Time as white sound
Monday, May 24, 2010

I sit here, having barely two weeks before my SAT exams, and fresh out from two weeks without a practice session lasting longer than 30 minutes. I am positively sick and tired from having to force myself to scribble answers that when marked with a cross, inspire determination at a cost: the rudimentary fact that I am not any where close to achieving the Golden 2100 and above for my SAT results. This ought to bother me; that I'm not as smart on paper as the Ivies with their tall top hats and noses in the air; as smart as the top-anything for whichever university. But lo and behold! Here I am, smiling like an idiot- feeling as happy as a clam- mud clogged in my sorry eyes that can't seem to shed a tear from my futile attempts. Some say that I am merely wallowing in the cold sand of my self pity, but I say to heck with it- try as I may and fail as I may in achieving the perfect score- I will promise that I do my best and be proud of whatever outcome I reap from this experience.

11:54 AM