap to remake my ez-link card. Yeah- the one that got all peeled and botched up AND confiscated by the bus driver for "investigation".

"Call them back in 5 days time to get it back"
--Yeah right. As if I'll go through all that trouble to get my fucking spoilt ez-link card back.

Sometimes you can't blame those people who assault the bus drivers, coz not only are some of them a total pain in the ass, they have this look of "I hate my job" which totally puts you off. A smile perhaps?? One of those goes a long way in case you didn't know. I'm not speaking for the majority though, some bus drivers are really models of service standards.

I'm gonna sleep now.

9:28 PM

Thanks Colin for introducing IndieFeed podcasts to me- I'm hooked on the performance poetries.

Alas, I've found a mirror in the realm of technology. Who'dve thought??

3:39 PM

Another Matt J Fam original. This one's titled Arabian Sun.

Bitter tears of acid from the rare raincloud
Erode the cornerstone of emotional foundation
And in the rubble, scavengers seek:
treasures of great splendour
unkown to man
Those to be bartered off as common sand
and hidden within
dust of diamond and gold

While in transaction from town to next
under the heat of equatorial Arabian Sun
Intersecting routes of Camel trails-
their humps of seperate being but comman goal-
embarking pursuits of Indian spice

Vanishing with the winds of time;
burying its mark;
travellers succumb to blindness

And sandstorm's fury may scatter the sand
as its definite fate for it to be
Its rage with piercing rays, do not deter
the bravest trader
to collect the priceless rudiments-
fetching riches beyond Agra's wealth

It is the shining gem
which gleams forevermore in Apollo's glare.

12:59 PM

Friday, October 05, 2007

It's finally over

Yep- the bane of all banes. Over. At last!

8:01 AM

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Argh!! I just hate practicing Math!

All that I've done so far is practice Equations and Inequalities, Trigonometric equations and graphs and Functions. That's it. Yes- just 3 darn topics! And I've still got quite a bit to go!! Sheesh!!

Damn. I'm suddenly feeling so drowsy.

2:32 PM

The promos are almost over so I can pretty much relax. Except for Math, that is. Gotta do work for Math later- I hate math!! So many bad memories of it in secondary school. Too many, haha.

Economics came as a big surprise- considering the fact that I only started revising the day before, I think that I've gotta good chance of getting at least an E.

And for Lit it was all smiles from me, although I wished that my analysis for the unseen texts (for both paper 1 & 4) were stronger and more thorough. At least a C for the subject, I'm guessing; but oh please!! I want a B!

Geography was perplexing. It was like, at some point of the paper, I'd think that I could most definitely pass. Then again, during other parts, I'd be worrying my ass off that I'm gonna fail. So I'll say it was of a sub-pass standard.

Yeah.. I don't feel like studying

Just got my allowance + the $ that I used for payment for school stuff last month
Hurray. I'll be debtless now.

9:32 AM

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This actually happened during Paris Fashion Week in 2006---

That model's career is RUINED. I bet she was crying buckets backstage.


6:11 PM