Time as white sound
Thursday, September 25, 2008

We've got less than 6 weeks to the A's!

Getting past the prelims feels like passing the final bastion before stepping onto the battlefield.
We're no longer shielded by the gates and walls of castles. No more school-based exams. No more shielding but the armour on our backs.

It kinda feels like those quiz game shows where you're left without any lifelines.
And you're fighting to get to the next question.
And the studio lights glare, while the host displays nothing more than a poker face.
There's no answers. All that's left for reliance lies within those little gray cells.

Your hands feel clammy and sweaty. Cold as salmon on a slate.

We have no more lifelines.
That's how nerve wrecking it is.

8:20 PM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whoever knew that you could win $100 writing a poem which is essentially about girls fighting in a bar. A highly angry and personal poem in my opinion.

Anyway, I got the bulk of my results already. Apart from Econs, I suppose I did okay. Not bad. Not anything good which deserves commendation. Just... well, okay. How else could you put it??

Above Average but not good enough.
Inadequately satisfactory (by my standards), with a tinge of satisfaction and improvement.
I would liken it to a scrumptious cupcake with an ingredient or two botched up.
A semi-dysfunctional cupcake, but still an edible and enjoyable cupcake nonetheless.

During lit tutorial, Mdm D said that my writing style tends to be frenzied. It makes me feel like I'm semi-bipolar.

Quick, somebody shoot me with a tranquilizer.

It's so scary how it's all gonna end soon.
Like a roller coaster ride which you don't want to get off. Then again, too many roller coaster rides make you sick in the gut, and sometime sooner or later, you'd have to get off and move on to the next carnival ride.

Balloons and cotton candy. I'm starting to miss those.
That's what I'd like to enjoy.

11:17 AM

Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been watching time lapse videos of vegetables and fruits rotting for the past 5 minutes on youtube, which I find mildly spastic. Remember how we used to do the bread mould experiment in primary school? Yeah, I miss those.

I know how decomposition smells like. It's very, very bad.
I've smelt ham gone bad when the fridge broke down (Ooh, that one was icky)
And I've also smelt rancid curry, which smells and looks like diarrhoea.

I've never smelt how stinky a Rafflesia flower is though.
Neither do I know how bad a rotting human corpse smells like.
I do not intend to find out how it smells like though, thank you very much.

9:51 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This feels like blowing dust off the cover of a hardcover book.

Strangely enough, no matter how long I may be absent from blogging, the posts still seem to be streaming in a continuous prose. Or in continuous chunks of prose, rather.
The spaces in between periods of absence are like secrets kept from readers- concealing the events of my life. A private ceremony on some beach of a Mediterranean island

Time's a string of beaded rhinestones, glittering in the Sun.

Just as how much I'd like to share stories with you; hang round your neck a garland of frangipanis or shells. A Hawaiian welcome.
Why do we blog? Because we want to share stories. To resurface from all that clutter and stress of life.
Shades of days and weeks can choke one like a discus thrown in sea. I'd appreciate a branch of palm leaves to hold onto sometimes and soak in the salty breeze, or lay baking on the sand.

I'm flying to Ibiza in my mind.

2:38 PM

Monday, September 01, 2008

Brave New World on Friday.
Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue on Saturday.
Poe's Fall of the House of Usher yesterday.

After all that, I seriously need to study a different subject today (despite me being a total nervous wreck for this friday's paper!)

Uhm.... Let's do... Human geog.
Crap, there's just quite a lot to be done.

8:48 AM