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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's kinda sad how my first blog post in about 2 weeks has to start on such a note of irritation. Irritation over economics basically. I sought for an elementary knowledge of economics when I first stepped into CJ, mainly for the perk of being somewhat financially savvy in the future. What I was not looking for, however, was an in depth study of all the nooks and crannys of all forms and alienistic combinations of market structures, policies what not.

I certainly didn't ask for this. But as Miss Ho once said last year- you can't throw away retarded babies. No. You certainly can't dump them in some rubbish chute. So euthanise them. (Nah, I'm obviously just kidding. Both in a literal and a figurative way)

Oh! And something else that's bothering me?? Yeah. Whenever the HTCs get called to the right/left flag pole for some meeting, I never fail to sigh because if it so happens to be an important event, my class would usually not really give a hoot. Well some do. But try holding a class discussion where you have people still burying their heads in whatever their doing, sitting on tables listening to their ipods or God knows what else. Yeah yeah... I'm not angry at them coz I'm on good terms with them as friends. But the actions?? Utter garbage.

It makes me feel like I can't even lead the class properly, which is sometimes true I guess. Actually, you know what?? I'm sitting here wondering why am I even feeling annoyed to be with? Clearly, muscle aches and sleep deprivation do not constitute to a good mood. Maybe with the boost of caffine, but other than that, channel your inner demon and let loose. Lol. Exaggeration once again...

It's probably not the class issue which I'm bugged about. Actually, it isn't. I'm just being grouchy, so let me retreat to my little cave and sulk away till I decide to be an overly enthusiastic, attention seeking, shameless billboard once again.

Har har har...

Right. So there you have it. I'm grouchy right now. And although I've been dismissed 35 minutes ago at 2, I gotta wait till 3 for my make up lesson to start...sheesh

2:23 PM

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've been pretty caught up with school, CCA and stuff, but I'm having a good time nonetheless while at it. So apart from studying Geography and practicing monologues, I think my Saturday was rather well spent- on pigging out, napping randomly and youtube-ing. It's not the most productive thing in the world to do, of course, but at least it's better than being dunked into a vat of boiling oil, right???

Film night at CJ is coming up real soon on friday. A Goth theme. Heh. I'm already having ideas on what to wear. Needless to say, I don't want to be a zombie again. All that hunched up zombie walk from the CCA Bazaar made me have an aching back the next morning. Lol.

And there is a way of being dirtier than being in your school uniform the entire day.

4:54 PM

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here's what I have to do:

Geography Tutorials-
I do not wanna go to class with that work not done if Mr Tay is taking that lesson. He gives out punishment saying that Mrs. Leong was the one who implemented it, when she doesn't even do so in the first place. I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't be saying this here, but it's almost as if he's pushing the reasoning for issuing the punishment to her, making him not look like the 'bad guy'.

No hard feelings though.

Math Tutorials and preparation for a Lit assessment on Monday.

So I don't think today should be spent like how I did with Saturday.

Gotta get ready for church now. ..

8:59 AM

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I remember how in sec 3/4, we were allowed to paint our classrooms to instill ownership of the actual rooms itself. So my class went ahead with this 'hell' theme- a red backdrop with black flames arising. It was a job well done I must say, but some of the teachers were against such a layout, citing it as blasphemous or whatever. At that point of time, I thought it was perfectly alright. But it didn't occur to me till recently, that is was so... hellish.

Yeah. Literally AND metaphorically. Survivng as an outcast wasn't easy, but hell yeah it was somehow disturbingly fun- the self sufficiency; the devil-may-care attitude. You would be like hell spawn, treated like crap. And it was twistedly a thrill to be so- making a name for yourself, finding your identity and pushing against the odds which were stacked against you.

It definitely made me learn from my mistakes to become a better person. Matthew Jesse Fam, except even greater. Lol.
Late bloomers rock!

Burn, baby, burn.

11:54 AM

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I saw it coming anyway. First Cheryl and Jamie got sick. Then Amadea. Not surprised when I began to feel unwell.

Right. I need to get to the clinic soon.

Sharon's SYF script sounds great.

5:21 PM

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh yeah! I'm 60% done with my Economics assignments which involve 5 parts to case studies and essays, thank you very much. Just because I'm not too fond of my Economics tutor, doesn't mean I have to fuck up this subject.

I was just randomly pondering about stuff and I've suddenly developed a craving for duck down feather pillows. Yes. I want to get those.
And great new pillowcases and bedsheets- my current ones are freaking faded out and are at least 10 years old. I deserve new ones.
A prince deserves so.. no?

Anyway, for those CJ H2 Lit students out there: remember that lecture Mr Glascow gave about incidences and the theme of power within the Handmaid's Tale? Well, not only does Atwood use it for her other novel Cat's Eye, but it's very much relatable to life itself--

*I actually wrote quite a huge chunk on the topic of power, but removed it coz i know it'll bore you guys out.. lol*

I did, however, write a summarized version of what I wanted to say on my previous msn nick's personal message-

Power among individuals. Powerless among those in power. Tis' irony I sense.
It's a very interesting thing to ponder on. Good stuff to write in lit essays on the Handmaid's tale too.

Right.. I better get back to econs.

7:04 PM

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anybody in the right state of mind should be glad that he has a good Economics tutor.
But having one that's very strict at the same time makes it sometimes tedious to be so.

Oh! Drama was fun (as usual), got a look at our juniors, and I must say that I'm pretty impressed- by some of them anyway.

I heard that there'll be more coming on Monday for the auditions.
Yes. Gimme more. Give us more. Give Drama more.

12:00 PM

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Amadea was kicked out of Haig Girls' for underage smoking below the age of 18. No. Wait. At the age of 1 to be precise.
Only in Lalaland.

Online gallivanting is equivalent to blog hopping??
I suppose so. It's really funny seeing people view pictures of their crush on blogs and things like that. And the over so obsessive gaze that comes with it. It's scary. No. I'm overexaggerating once again. Nobody does that, right? I mean, viewing pictures-yes, but the whole wacko stare??

And is livejournal that fascinating?

I just realised what a magical place our school library is- with mythical creatures like Medusa and Hagrid.

1:30 PM

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's all rather amusing, actually. Hearing all that talk and chatter through the grapevine about who's fucking who; who's been screwed- it's almost as if to be surrounded in all that scandal is something to be very much privileged with. Indeed, postmodernism breeds vast amounts of relativity, so everyone has their own fair say and opinions.

Anyhow, I'm in the library catching up on Geography- the parts which I missed out during lecture earlier on, in which I was dozing off for half of it. Genius. (Oh. Correction- I'm not doing anything academically condusive because I'm writing this blog post) ...Sometimes when I'm in the zone of my dozing off moments, I just can't help but to worry that I might just lean over too much and fall of my seat. No, wait. Or even worse- topple down to the next row of chairs below.

Yeah. A horrendously big, embarrassing scene.

The cheers and screams from the J1s from their orientation are getting pretty annoying now... Not that I'm being a Scrooge, but a healthy dose of fervour and hollering does not cure a headache and grogginess at this point of time. Save it for later, bitches. You have a good time now but then you ditch the school when you get 6/7 points. Irony. Well, some don't. But then again, I'm not speaking for the masses. The non traitors dress blue. Hahah

And yes. CJ's orientation 1 lasts for 6 days. That's like more than a school week of fun and games. And screaming. And cheering. And merriment.
Why can't they extend O2 then? Doesn't make sense... Right. They need to get into the head of things. Not very nice to stall the syllabus, don't you think?

Ah fuck.. Zits on my temples. I'd rather have em on my ass, thank you very much. No wait, then it would hurt when I sit down. Argh.

1:18 PM

Monday, January 07, 2008

Amidst the holiday weight gains, which nobody can really blame- you never blame turkey, roast beef, egg nog, shortbread biscuits, ginger snaps, lasagna, tiramisu or lamb chops. You don't blame these Christmas foods for they satisfy your sense of taste to a large extent. There are other things to rejoice about...

Like me being 1.71 m!! Oh wow. I grew taller.


4:42 PM

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Holy Guacamole!
I just realised that tomorrow is gonna be freaking hectic with schoolwork- Studying for a geog test next week plus an analysis for an unseen lit text, Handmaid's Tale epigraph and chapters 1 and 2?! Well.. Fine. I suppose I'm overreacting as I normally do. You love analysing lit texts, Matt, don't you?? *gives deranged glare*

Yes. And I'm intimidated being in the class of Lit1.
I don't want to be the dunce.
Especially not in Mrs. Sng's class.
I'm wondering if Erika's gonna ask something that might get her scolded again.

Oh! Right. I've mentioned a number of times where Matt actually attempts to be a step closer towards being an Alpha Male by achieving physical fitness. Abs, pecs- bring it on, bitches. Okay, overreaction once again- maybe something more realistic within this time period. Nobody said that I have to be a bona fide yummy hunk sex god. But I assure you (and myself too) that my resolution of being fit will be achieved.

God save me.
Truly. Sincerely.

God save me.

10:05 PM

It was all about ghouls, freaks, zombies and that insatiable mystery for the CJC Drama Society during the CCA Bazaar for Orientation 1. Great job everyone! Especially the makeup crew and those who decorated the LT/booth for the event. Everyone best be sure that the next bazaar will be even cooler (:

6:37 PM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A very Happy New Year to all readers of the Local Laundromat!!

It's gonna be a great year. Yup.
You know, It's kinda strange. I was telling Cowboy this- In a past era such as the 1980's for example, the 2000's were pictured to be something of a futuristic space age-esque environment. Just like the ones we see in movies and such, or perhaps ala Brave New World?

But just take a look around- we're already in the late 2000's, edging towards the 2010's. And yet, we're really nowhere near anything like the Jetson's lifestyle, as pictured from the past as how this current era should be like.

I think you would very well agree that the cause of this is due to the decreasing rate of technological advancements that is concurring. No doubt, we still do have our own fair share of tech improvements and more importantly, the keyword 'advancement'.

However, to what extent can this 'advancement' be compared and pitted up against the kinds of catalytic advancement that was faced in earlier eras. Such as the Golden Age of the late 19th century and early 20th century, where we saw a vast myriad of inventions what not.

...And why the fuck am I making all this sound like some freaking GP essay? I haven't a clue. Maybe the alcohol is acting up again.

My theory is simple: Gone are the days of the Industrial Revolution. Technological advancements are no longer being effectively succeeded by such, but instead by a current phenomenon I call the Environmental Revolution.

You might have other names for this, but just think of it- The quest for new sources of efficient, clean energy. Already we have an increased reliance of Nuclear energy, with its influence fast spreading to parts of Asia. Wind energy. Geothermal. Solar. The list goes fucking on.
And what about all that commotion about incorporating the "virtue" of reusing materials into our everyday lifestyle, such as reusing plastic carriers for our grocery shopping?

The signs are clear.
We are indeed headed for a new revolution in this 21st century. The Environmental Revolution.

SHEESH! I think I better stop drinking right now....

12:31 AM