Time as white sound
Thursday, July 31, 2008

We have read of dystopias from novels, thinking how such worlds seem such a far cry and exaggeration from our current realities.
But as it is, we are edging closer and closer to the true horror of a dystopian world.
Watch this video--

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This train has missed several stops

And sometimes I do wonder if things would've been better if I jumped onto each passing platform of opportunity. Of course, the assumption would be that a greater destiny awaits should I choose to stay on- somewhere along this line of opportunities. A life line.

Sometimes I do wonder how this line has been travelled countless of times by many others- some jump off the right platforms and land themselves in interchanges of shinier, faster trains. Efficient transits. While others step off their zones of comforts not reaping anything more than a dusty train platform, and substandard transportation arriving at such bad choices of interchanges.

Or even worse. A dead end. And they'd loiter about these elevations of constrictions as a hobo. Oh the horror.

And as I wait patiently for my stop to alight, sometimes I do wonder if I'm just like the average, mundane commuter. To board trains of common access. Routes of common usage. I long for exclusivity. I think I might be able to have the pass to board such trains of exclusivity. Do I?
Or is this just another daydream from the moments of dozing off on public transportation...

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Apart from the administration woes over the SGC, which I'll need to clarify with the pe teachers tomorrow morning (Oh God, please help me), I'd say that I'm currently in a very sound state of mind.

It's really all about the love. That of friends and loved ones which brighten up my day.
I'm still not seeming to touch my Economics, which is bad bad bad.

Anyhow, you guys should really visit this website-
And vote for #11- Jasvir Dang from CJC!
Yeah, vote for him so he could win the best speaker award. For all you know, this might very well be his life's only defining moment, after which resulting in a life of decay and recluse.
(Haha, you know I'm kidding Jas)

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hello everyone. It's me back from outer space. The J2 Catholic Retreat for was surprisingly better than I expected, actually- got acquainted with new people, and I just wanna say thank you to all those who wrote affirmation notes. I'm glad I shared this experience with you guys.

And now, back to reality-
I'm behind my studies for basically all subjects; my room's in a mess- worksheets are all over. Organisation would be my saving grace.
I need files. And a proper bookshelf, which I do have actually. Just that it's fugly and the books on it are all not mine!

My throat hurts.

I need to get back to work.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My GC is finally alive
I drained my inspiration to blog after changing this skin.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm really so sorry for the hiatus in my blogging recently- everything seems to be so work propelled these days.

Remeber the times last year or even earlier this year, where you could get away with not doing any work at all for a day or two and still get by schoolwork just fine?
Well I guess we've woken up and smelt the roses- everyday involves you doing at least something. And of all absurdities, even something isn't good enough.
Yeah sure.. last time, you'd be considered not too bad a worker if you actually did some work everyday. Now that's just the bare minimum you're expected to do. And quite frankly, I occassionaly think my brain's frying up.

Yup. If I stay really quiet and stare very blankly into space, I can hear the sizzle.

I just did a Lit Paper 4 essay where I deliberately chose the harder of the two unseen texts just so to "challenge myself". Halfway through, I was telling myself what an idiot I was to do such a thing, coz my brain was- yep, you guessed it- frying up.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm gonna give the rest of you a run for your money.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The whole idea is that when your phone rings, especially for an immense number of times, you pick it up.

9:13 PM

Woah. I didn't think I'd be so close to an E for Geog by a single point, despite hardly studying for the subject- hopefully, they'll moderate it? An E would be a nice additon to my portfolio of bad Mid year results, so at this dismal point of time, passing subjects are a blessing. Well, but of course I do realize that I shouldn't be satisfied with just a pass. Duh.

I guess I'll have to prove that I'm not stupid and lazy for this last 4 and a half months till the A's are over. The future's so scary yet exciting.

8:44 PM

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I must say that Yixin was the star entertainer of the day butchering songs deliberately in K Box. I once associated K Box with utter linguistic paralysis, due to the fact that my previous visit with some of my classmates last year ended up in a major surge of Chinese songs which left me quite literally speechless. I mean, you don't expect me to sing along when I've never in my life listened to Chinese pop spontaneously.

But anyway, today was strictly English songs of course. You could say that I do not have a phobia of K Box any longer. Haha. So yes, thanks Yixin for giving us a real good laugh today! That and the rest of us who acted like deprived hooligans, howling and belting out songs like a butcher's cleaver on raw chunks of meat- it was actually fun :P

I swear we made so many people walking past our room interested in what our racket was all about. And the staff walking to and fro delivering drinks and snacks- I bet they must have hated us rowdy bitches.

Happy belated birthday Colin!! Hope you had fun today!

9:21 PM

Saturday, July 05, 2008

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Bjork's music videos are always so artistic.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh Matt, you did 3 pull ups today without training much during the holidays.
Now why is this so?
I don't know.. maybe during then I've been making my heart and eyes pump iron. Lol

I'm so freaking nervous for next week's release of Mid Year results-
Don't screw lit up. Don't screw lit up. Don't screw lit up.

And T1, I love you guys a whole lot!

6:31 PM

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whoop dee doo.

I think I messed up my literature papers too.
And it's all really frustrating when you get comments like the teacher telling your class that you're all complacent and arrogant, hence not studying.
Different teachers use different tactics to motivate their students, and I fully recognise which teachers use which kinds of methods. But the real issue here is how demoralised you can get with the whole stigma of disapproval.

Great. Here I am knowing that I fucked up my Mid Years; knowing that even my best subject might be fucked up as well. Just great.

6:59 PM

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I must study some Geography later this evening.
Hurricanes and drought. I must. Must must must must- I don't have much time left.
We are desperate students racing against the clock, drowning in every minute and second that ticks by.
We are like Alice caught in a phantasmagoric nightmare. Bloody hell.
Time, oh time! Ticking away! Stupid white rabbit running away- please come back.

I'll skin you alive and cook rabbit stew.

On the flipside, I'm feeling happier than usual these past few days -wide grin-

7:03 PM