Time as white sound
Sunday, January 03, 2010

We're into the oh-so-futuristic sounding 2010 where people once thought we would've have technology on par with the Jetsons, but no: we're still depleting fossil fuel resources; still waiting for a railway network denser than the New York subway, and most of our cars don't fly, let alone run on clean energy. Sorry, correction- none of our cars can fly.

This is the Jetsons far from being realised. The world still spins on it's same ol' axis. The world won't end in 2012. The world is big and scary. Still.
But really, what I'm getting at is that nothing has changed too drastically if we think about it. After all, fines from the library are constantly being chalked up (see? nothing's changed) which reminds me- I have to get my book in by the 5th. Ack. Don't you just hate the new ruling which bars you from borrowing any library materials so long as you harbour a cent that you owe?

Pardon the conscientious and punctual when it comes to returning library materials, but we common folk tend to sit rather comfortably on the fact that we can hold back a couple of dollars due as we continue our borrowing business. In fact, we love it because it gives you a cheap thrill getting away with that 3-something you owe. Bad news for the NLB though- multiply that by a million borrowers and you're in for some major debt that could fund Epsilon infanticide.

Alright, I'm just kidding. I'm not evil and besides, we are a politically correct society- we accept everyone of all races and religion, level of intellect, talent, looks, culture or manners. Epsilon or no epsilon, we are indeed such accepting people -Stepford Smile-

But okay, moving on to more relevant topics, let's talk about New Year resolutions since we simply got to or else something would be amiss. For convention's sake anyway, just as how during Christmas, you gotta have presents and weight gain. Convention's sake, yeah? I pledge to... not sleep after 12.30 am because for the past week or so, I haven't been sleeping early and although I get my eight hours, I still feel as if some part of myself would just fall apart just based on the fact that my eight hours starts after midnight!

Strange yes, but don't judge me.

Anyway, a happy 2010 to all the readers of the Local Laundromat (which is probably close to zero, considering the fact that I've hardly been updating) But that will hopefully change since writing more is another of my resolutions! Yes, another one.

8:42 PM